Chepstow, South Wales: Matthew Benjamin

#TheList Matthew David Benjamin, born 18 May 1982, previously of Earlswood, Chepstow but currently (June 2020) of no fixed abode – kicked his pet dog repeatedly until he died in extreme pain and distress

Matthew David Benjamin kicked Diesel to death
Diesel was subjected to a brutal attack by his owner Matthew David Benjamin, and died in agony. The builder, who is rumoured to have previous convictions for violence, was said to be wearing steel toe-capped boots as he kicked the dog repeatedly.

The Staffordshire bull terrier, known as Diesel and estimated to be aged between one and two years old, was killed in the early hours of December 4, 2019 at the home builder Shepherd shared with housemate Phillip Moseley.

Matthew David Benjamin kicked this dog, Diesel, to death

Prosecutor Paul Ricketts read the court a witness statement taken from Moseley in which he described how he had heard Benjamin walk into the property and call the dog “in a soft voice” three or four times.

The dog then ran out of the housemate’s bedroom.

“I heard Matthew and the dog go into the kitchen because I could hear two claws on the kitchen floor,” Moseley said.

“The kitchen door was closed and there was silence for a few minutes. Then suddenly I heard Matthew scream.”

Matthew Benjamin social media photo

He said he heard Benjamin shout “stop pissing on the f***ing floor” before the dog began to “scream and yelp”.

“I could hear every impact against the dog’s body,” he said.

Moseley said the noise was so distressing “I was sick in the bedroom because of the trauma”.

Mr Ricketts said Moseley went to the kitchen door but he was unable to push it open.

Moseley then said he heard Benjamin say: “This f***ing thing is going to die”.

“The attack felt like it lasted forever,” he said.

“I honestly believe Mathew kicked the dog more than one hundred times.”

Mr Ricketts said the police were called and Benjamin was arrested.

Moseley said: “It is so upsetting to think about the suffering the dog went through.

“It was a lovely dog and it was defenceless.”

Matthew David Benjamin kicked this dog, Diesel, to death
Matthew Benjamin kept Diesel in a cage in his filthy home

Judge David Parsons heard how a vet recorded that Diesel suffered wounds to his head and shoulders and “lacerations to the face”.

The dog had died after sustaining blunt trauma to his abdomen and head.

Mr Ricketts said: “After the defendant was arrested, he told the police he had completely lost his head and that the red mist descended.”

Andrew Twomlow of Twomlows Solicitors, mitigating, said his client entered his guilty plea on the basis Diesel was kicked six or seven times, which was accepted by the court. In his probation report, the defendant said he was stressed at the time of the attack and was “gutted” adding that “the dog didn’t deserve to die”.

The court was told that the case had attracted considerable interest on social media.

Benjamin's kitchen following his fatal attack on a helpless dog
Scene of devastation: Benjamin’s kitchen following his cruel attack on his dog

Mr Twomlow told the judge: “The public outrage is understandable. The defendant has had his property and car damaged.

“He has been subject to a degree of vilification.”

The court heard Benjamin had only had Diesel for five weeks after being given the dog by a friend and didn’t know to train him. The defendant said his new pet had destroyed his house and his property but added that the dog could be “quite pleasant” and had taken it to work with him.

Matthew David Benjamin kicked his pet dog Diesel to death
Benjamin, who is said to regularly take cocaine, has been jailed for just 17 weeks for killing a defenceless dog

Mr Twomlow said Benjamin owned a “successful business” called Honey Badger Construction and Plant Hire Ltd and had at one point employed 20 people. He currently trades under the name M. Benjamin Building Services.

Judge Parson told the defendant: “This was a cowardly and vicious attack on a harmless animal and you showed no empathy for its suffering.”

Sentencing: jailed for 17 weeks; £122 surcharge. Banned from keeping animals for life.

South Wales Argus

60 thoughts on “Chepstow, South Wales: Matthew Benjamin”

    1. This cruel cowardly little man has secured his place in hell. I hope he gets a warm welcome from the other inmates when they find out what he’s in for.

    2. AMEN!! If it would have been a human, he would have gotten life or put to death. Why is a human any different from an animal that lives, and breathes, and over humans, have unconditional love for their people? Anger and stress is a COP-OUT! He just flat out murdered a mammal!!

    3. Yess sir I am with you on that one , to bad I am not in whales or I would kick him 100 times to see how he likes it or it feels. I hope karma haunts him for years to come.

  1. This needs to be shared far and wide so the miserable, nasty little bastard spends his whole life looking over his shoulder. Thanks to the man who reported the evil bastard.

  2. Devastated to hear this…poor wee dog kicked to death by that satanic piece of filth..hell is to good for him I hope he suffers…
    Justice for Diesel…rest in peace xx

  3. Just drove past Yew Tree Bungalow, someone’s put a window out. Threw a brick or something. I don’t care the bloke’s a fucking prick, always has been but the bungalow is not his, it belongs to his parents I believe. It’s not really fair that they should suffer for something he’s done. Also the alternative address published is where his parents live, he moved out years ago.

