Chard, Somerset: Ian Tompkins

#TheList Ian Stuart Tompkins, born c. 1974, of 2 Dellshore Close, Chard TA20 1AG – left elderly German Shepherd to suffer in agony for months with an untreated ear tumour

Elderly German Shepherd Theo was neglected by his cruel owner Ian Stuart Tompkins of Chad in Somerset

In a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA Tompkins admitted one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to 14-year-old Theo by failing to seek veterinary care for a chronic ear condition.

RSPCA inspector John Pollock was called in April 2019 by a member of the public who was concerned for Theo’s welfare.

After several visits with no answer, the inspector returned on Saturday, April 6 when Tompkins brought out a black and tan coloured German Shepherd dog from the lounge.

Mr Pollock said: “I was immediately drawn to an apple-sized mass erupting out of Theo’s right ear.

“It looked red, sore and inflamed.

“It was dripping pus over his coat.

“The smell was very strong and started to trigger my gag reflex.”

Theo had a tumour which was 9cm wide by 10cm in height and 3cm thick to the base of his right ear and a high temperature.
Theo had a tumour which was 9cm wide by 10cm in height and 3cm thick to the base of his right ear and a high temperature.

He was taken to a vet for emergency care and sadly it was found his condition was so severe that a vet made the decision he should be put to sleep to end his suffering.

RSPCA Inspector John Pollock added: “Sadly Theo had suffered from prolonged neglect that could have been avoided by seeking appropriate veterinary care much earlier.

“While it is always heartbreaking to see the health of a much-loved pet deteriorate, ignoring serious issues won’t make them go away.

“We’d encourage people who may be worried about the health of their pet to ask for help and advice to avoid unnecessary distress and suffering being caused.

“The RSPCA, as well as a number of other animal charities, can offer financial help, and a range of support, for owners who need help to help their animals.”

Sentencing: 130 hours of community service; £485 in court costs. Five-year disqualification order with right of appeal after two years.


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  1. Wicked cruel unsympathetic nasty owners – how the fuck could you leave this untreated ????

    You didn’t deserve that beautiful dog

    Shame on you

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