Chelford, Cheshire: David Kent

#TheList David Kent, born March 1956, of Elmstead Road, Chelford, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 3BS – convicted of animal cruelty after leaving his Cockapoo in his car for two hours

David Kent pictured outside court

David Kent was charged after police alerted by a worried member of the public found his three-year-old Cockapoo rescue dog panting for breath and in a distressed state in the boot of his vehicle on 31 May 2018 .

Temperatures outside were 68 degrees Farenheit (20C), but it is not known how hot it was inside the car itself.

Kent was tracked down shortly afterwards by the officer who told him: ”You should be ashamed of yourself – the dog thinks more of you than you do of him.”

The unnamed animal is now at home with Kent and his partner Mike Jehan.

Kent later insisted he had left a bowl of water with the dog and had left a window open by up to six inches.

He also claimed the man who reported him was homophobic and critical of his relationship with Mr Jehan. But police said there was no water left in the boot and the windows were down one inch.

Prosecutor Lucy Garside said: “Information was received by the police from a member of the public who had called the police to make them aware of a dog in the car which was distressed.

“An officer attended the location that day and he heard a dog. He approached the car which the dog was inside he could hear the dog barking from inside the vehicle.

“The rear of the vehicle had very dark, tinted windows but the officer could see the dog in the boot. The vehicle was parked in full sunlight, the rear passenger windows were open but only by approximately one inch on each side.

“He tried the driver’s side rear passenger door which as open, he used that to get into the boot of the vehicle. Immediately he could feel how hot it was inside of the vehicle, he saw a small dog.

“When he opened the door he could see that the dog was panting excessively and was physically hot to touch, he also noticed there was no water left in the boot for the dog.

“The call was made at 1pm and by the time the officer arrived it was 3.20pm – the dog had been left in the vehicle for over two hours in a distressed state. Information taken from the Met Office weather report showed the weather was sunny with a temperature of 20 degrees celcius for the time the dog was in the car.

“The basis of plea states that there was water left in the boot of the vehicle and the windows were down six inches. But the officer specifically says there wasn’t any water left in the boot and the windows were down one inch.”

Sentencing: fined £136, plus £30 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Manchester Evening News

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