  4. Who cares if it is the parents address. They are as guilty and deserve everything they get. They brought him into this world, taught him his values from birth, and must have known what was going on with the way he was treating that poor dog. I am the mother of 3 adult son’s, they have all been brought up to care for those who are more vulnerable than themselves and I would know if they had an animal that was not being cared for. No excuse for them or him. I hope that this is never forgotten and they live in hell for the rest of their miserable lives. Unforgivable what he did to that poor helpless sad little dog. It is heartbreaking how evil and sick some people can be.

    1. Fuck the family they bore that piece of scum why the fuck didn’t the bloke who heard that poor dog go and take him what is he a fucking coward I would have put my own life on the line got the dog to safety and gone back after him and stabbed the cunt no Good telling your story what happened you should have stopped it and saved that dog

      1. I totally agree what a scum bag he is but his parents aren’t responsible for his behaviour I would also have done like you say I would have kicked this fuckin prick till he screamed for mercy just like the poor dog I hope he gets a nice welcome in the nick

      2. Jenny, I totally agree with you-that’s just what I thought about the guy who heard it all. Why the hell didn’t he do anything? He could have saved that poor dog! I hope he’s haunted by that for the rest of his life. As for the scumbag who killed Diesel-hope someone sends him back to hell.

    2. Jan, please, be easy on his parents. They didn’t beat the dog, their kid did. You know, bad kids can come from good parents and visa versa. I’ve seen parents try so hard to bring up their kids right but the kid still turns out to be an A-hole. There can be many factors beyond the parents’ control that can contribute to an evil kid. Now I don’t know his parents from a hole in the ground but I still wouldn’t assume they were culpable in this matter.

    3. I care that one of the addresses shown belongs to his parents. What a spiteful, self-satisfied comment you’ve made here.. We’re glad your kids turned out well., but many kids of caring, sensible parents do not. His parents did not commit this appalling crime and should not be vilified for it.

  5. I personally couldn’t have heard that dog being killed and not stepped in. Good he reported it, but of no help to that poor dog. Hope he gets the Self Same treatment inside and to the same end.
    Let him feel the terror he put that animal through

    1. I tried to step in but he barricaded himself in the kitchen and it’s a fire door so no chance of getting in and I rang the police, it’s because of me he went to prison and is all over the news and Facebook and people know what he did , I could have done nothing and no one would have been any wiser and he would have got away with it , I made myself homeless reporting him

      1. I’m sure you would have stopped him if you could, it must have been horrendous to hear that happening and being unable to get in to stop him.
        You did the right thing reporting the piece of shit and making a statement to the police, you put yourself at risk from the psycho and made yourself homeless in doing so, that took balls and deserves recognition.
        Thank you for doing the right thing and exposing the scumbag. if you hadn’t, like you say, he might have got away with it.
        I urge everybody reading this to do everything possible to hunt the murdering piece of shit down and fuck him up in every way possible for the rest of his life, but don’t take it out on Phil, he’s had to hear this horrific attack taking place and done totally the right thing at great personal risk and at great cost to himself, he doesn’t deserve to get shit for it, save your hatred for that vile scumbag Matthew Benjamin

  6. Someone please in Chepstow find this evil POS of shit when he’s out of prison and beat the living daylights out him .

  7. Somebody kill this cunt let’s stop wasting air on him. The courts and laws are fucking joke. If somer give me his address let’s sort this out are selfs. Set fire to it.
    Poor little dog.

  8. Fair play to anybody who’s trashed his house, regardless of who actually owns it, if it belongs to his parents he will still have to fix it or pay for it to be fixed when he finishes his ludicrously short sentence and comes out to begin his life sentence of always looking over his shoulder. Anybody who helps the vile piece of shit hide will also become a fair target. Good work to everybody who’s left reviews on his business directory listings telling the world what he’s done. Doubtless the scumbag will rename his business and try to start again like nothing happened, please keep an eye out and put the details of any new business names on here so we can hit the bastard where it hurts and fuck up any new businesses he might try to start and leave him penniless in the gutter where he belongs. Make sure this follows him around for life, keep posting new addresses, new name if he tries that one, new businesses, new car/van details, etc. Let’s all fuck this evil piece of shit up for LIFE in every way possible!! R.I.P. Diesel, i hope you get a ringside seat to watch your murderer burn in hell

    1. I agree. Destroy his business by letting potential customers/clients know what kind of person he is. I absolutely would not employ someone like him… Ever!! 😠😠😠

  9. Absolute cunt, wait till the cowardly bastard gets out a nick, tie him up, parade him around his town, let the locals do there worse, torture the bastard, WTF IS WRONG WITH THE JUSTICE SYSTEM ,17 WEEKS, Never forget that face, Ugly vile bag of shit, Make him suffer, God Bless Diesel x

  10. Fair play Dave, couldn’t have put it better myself, Never forget what this scum has done, Torture the bastard!!!!!!!, Better than wining the lottery that would be,

  11. did he get a life eban for keeping animals he should have i implore to boycott his buisness hit him in the pocket if i saw that vile creature on the street i would give him a piece of my mind

    1. We can all help make sure he never gets any work again, keep posting negative reviews on his business directory pages telling the world what the evil piece of scum did to Diesel. Last time i checked he had 30+ such reviews on one site and had been forced to totally remove his Yell review page, either that or Yell had removed it due to the volume of negative reviews. We should all keep the pressure up, regularly check if he restores his Yell page on release from prison or starts trading under a new name, if he does that, as soon as his new business name is posted on here, flood it with negative reviews so he can never escape from what he has done, he deserves to starve penniless in the gutter for what he has done. RIP Diesel, you will never be forgotten.

