Colchester, Essex: Andrew Summerfield

#TheList Andrew David Summerfield, born 02/07/1968, of 8 Elm Close, Tiptree, Colchester CO5 0NN – shot pet dog 17 times with an air rifle and slashed him eight times in the head with a meat cleaver before attaching a noose and abandoning him on a busy road

Andrew Summerfield and his dog Barney
Pure evil: Andrew Summerfield of Tiptree, Colchester, who used an air rifle and meat cleaver to attack helpless Barney

Police found the dog, named Barney, with a head wound in which a quarter of the front top of his head was missing.

Flies and maggots had formed a “blanket” over the head wound. He also had a cut to his neck from where a noose had been left.

The officers, who closed the A12 in both directions because Barney was getting up and walking around, arranged for a vet to deliver a lethal injection at the scene.

Dog killer Andrew David Summerfield

Summerfield was tracked as the owner because Barney had been microchipped.

At first, Summerfield told police he had sold the dog for £10 the previous day. But an air rifle and meat cleaver found at his home were matched with the incident.

Summerfield’s lawyer said her client had mental health issues and had been diagnosed as bi-polar. Medication for his condition had made him “violent”.

Sentence:  26 weeks’ imprisonment; deprivation order in respect of his remaining animals; the weapons were forfeited and destroyed. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

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