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Great Horton, Bradford: Rehan and Haleema Baig

#TheList animal porn enthusiasts Rehan and Haleema Baig, both born c. 1983, of 10 Shepherd Street, Great Horton, Bradford BD7 3DG – for cruel and sexually perverse treatment of chickens

Rehan Baig, who also had child porn in his possession, admitted having sexual intercourse with chickens. He admitted two counts put to him of intentionally performing “an act of penetration with your penis on the cloaca (vaginal and anal passage) of a living animal, namely a brown chicken”.

He also pleaded guilty to a charge of intentionally performing an “act of penetration with your penis on the cloacas (vaginal and anal passages) of several brown and white chickens”.

He admitted possessing extreme pornographic images which were “grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene nature” which portrayed in an “explicit and realistic way” a person performing an act of intercourse with an unknown animal, a dog and several chickens.

He also pleaded guilty to making indecent photographs of children, as well as the possession of 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin.

His wife, Haleema Baig, was also charged with the same counts of possession of extreme pornographic images relating to the dog and chickens and possession of cocaine and cannabis resin. She denied the charges.

At an earlier hearing at the lower court, she pleaded guilty to three aiding and abetting counts, namely filming her husband having sexual intercourse with a chicken.

They will next appear at Bradford Crown Court on September 25, 2020, to allow for the preparation of psychiatric and pre-sentence reports.

Telegraph & Argus

Harrogate, North Yorkshire: Brash Bullows

#TheList Brash Bullows, born c. 1994, no fixed abode, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire – hurled a box of ferrets at passing cars after downing ten pints of beer

Police mugshot of Brash Bullows

Social outcast Brash Bullows jumped on car bonnets, smashed windscreens and punched one shocked driver in a frenzied boozed-up rampage.

The aggressor, who lives in the North Yorkshire woods, flew into a rage when he was refused ‘a lift’ from several motorists who were queuing in traffic.

A court heard the defendant screamed and swore at one driver as their petrified eight-year-old granddaughter sat in the backseat.

Burrows was chased down by members of the public and detained until the police arrived.

Nine vehicles were damaged in total, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage during the incident.

Burrows admitted nine counts of criminal damage and was jailed for 21 months.

The court heard that Bullows had 27 previous convictions for 49 offences including serious violence.

In March 2019, he was given a 17-month suspended prison sentence after charging at a man with a knife and aiming the weapon at his head.

It is understood there were no injuries to the ferrets, who were taken in by the RSPCA following the incident.

Daily Mail

Brighton, East Sussex: Stephen Bouquet

Prosecution: Stephen R Bouquet, born 05/01/1967, of 31B Rose Hill Terrace, Brighton BN1 4JJ – accused of killing and injuring 16 cats

Alleged serial cat killer Steve Bouquet
Alleged serial cat killer Steve Bouquet

Steve Bouquet, who is originally from Chelmsford in Essex, has denied killing and injuring cats in Brighton.

He faces 16 counts of criminal damage, relating to the deaths of nine cats, and injuries to seven others.

The 53-year-old was brought into court as the first case before District Judge Tessa Szagun at Brighton Magistrates’ Court today.

He wore a black leather jacket, white polo shirt, and black trousers as he appeared in the dock.

Bouquet spoke to confirm his name, address and nationality. He was represented by Kirsty Craghill, while David Holman prosecuted.

Mr Holman said the total cost of the criminal damage in the charges was £32,000.

Judge Szagun said the offences are either way offences and released Bouquet on bail.

He was ordered not to enter York Road at the junction with Queen’s Road and North Gardens, not to enter Church Street at the junction of Queen’s Road and Dyke Road, and not to enter Crown Gardens at the junction with Kew Street.

Bouquet will next appear before the Crown Court at either Lewes, Hove, or Brighton on February 20, 2020.

The Argus

Leyland, Lancashire: Inga Ozola and Arunas Venslovas

Prosecutions: Latvian nationals Inga Ozola, aged 43, and partner Arunas Venslovas, 50, both of 12 Seven Stars Road, Leyland PR25 1AL – charged with animal cruelty after a severely injured puppy is found buried alive in a field

Pictured is Pomeranian puppy who was found buried alive in a field.

Spencer, a nine-week-old Pomeranian puppy, had suffered two fractured limbs before he was buried, and later had to be put to sleep, Preston Magistrates’ Court was told.

Inga Ozola denies causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal between April 24 and 27, 2019, by burying the animal while he was still alive.

Ozola and her partner, Arunas Venslovas both deny failing to ensure Spencer received appropriate veterinary care for his injuries.

The trial of the Latvian couple, who were assisted by interpreters throughout the proceedings, was due to start on Thursday 23 January 2020, but Venslovas applied to delay the case as he had attended without representation.

He has since obtained legal aid but further arrangements need to be made.

Prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Carmel Wilde accepted it was potentially an imprisonable matter, but indicated he should have done something about it sooner.

However the bench agreed to the adjournment and the case will now take place on April 27 and 28, 2020. A case management hearing will take place on February 25, 2020.

