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Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne: Natalie Dendri

#TheList Natalie Dendri, aged 39, of Colston Street, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 – threw a pet ferret named Posh Spice into the air and repeatedly punched her

Natalie Dendry from Newcastle threw pet ferret named Posh Spice into the air and repeatedly punched her

Dendri has been found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the animal and being drunk and disorderly after the incident in May 2018.

She was seen throwing the animal into the air and repeatedly punching her. The ferret tried to escape but Dendri caught her and attacked her again.

The details were revealed at a trial at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court after Dendri was charged with two offences – causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and being drunk and disorderly.

She denied both charges but failed to attend court and the trial went ahead in her absence.

Prosecutor Stephen Davies said the offences took place just before 2pm on May 31.

It was said a driver who was travelling along Armstrong Road saw a woman at the side of road with a furry object. She then threw it in the air and started punching it “really severely”.

Natalie Dendry from Newcastle threw pet ferret named Posh Spice into the air and repeatedly punched her

The animal squirmed away but Dendri grabbed her and punched her again with a clenched fist, the court heard.

The police were called and PC Lewis Calboutin attended the scene.

The officer told the court : “I was asked to attend in relation to an intoxicated female who may have a pet that she was treating badly.

“I saw a female sitting on the grass verge on the side of Armstrong Road.

“She immediately appeared to me to be intoxicated. She had a ferret called Posh Spice. It was lying in the sun and it appeared dehydrated. It was hot, it was panting and seemed lethargic.”

Dendri was asked to get into a police vehicle so she could be taken home to attend to the animal’s welfare.

In the vehicle, she was shouting and swearing and, as they reached her address, she vomited in the van.

“We asked her to step out of the vehicle,” said PC Calboutin. “She started shouting and swearing at me and my colleague.

“She then dropped her ferret from a standard height to the floor.”

Dendri was arrested and the ferret was taken to a vet. The animal later recovered and was placed in a shelter.

On being interviewed, the defendant denied being drunk or that she ill treated the ferret. She pleaded not guilty to the offences at an earlier hearing.

However magistrates found her guilty of both charges on the day of the trial.

It was also revealed that Dendri had previously admitted to an offence of assaulting an officer at a police station after she was arrested on May 31.

Magistrates issued a warrant without bail so the defendant can be brought to court for sentence.


Newton, Sudbury, Suffolk: Matthew Lowe

#TheList Matthew Lowe, born 26/03/1979, previously of Newton, Sudbury, Suffolk and more recently 4 Gantry Close, Colchester CO1 2ZP – prosecuted for eight offences for neglect of poultry, pigs and rabbits on his smallholding.

Adam Pearson, prosecuting on behalf of Trading Standards at Suffolk County Council, said inspectors had attended Lowe’s smallholding at land off the Street in Assington, Suffolk, on December 19, 2017 after receiving a tip-off from a neighbour.

The pigs and poultry present on the site were found with no food and inadequate shelter. Piglets were in an unsuitable rearing environment, sows were underweight, and both pigs and poultry had parasites present.  Lowe also failed to correctly register to keep pigs.

Mr Pearson described four rabbits which were in such poor health they had to be euthanised.

He said officers found a one large white rabbit lying on its side in an enclosure suffering from breathing problems.

One of the rabbits found on a smallholding operated by Matthew Lowe near Sudbury. The rabbit was later put down Picture: SUFFOLK TRADING STANDARDS

A brown rabbit was discovered with swollen eyes and symptoms of myxomatosis while a second white rabbit was found with a badly injured back leg which had set at an angle, affecting the animal’s movement.

A fourth rabbit was discovered unresponsive with a sore ‘the size of a 50p piece’ on its back.

He added there were signs that rats had infested the rabbit enclosures and that officers also discovered a rubbish bin with four rabbit carcasses inside.

Following the prosecution, Suffolk Trading Standards are now working with Lowe to arrange the safe rehoming of the animals which he owns.

Lowe was given an eight week prison sentence suspended for 18 months, 25 day’s rehabilitation activity requirement; 100 hours of unpaid work, costs of £4,899 and a £115 victim surcharge. He was disqualified from keeping any farmed animal for five years (expires October 2023).

