Macclesfield, Cheshire: Christopher Couper

#TheList Christopher Couper (DoB 11/11/1986) formerly of Park Brook Rd, Macclesfield and as at July 2018 living in Canal Street, Congleton – witnessed dragging a squealing 12wo Staffy along ground, injuring her paws, chin and stomach.

Dog abuser Christopher Couper, Macclesfield
Thug: Christopher Couper, Macclesfield and Roxy, the dog he abused.

Members of the public called the RSPCA when Couper was spotted dragging 12-week-old Roxy along the ground in Somerton Road, Macclesfield, in December 2015.

Roxy was squealing and whimpering as she was pulled across the pavement, leaving her with extensive bruising as well as wounds to her chin, paws and stomach.

RSPCA Inspector Heather Morris confronted Couper who blamed Roxy for not walking properly and that he was drunk.

She said: “Couper said that Roxy, being a young puppy, had a habit of sitting down while being walked.

“She did this while Couper was walking her on this occasion, and instead of stopping with her, he dragged her along very roughly on the pavement and was witnessed shouting abuse and swearing at the young, frightened dog.

“Members of the public intervened, which led to him lifting her up with the lead and dangling her from her collar, before running off and leaving the dog behind.

“Couper said he was drunk – but this is no excuse to treat an animal in this way.

Roxy was signed over to the RSPCA and recovered from her ordeal.

Sentence: four-week curfew, total of £525 costs; banned from keeping animals for 5 years

The Express 06/04/2016
Macclesfield Express 07/04/2016

Further violent offences:

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