Wrexham, North Wales: Christopher Matthew Griffiths

#TheList Christopher Matthew Griffiths, born 11/08/1981, of 13 Bridge Street, Southsea, Wrexham LL11 5PF – cut off his dog’s ears with pliers

Christopher Griffith and his victim Victor
Drug-crazed dog abuser Christopher Griffith from Wrexham

Staffy Victor was found to have cocaine in his system when vets treated his horrific injuries. His bone-idle owner, Christopher Matthew Griffiths, who has never worked a day in his shitty life, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and carrying out a prohibited procedure to his dog following the September 2015 incident.

Griffiths – a man who must thank the Lord every day that steroids were invented despite the obvious side effects he has suffered including a stinky attitude, baldness and cock shrinkage – had denied the charges and said he had been the victim of an assault.

He claimed his alleged attacker cut the dog’s ears off when he was unconscious but the court didn’t buy his nonsense.

Dog abuser Christopher Matthew Griffiths from Southsea, Wrexham

RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas said: “When I first saw Victor I was just so shocked as his ears were gaping open wounds. I had never seen anything quite like it before.

“It must have been so painful for him. It was just so heartbreaking. It is awful to imagine what poor Victor went through. It was totally unnecessary.”

Inspector Thomas added: “Since Victor has been in our care he has been doing so well. He is an adorable dog with a lot of love to give. He loves nothing more than to be in your company and loves a cwtch [cuddle] on the sofa.” RSPCA Cymru said:

“We are delighted to say he recovered and is now looking for a home.”

Sentence: 24-week prison sentence; 12-month probation order; disqualified from keeping dogs for 10 years (expires September 2026)

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  1. I’d love five minutes with this tit of a sted head…. Just 5 minutes, he’d never take another breath!!!! ugly bastard who the actual fk does he think he is omg my blood is actually boiling!!!! Ban for life and 5 years surely Watch it. . forever be looking over your shoulder cos your going to get it!!!! don’t worry not when if or when but soon 👊

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