Cruel Injustice: Dog Killer Jamie Fraser from Hawick, Scottish Borders

Dog killer Jamie Fraser from Hawick
Dog killer: odious Jamie Fraser from Hawick

In April 2009 the badly burned body of a Staffordshire bull terrier was discovered by a member of the public behind a row of houses at Edinburgh Road, Peebles. The female dog had extensive burn marks on her head, body, legs and paws. A severe injury to her face suggested she had also been savagely kicked, punched or struck with an instrument.

Scottish SPCA inspector Bill Little said the dog had been the victim of a “brutal and sickening attack” which would have caused her tremendous pain. The charity appealed for information and police also investigated but no one was ever brought to justice.

Lassie's burned and battered body
Lassie’s burned and battered body

A few years later violent career criminal and apparent schizophrenic Jamie Fraser, born 27/01/1987 and aptly nicknamed Shady, then of Buccleuch Street, Hawick, bragged to friends that he had killed the dog who had been given to him.

Fraser had grown tired of the friendly and sweet-natured dog, who was known as Lassie and decided to get rid of her by battering her with a brick before burning her alive.

Social media post about the case
July 2019 social media posts about Jamie Fraser and his animal cruelty
This most sickening of animal crimes and its perpetrator remain in the memories of locals years. These posts are from July 2019.

Lothian and Borders Police were contacted but were unable to reopen their investigation because of a two-year time-bar for bringing prosecutions under the Animal, Health and Welfare Act.

Fraser went on to be convicted of having sex with a 12-year-old girl and was sentenced to 32 months in jail.

Although there were rumours that Fraser had died while living in East Brig mental health facility, these turned out to be false (pity). As of 2020 he lives in High Buckholmside, Galashiels TD1 2HW.