The case comes after a dog walker’s pets had sniffed out a mound of disturbed earth in the middle of a field off Shaw Brook Road, behind Worden Park, and discovered Spencer’s head poking out.

He had a broken front leg and a broken rear leg and was unable to walk or move.

Lancashire Post

Thame, Oxfordshire: Ben Braham and Emma Hendy

#TheList Ben Braham, born c. 1991, of Hampden Avenue, Thame OX9 2DT and Emma Hendy, born c. 1982, of Angus Court, Thame OX9 – failed to get veterinary treatment for their Shar Pei’s painful eye condition

Dog abusers Emma Hendy and Ben Braham from Thame in Oxfordshire
Emma Hendy and Ben Braham were both convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a Shar Pei named Flake but neither was banned from keeping animals

The court heard how the dog, named Flake, had been found ‘as a stray’ on May, 4 2018, more than six months after Braham had taken him to the vet to be diagnosed with entropion, a condition in which the eyelid rolls inward against the eyeball.

On this first trip to the vet, on October 17, 2017, Braham had been told to bring the dog back within a week for surgery but never did so. Instead he left him at Emma Hendy’s house, allowing the problem to fester and risking potential blindness.

The court heard how Braham had bought Flake as a puppy for £400 for Hendy and her children.

He bought him a cage and a lead and arranged vaccinations before he was scared off and severed contact with the family.

Despite this, he remained responsible for the pet and therefore had a duty to look after his welfare.

In her own trial Hendy claimed she had frequently urged Braham to take Flake to the vet and, when she did so herself, was told only the owner could arrange treatment.

Braham – total of £430 fines, costs and charges. The RSPCA had urged the court to impose a ban on him owning dogs in future but this was refused, meaning he will be able to continue living with another dog at home.
Hendy – fined £640 including court costs and a victim surcharge. No ban.

Oxford Mail 03/05/19
Oxford Mail 21/05/19

Clacton-on-Sea, Essex: Daniela Berndorfer

#TheList Daniela Berndorfer, born 1970, of Gainsford Gardens, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex – for severe neglect of two cocker spaniels

One of Daniela Berndorfer's two neglected dogs.

Berndorfer’s dogs, named Freckles and Amber, had to have teeth removed due to severe infection and were left with maggots in their matted hair.

When Berndorfer took the dogs to a grooming salon, the owner described their condition as the “worst she had seen in her 15 years of dog grooming”.

Stuart Cooper, prosecuting, said: “Freckles was described as dirty, matted and smelling of urine.

“One dog had really bad-smelling breath. She described the smell as intense and there was pus coming from one of the dog’s mouths.

“She also described a putrid urine smell.

“In relation to Amber, it had taken two hours to clip her.

“In her experience of dog grooming she said she hasn’t seen anything this bad and said they probably hadn’t been groomed in at least two years.”

The salon owner reported the case to the RSPCA and an inspector visited Berndorfer’s address.

Berndorfer owns the dogs jointly with her 77-year-old mother, Gillian.

The dogs were seized and given urgent veterinary care.

One of Daniela Berndorfer's neglected dogs

“Freckles had been recently groomed but the ears were still heavily matted and the inspector was unable to tell where the ears finished and the matt started,” said Mr Cooper.

“On examining Amber, the inspector noticed she had been recently groomed but her ears were also severely matted.

“The dog had a strong smell and discharge coming from the side of her mouth, she was essentially drooling over her front legs and chest.

”The dogs were taken to a vets in Colchester, where Freckles was described as suffering severe infection of the mouth.

“There were maggots in her hair and following treatment nine teeth had to be removed from her mouth.

“With Amber, there was so much discharge the inspector couldn’t see what was going on in her mouth. 19 teeth had to be removed.

“The vet concluded both dogs would have been in extreme pain.”

Due to Gillian’s age and severe health issues, she was given a caution and did not have to appear before magistrates.

Daniela Berndorfer, who previously lived in Kettering, admitted four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

She was cautioned in 2014 in relation to the welfare of the two dogs.

The court was shown recent pictures of the two neglected pets, which showed the appalling state of their hair and infected mouths.

Describing one picture, Mr Cooper pointed out the discharge which could be seen underneath the matted hair when the matting was “cracked open.”

12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. Banned from owning or keeping any animal until further notice.

Daily Gazette

Sunderland: Bryan Mills

#TheList sexual deviant Bryan Mills, aged 46 at date of offence, of 28 Argyle Square, Sunderland SR2 7BS – caught with 71 images showing humans engaged in sexual activity with snakes, pigs, dogs and horses

Deviant with a taste for bestiality - Bryan Mills from Sunderland outside court

Animal sex images which “defy belief” were found on computer equipment belonging to Bryan Mills.

Mills had downloaded the sick bestiality stash featuring humans engaged in sexual activity with snakes, pigs, dogs and horses.

A court heard he was caught with 71 still and moving images of extreme pornography when police went to his home in Sunderland.