Suffolk County Council
East Anglian Daily Times


Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire: Jeremiah Smith and father Jason Smith

Jeremiah Smith, born July 1997, and his father Jason Smith, born ca 1972, both of 11 Burton Road, Branston, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3DL for cruelty to rabbits, hens, owls and a kestrel

Animal abuser Jeremiah Smith from Burton on Trent
Gypsy Jeremiah Smith and two of his victims

Gypsies Jeremiah and Jason Smith were both prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The RSPCA found up to 70 animals at their address at 11 Burton Road including chickens, rabbits and birds of prey, the latter kept in cages for parrots and being fed unsuitable foods. Chickens were also not being treating for a mite infestation.

Smith senior pleaded guilty to charges of failing to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to animals between August 10 and 15, 2017.

This included failing to treat 17 chickens for a mite infestation and failing to meet the need for a suitable living environment for 30 chickens. He also pleaded guilty for failing to meet the need for a suitable living environment for three goldfinches.

His son Jeremiah Smith – father to 3yo triplets – pleaded guilty to four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals.

Irresponsible gypsy and animal abuser Jeremiah Smith bought and sold birds via social media
Irresponsible gypsy and animal abuser Jeremiah Smith bought and sold birds via social media

This included failing to meet the need for a suitable living environment for five rabbits, a kestrel, two barn owls and 12 pigeons as well as failing to meet their need of a suitable diet and constant water supply for the rabbits.

The RSPCA praised the court for their ruling and warned people not to keep animals they cannot look after.

Jason Smith – total fines and charges of £1,055.
Jeremiah Smith – total fines and charges of  £1,455.Both were disqualified from keeping animals for two years.

Jason Smith’s lawyer said they would be appealing against the decision.

Liversedge, West Yorkshire: Jane Harvey

#TheList Jane Harvey, aged 45, of 5 Twelfth Avenue, Liversedge WF15 8LF – allowed a ferret to starve to death; another ferret also found dead but remains mummified.

Two dead ferrets were found at the Liversedge home of Jane Harvey
Two dead ferrets were found at the Liversedge home of Jane Harvey

RSPCA inspectors found two dead ferrets when they visited the Liversedge home of Jane Harvey, in February 2018.

Prosecuting Andrew Davidson said the inspectors found ‘no sign of food’ when they inspected three hutches in the back garden of the house.

They found one ferret, called Panda, in a ‘mummified condition’ and another ferret called, Buttons, dead and in an ’emaciated condition’.

When Buttons was later inspected by an RSPCA vet evidence of muscle wastage, which occurs when the body uses up its fat reserves, was found.

Mr Davidson added there had been a ‘prolonged’ period of neglect.

Harvey admitted one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal

60 hours of unpaid work; total of £570 fines, costs and charges. Banned from keeping pets, other than dogs, for 12 months (expires August 2019).

Huddersfield Daily Examiner

St Budeaux, Plymouth: Darryn Carpenter

#TheList Darryn Carpenter, aged 37, Normandy Way, Plymouth PL5 – beat pet rabbit Lucky to death and dumped his broken body in a dustbin

Twisted father Darryn Carpenter of St Budeaux beat a defenceless pet rabbit to death
Twisted father Darryn Carpenter of St Budeaux beat a defenceless pet rabbit to death

Father-of-two Carpenter, who has a conviction for domestic violence, was found guilty in his absence of causing Lucky unnecessary suffering on or about December 8 , 2017.

Police visiting Carpenter’s home on another matter found the animal wrapped in a plastic bag in the bin.

When questioned Carpenter claimed he had gone downstairs when he heard Lucky making noises, and after picking him up he dropped Lucky on the floor by accident. He said  that when he put Lucky back into the hutch he was unharmed, but was found dead in the hutch the next day.

A post-mortem examination showed Lucky has suffered a severe injury to his thorax (the area between the neck and the abdomen).

He had a fracture dislocation of his spine and severe bleed to his chest cavity and into his lungs. It was concluded that he died as a “result of blunt force trauma”. Significant force had been applied to break the rabbit’s back. None of this was consistent with Carpenter’s claims that the rabbit had accidentally fallen to the floor.

Speaking about the case RSPCA chief inspector Richard Abbott said: “This was a very upsetting case where Mr Carpenter inflicted a great deal of violence and cruelty on a defenceless pet, who was kept at his home.”

