Condover, Shrewsbury, Shropshire: Ben and Alexandra Evans

#TheList Ben and Alexandra Evans from the Pigeon Door travellers site, Condover, near Shrewbury – for leaving a badly injured dog in the boot of a car

Gypsies Ben and Alexandra Evans of Shrewsbury left lurcher Chico in agony with a broken leg in the boot of a car
Gypsies Ben and Alexandra Evans of Shrewsbury left lurcher Chico in agony with a broken leg in the boot of a car

Gypsy travellers Ben and Alexandra Evans, who are both around 18 years old, failed to turn up at Telford Magistrates Court and the case was proved in their absence.

Mr Roger Price, prosecuting, said the RSPCA received calls from members of the public who said they suspected an injured dog was at the Evans’ address.

An inspector visited the property on November 26, 2016, and the lurcher dog, Chico, was found in the boot of a car.

Mr Price said the dog was ‘trembling’, appeared to be in pain and had wounds to his leg.

He said faeces and urine were also found in the boot along with some dog food and a washing-up bowl with water inside.

Alexandra Evans told the inspector that the dog belonged to her and her husband and they had only owned the animal since the previous day.

However, Mr Price said Alexandra Evans had reported a dog missing on November 12 2016 and the RSPCA believed it was the same animal.

After the report was made, the dog warden received numerous calls from people who believed they had seen the animal and noticed it looked thin and was limping.

Ben and Alexandra Evans left their dog Chico with a broken leg in the boot of a car

Mr Price said Alexandra Evans allowed the inspector to take the dog to see a vet and signed the animal over to the RSPCA on November 30, 2016, despite initially refusing to do so.

When the vet saw Chico, he said the animal was in poor body condition.

Mr Price said: “The dog yelped, cried and moved away during the examination.”

He said X-rays showed the dog had a broken elbow and a tension pin had to be fitted in surgery.

Chico also had a deep laceration to his leg.

Dog abusing traveller Alexandra Evans from Shropshire
Alexandra Evans

Mr Price told the court: “This is a charge that relates to a lurcher type dog.

“It is a case of unnecessary suffering being caused to the dog.

“The dog plainly should have been taken to a vet because it had a broken leg and infected wounds.

“The vet indicated in his report that the animal was clearly suffering.”

He said an inspector from the RSPCA had called the couple in December 2016 to request that they come in for an interview, but the pair refused.

Despite their non-attendance at court, magistrates found the defendants had each caused unnecessary suffering to the dog by failing to provide veterinary treatment for a broken leg.

They issued a warrant for the couple, who will have to come to Telford Magistrates Court on a future date to be sentenced.

Shropshire Star

Update June 2017: Ben and Alexandra Evans has their convictions quashed and were to face a retrial in November 2017. No further updates found.

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