Coventry, West Midlands: John Bagster

#TheList John Michael Bagster, born 14/04/1988,  formerly of Stamford , Lincolnshire, and more recently (2019) of Stewart Court, Ransome Road, Gun Hill, Coventry CV7 8NX

Puppy abuser John Bagster and Minty, the victim of his sadistic violence
Puppy abuser John Bagster originally from Stamford, Lincs, and Minty, the victim of his sadistic violence

Puppy Minty was taken in by Bagster at just 12 weeks old, but by all accounts suffered a catalogue of sustained cruelty over a 3-week period.

In one early incident Bagster and his friend Thomas Robinson put Minty in a trolley and spun him around. When they took the puppy out he collapsed to the floor, dizzy – something the pair found hilarious.

The cruelty got worse. On one occasion Bagster punched Minty very hard to his hip with a clenched fist. The puppy let out a yelp and from that day onwards had a limp.

Less than one month after being adopted by Bagster, little Minty was subjected to a brutal attack when the yob hit him with a frying pan, repeatedly punched him and smashed him around in a trolley. The pup suffered a pelvic fracture, broken hind leg and a swollen and bruised leg and stomach.

Sentence:  21 weeks in a young offenders institution for each of three charges he faced. The sentences were suspended for one year. Bagster was also sentenced to 120 hours’ community service and ordered to pay RSPCA costs of £700.  Bagster was banned from keeping animals for 15 years (expires 2024).

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Bagster’s equally cruel accomplice Thomas Robinson of Water Street, Stamford, was prosecuted separately for his involvement in Minty’s ordeal. He was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and handed a 15-year pet ban, 80 hours of community service and ordered to pay £250 in court costs.

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