Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire: Richard Cooper

#TheList Richard Tony Cooper, born 04/09/1985, of 28 Marlwood, Cotgrave NG12 3NS for kicking and beating to death a beagle puppy

Puppy killer Richard Cooper
Puppy killer Richard Cooper, who works as a groundkeeper with Notts County FC. The club ignored animal lovers’ appeals to fire Cooper and as of June 2020 he still works there.

Notts County FC groundsman Cooper attacked the seven-month-old pet, called Bella, after she allegedly bit him. The puppy was left with horrific injuries, including a ruptured liver, cracked ribs and internal bleeding.

When Cooper realised that the dog was seriously injured he called his girlfriend and asked for her to be taken to the vet – but the puppy could not be saved and had to be put down.

Cooper had initially claimed he only kicked the dog once – but the vet found injuries which suggested more than one blow “with fist or kick” and said the rib fractures were worse than some seen in road accidents.

At the surgery, the dog’s breathing was very laboured; she was unresponsive and kept trying to lie on her side.

Victim Bella
Victim Bella

District Judge Leo Pyle told Cooper: “Having an animal in your care brings with it responsibilities. This was a puppy months old and puppies bite.

“On this occasion, this puppy bit your hand and doubtless you were in considerable pain. But what you did was completely disproportionate.

“This level of injury makes it patently obvious this puppy was struck more than once.

“Only you know how many times and what with. That directly caused this extremely painful death.”

Sentence: nine-week prison term, suspended for a year, £2,626 costs, 100 hours of unpaid work. Banned for life from keeping animals – although he can appeal for the ban to be lifted after just five years.

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