“Pets deserve to be treated with care and respect and it’s terribly sad that poor Lucky’s life ended in this way.”

Sentence: 18-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. Total of £615 costs and charges.  Banned from keeping any animal for 10 years (expires August 2028).

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire: Rachel Louise Goodwin

#TheList Rachel Louise Goodwin, aged 29, from Broomer Street, Dewsbury WF13 –  found guilty in her absence of five cases of animal abuse after four rabbits and two guinea pigs were found dead at her home.

Convicted pet abuser Rachel Louise Goodwin from Dewsbury
Rachel Louise Goodwin starved rabbits and guinea pigs to death and didn’t even have the decency to turn up for her court hearing

Single mother-of-seven Goodwin was convicted after four rabbits and two guinea pigs kept at her home were found dead. She was due to appear before Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 15/8/18 but failed to attend so the case was heard in her absence.

Goodwin was found guilty of one count of causing unnecessary suffering and four counts of failing to meet the needs of the animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

The animals were discovered when a fifth rabbit, named Ginger, was found sitting under a car on Broomer Street on 2nd January 2018 and was picked up by an RSPCA officer.

Further enquiries led the officer to Goodwin’s address. Kris Walker, RSPCA Inspector, said: “My colleague went to Goodwin’s house to see if the rabbit belonged to her but soon became concerned and I and the police attended.

“We were faced with an absolutely heartbreaking scene; the dead rabbits and guinea pigs were in hutches in the garden, some were much more decomposed than others so clearly some of them had been living there alongside the bodies.

“Veterinary evidence suggested one of the rabbits, called Spike, had been dead for around three days, while rabbits Rihanna and Selena had been dead for as little as 24 hours.

“Half of guinea pig Tinkerbell’s body was missing so it was impossible to say how long Tinkerbell had been dead.”

Inspector Walker added: “The hutches were absolutely filthy and there was no food or water.”

“We presume that Ginger was loose and therefore had access to grass which is probably the reason for this rabbit’s survival.”

Ginger was signed over to the RSPCA and has since been rehomed.

Yorkshire Evening Post

Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne: Sue McVay

#TheList hobby breeder Sue McVay, aged 58, of Beanley Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8SP –  neglected multiple cats and guinea pigs and kept them in squalor

Convicted animal abuser Sue McVay from Newcastle upon Tyne
Hobby breeder Sue McVay is banned from keeping animals after starving cats and guinea pigs were found living at her Newcastle home in filthy conditions.

McVay was found guilty of causing suffering to animals after failing to attend court in a case brought by the RSPCA.

An RSPCA inspector visited McVay’s address on 3 April 2017 after a report from a concerned member of the public. The inspector recalled being met with a horrible smell as she entered the property. Floors were covered in animal faeces and rubbish The inspector discovered six cats  all of whom were underweight and covered in faeces. One of them had an untreated burst abscess.

The inspector then discovered 12 neglected guinea pigs living in filthy cages.

The animals were taken to the vet to be examined during which two of the cats were found to be suffering. One named Ruby appeared to have conjunctivitis as well as an ear disease while another named Saki was underweight and suffering from oral diseases.

The animals are currently recovering in foster homes.

Sentence: total of £630 costs and fines and an unspecified ban on keeping animals. 

The Chronicle

Stoke-on-Trent: Tonya Haughton and daughter Carmen Lyth

#TheList Tonya Haughton (DOB 26/11/80) and daughter Carmen Lyth (DOB 21/6/99), both of Blakelow Road, Abbey Hulton, Stoke-on-Trent ST2 – kept dozens of guinea pigs and rabbits in shocking conditions

Tonya Haughton and daughter Carmen Lyth of Stoke on Trent kept dozens of animals in shocking conditions. RSPCA inspectors found 42 dead animals and one year own 28 more were found.
Tonya Haughton and daughter Carmen Lyth of Stoke on Trent kept dozens of animals in shocking conditions. RSPCA inspectors found 42 dead animals and one year own 28 more were found.

Carmen Lyth (pictured) and her mother Tonya Laughton pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to 11 guinea pigs and four rabbits.

The RSPCA was contacted by the Stoke-on-Trent City Council in April 2017 after a council employee became concerned about smells coming from a property in Trowbridge Crescent, Bentilee, where the pair were living at the time.

