Corby, Northants: Luke Hamilton

#TheList Luke George Hamilton, born 29/03/1990, originally from Corby and more recently of 93 Hilary Road, Manchester M22 1PW, for starving greyhound then dumping dying animal at roadside

Dog killer Luke Hamilton from Corby

Hamilton admitted causing the animal unnecessary suffering by not addressing her weight loss and poor condition.

Kevin McCole, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said concerns were reported to the charity after people were shocked and distressed to see the condition of the dog.

A PCSO also investigated a report that the greyhound had attacked and killed a cat.

Mr McCole said: “The officer told the defendant to take the dog to the vet as its whole ribcage could be seen. He said he would do so.

“Later a greyhound was found collapsed and dying on the side of the road in Viking Way, Corby. It was severely emaciated and was conscious but unable to move.”

The five-year-old animal was taken to a vet and tests showed she had organ failure. She had to be put down.

The RSPCA made inquiries and traced a former owner of the greyhound who had transferred ownership of the dog to Hamilton.

He was so upset to hear of the dog’s condition that he burst into tears.

The RSPCA was then able to track down Hamilton who at first denied responsibility, lying that he had given the dog to his brother.

Sentence: sentenced to eight weeks in prison by Corby magistrates and banned from owning an animal for 20 years (expires March 2033).

Source: Northamptonshire Telegraph (article removed)

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