  12. His parents are not to blame for his evil actions regardless of what people say, nobody made him
    do what he did.
    Retribution is expected…
    He alone is the guilty one.
    What he did is unforgivable.
    Whatever happens to him now will be the result of his own actions.

    1. I agree totally. Don’t blame the parents. They may have brought the evil shit into this world but it does not make them responsible for his actions. Just keep up the campaign of not making his life work path living in any way legally possible. RIP Diesel you deserved better

      1. I think I’d be inclined to be more sympathetic towards his parents if they had made some sort of statement condemning him and his actions, but nothing.

  13. Absolutely Sickening 🙊😠🤬 This has really upset me😭😭 that poor wee dog🐶😔💔 HE WILL GET WHAT HE DESERVES!!! KARMA IS A B****💯💯💯 HOPE SOMEONE DOES THE SAME 2 HIM👊👊👊⚰️⚰️⚰️ SCUMBAG!!!!

  14. Who ever gives him what the scum deserves will be a hero in my eyes . justice system has always been a joke I cannot stop thinking about poor diesel horrendous

  15. Disgusted that I know him, and once called him a friend years ago. But with him being well known in the area, his parents are not to blame. He had a good upbringing, and it’s the Shirenewton property being his residence and sole property they do not deserve to pay. His vans and properties have been ransacked and he has no place to go. What I do know is he has a car no one knew about so he continued to hang around in Chepstow car parks with no place to go, in a bmw unknown to others, drinking alone and hidden. He’s been allocated extra help and protection due to the uproar and being a suicide risk -so hell knows where he’ll be hidden now. But as a simpleton, he knows nothing other than Chepstow and he will be fed a dish served brutal because he is not welcome anywhere.

  16. This is the SCUM cunt partly responsible for the death of Stacey and Nigel if Benjy hadn’t got his hands on Stacey then Nigel wouldn’t have had that reason to kill her and himself.

  17. His parents are good people , I grew up with them . The bungalow belongs to them , they have kicked Mathew out and disowned him they did not know he had been given a dog , they rarely see Mathew , his parents have health issues his father as Huntington which is such a cruel disease and is needing increasing support is incurable is mum also as health issues , please leave them alone they have suffered enough , they have 4 cats which are absolutely adored ,

    1. With regards to the dog killer Matthew Benjamin.

      I have gained information that he will be out next week and not only that but he has apparently had a promise of work. The company who have given him the work are local and are called Wynndels. Hopefully this info is not true but I fear it maybe.

      1. I do hope the promise of work is not true, is that Wynndel Property Management of Chepstow? It needs confirming before taking any action, but they need to be asked if they’re really intending to employ this sub-human piece of shit, and if it’s true, their business review pages (yell, 192, etc) should be flooded with reviews warning their potential customers that they feel it is acceptable to employ such a vile scumbag and send him to unsuspecting customer’s homes. Also other employees of the company have a right to know if they are to be expected to work with him and be made fully aware of what he has done, hopefully they will all refuse to work with him.
        Surely it would be financial suicide for any company that employs him, please keep the site updated as to whether he gets employment from Wyndell or any other company on his release

    1. Saw the rat driving a white car in his usual high viz, turning up from town and driving up Welsh street on the 17th feb. Some assh*le has employed him…

  18. As parents it is our responsibility to rear children with humane values, and heart felt compassion. This monster had neither!

  19. What a total bastard I hope he never had kids that’s if some idiot ever goes out with him I hope he rots in hell total and utter scum and as for the other arsehole coward more like I’d of kicked the fucking door in a load of bollox I hope everywhere he goes the bastard gets what he deserves r.i.p Diesel you are in a better place i will never forget what he did to you god bless sweetheart x

  20. I was unfortunate enough to meet this unhinged halfwit after he proposed to a very dear friend of mine about 6 years ago. One evening after arriving back from work she was horrified to find out that he had encased her Siamese cat alive with foam filler into a gap into the kitchen unit. He also used to click her dog on a regular basis and beat it with a big yard broom. Eventually she was so horrified at his cruel and callous behaviour that she eventually left him . He also vandalised his neighbours house with his digger and had an affair with a married young lady from Chepstow whose husband then found out and brutally murdered her and then committed suicide. Mr Benjamin is bad , mad and clearly dangerous to know ?.

  21. Anyone got any new info on this bloke,
    Places he hangs out,
    New drinking holes,
    Where’s he living,
    Any gen if he’s working and for who,
    Site he’s on working,
    All very much appreciated.

  22. Don’t know how true it is, but I heard he was thrown from a fast moving vehicle.. very recently. Cant verify any more, but someone will surely have details on the incident.

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