When an RSPCA inspector attended, she found 42 dead guinea pigs wrapped in puppy training pads in a hutch in the garden, and two bags of dead guinea pigs inside the house.

There were also emaciated rabbits in the garden, and the house was covered in faeces.

Overall, Haughton and Lyth had around 130 animals in the house.

RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin said: “There were four cages of guinea pigs in the living room and more guinea pigs kept outside in the garden. There were even more cages dotted around the house.

“We found a dead guinea pig inside the property and when we asked what happened, we were told that the guinea pig was dying that morning but that they hadn’t had time to deal with it.

“The conditions inside the house were shocking and the animals were in terrible states. The rabbits which we found in the garden were so thin that it was a surprise they were still alive.

“It really was such a shock to see animals being kept in this way. It is clear that the animals had been deteriorating for some time and it should never have got to this point.”

The RSPCA had 57 surviving animals signed over to them, who will be rehomed.


Haughton –  12-week suspended sentence.  Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Lyth – 18-month conditional discharge.  Disqualified from keeping animals for just 5 years (expires November 2022).

Stoke Sentinel


On 11 September 2018 the Stoke-on-Trent Live news site reported that the horrified new tenant of the property had found 28 dead guinea pigs wrapped in puppy pads and buried in shallow graves in her back garden. These were in addition to the 42 found by the RSPCA last year.


Emma Ditch, Slough

#TheList Emma Ditch, of 56 Aylesbury Crescent, Slough SL1 3ES – neglected a dog, degus and a snake

silhouette of a woman - abuser photo wanted

Ditch was found guilty of not meeting the needs of and not keeping safe from injury a German Shepherd named Champ, two degus and a snake.

Following a complaint about incessant barking, council officers rescued the animals, which were all at risk of injury.

All of the animals were

Sentence: £525 in costs. Banned from keeping rodents and reptiles for just two years (expires April 2019).

Slough Express

Morecambe/Lancaster: Luke Horn, Nchimunya Ntembe and Corey Lee Destro

#TheList Luke Gabriel Horn from Morecambe plus Corey Lee Salvatore Destro and Nchimunya ‘Chim’ Ntembe from Lancaster – tortured a hamster by feeding him LSD and cannabis; Horn and Ntembe also convicted of dog cruelty relating to emaciated and badly injured mastiffs.

Convicted animal abusers Corey Lee Destro, Luke Gabriel Horn and Nchimunya Ntembe  Read more at:
Between them this ghastly trio of reprobates are responsible for appalling cruelty to dogs and hamster torture

Luke Gabriel Horn (DoB 14/04/1994) of 170 Kingsway, Heysham, Morecambe pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a mastiff-type dog called Troy by failing to investigate and treat the causes of his poor body condition, and failing to provide a suitable environment for him.

Troy weighed just 25kg when he was discovered chained to a radiator in a bedroom covered in animal faeces at Horn’s home.

Four dogs were at the Heysham property, three of whom – including Troy – were emaciated.

Two other dogs named Faith and Zeus, belonging to thuggish co-defendant Nchimunya ‘Chim’ Ntembe (DoB 04/03/1994) of 3 Cypress Close, Lancaster, were found to have fractured skulls believed to have been caused by blunt force trauma.

Ntembe – already in prison on drug offences – and a third defendant Corey Lee Salvatore Destro (DoB 24/07/1994) of Brock Close, Lancaster were both convicted of feeding cannabis and LSD to a hamster named Mr Chow.

The cruelty took place at Horn’s house, which was covered in animal faeces and stank of urine.

Magistrates reached their verdict after watching a video filmed on a phone seized by police from Horn’s house. This showed Ntembe and Destro  laughing as the hamster was given the drugs.

The pair could be heard saying “We are going to kill it” and “it is going nuts.”

Police found the hamster in his cage inside a cupboard during a raid on the house in May 2016.

All animals were handed to the RSPCA and have been rehomed.

Horn – 18-month community order; 250 hours of unpaid work; £380 costs; banned from keeping dogs for five years (expires January 2022).
Destro – eight weeks in prison; £415 costs; banned from keeping any kind of animal for 10 years; sentence later reduced to 12 months’ community service, with 80 hours’ unpaid work and a ban from keeping animals for just two years (expires January 2019).
Ntembe – four-month prison sentence; banned from keeping any type of animal for eight years (expires February 2025).

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