The 46-year-old has been spared prison but was warned about the damage such offences cause.

Judge Tim Gittins, at Newcastle Crown Court, told him: “What you must appreciate, and you don’t appear at this stage to appreciate, is although this involved adults and appears to be adults, on occasions, volunteering in this activity, the items are illegal and do untold damage, not just to the animals but to those you erroneously believe are volunteering.

“Very often adults are coerced into doing what they are doing and the images themselves give no indication of the dreadful situation they find themselves in or the damage of them knowing the images are available for viewing.

“It perpetuates the damage that people like you download and retain them.”

Mills pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornography and was sentenced to a two year community order.


Hayes, Greater London: travellers leave behind a dead dog

Hayes’ Park House Football Club expressed its disgust after a dog that had been beaten to death was left behind by travellers

File photos. Spaniel shown was rescued from a travellers site in Esholt, Shipley, in 2016
File photos. Spaniel shown was rescued from a travellers site in Esholt, Shipley, in 2016

Up to 40 caravans set up camp at the club’s pitches in Barnet Wood Road on Friday (August 17,  2018) after cutting locks off two gates.

A spokesman for Park House Football Club said: “Two people tried to stop them but they were threatened with death.

“They also said they would set fire to our club.”

Club representatives arrived the next morning when “donuts were thrown” at their cars as they endured a tirade of abuse.

During the incursion the clubhouse was smashed into and goods taken before police removed the travellers later that day.

The club spokesman added: “There was huge rubbish left behind, human excrement and a dog who was beaten to death in a field.

The dog was believed to be a terrier and the RSPCA has collected the remains.

Meantime, a charity called Friends, Families and Travellers slammed the local authority for seeking a High Court injunction and argued some travellers have no choice but to stay on illegal land.


Dundee: Justice for Pixie campaign

Justice for Pixie, the Dundee pug brutally killed by a thug
11mo pug Pixie, who’s been missing since 16 July 2018 and is now presumed deceased

Sometime after 3pm on Monday 16 July 2018 an 11-month-old pug named Pixie went missing from an address in Park Avenue, Baxter Park, Dundee.  Pixie’s owner, Kelly, had gone out to do some shopping, leaving the tiny dog alone in the company of her male flatmate, whom we shall call ‘AA’ for now for legal reasons. Kelly had known this man for several years and he had given her no reason to distrust him.

Alleged dog killer Andrew Alexander
Alleged dog killer AA, who is also rumoured to have killed a rabbit and hamster. He also has a conviction for attempted murder.

When Kelly left, Pixie was sleeping contentedly  and she told AA not to take her out. She was alarmed on her return a short while later therefore to find the flat empty and Pixie gone.  As time passed with no word from AA, Kelly became increasingly anxious. As she didn’t have AA’s new mobile number she asked a friend to call him. The friend spoke briefly with AA who was described as angry, screaming down the phone that he would “speak to Kelly later”.

In a state of panic Kelly rushed over to the nearby park and asked dog walkers if they’d seen AA or Pixie but no one had. She returned to the flat and waited anxiously.

When AA finally returned home at 7:30 pm he was alone and there was no sign of Pixie. When Kelly asked him where the dog was, AA shouted “lost!” in a manner that was more irritated than concerned. He said that Pixie had run off in Baxter Park at 4pm and he’d been unable to find her.  He then told Kelly, somewhat bizarrely, that he was “away to jail” but didn’t elaborate on what he meant and left in a taxi to go to a girlfriend’s house. Kelly texted AA the following morning to tell him he was no longer welcome at the flat. His response: “I’ve already moved out lol”

AA returned two days later while Kelly was out to collect his things and left for good.

In the following days Kelly posted a number of desperate appeals on Facebook. Her posts were shared extensively in the local area, the charity DogLost got involved, and multiple reports of sightings from pedestrians and motorists started to come in. The news wasn’t encouraging, however,  with  witnesses reporting seeing a man resembling AA  carrying a pug-type dog that appeared to be lifeless.

One pedestrian recalled seeing the man holding a dog in his arms.

She said: “The dog was very still and I thought that was strange as a dog wouldn’t usually allow itself to be held like that without moving at all.

“He avoided passing close to me on his way towards the city centre – probably because I watching him. It was very clearly a pug and in retrospect, it seemed utterly lifeless.

“The man appeared red and flustered. I wish I had stopped him and asked if the dog was okay.”

Another witness – a young girl –  said she had seen a man in Baxter Park pick up a pug by the neck and punch her in the face.  The girl had been too afraid to challenge him.

These sightings took place as late as 7pm on the evening of Monday 16 July – 3 hours after AA said that Pixie had disappeared.

Police Scotland were contacted and on 27 July they issued an appeal for information through the local newspaper and social media. Their statement read:

“There have been numerous sightings of what appeared to be a man carrying a small dog resembling Pixie in the Stobswell and Waterfront areas in the following few hours.

“The dog appeared to be lifeless or ill, and the man was described as in his mid 30s-40, tall, large build, and wearing a red t-shirt and blue shorts, possibly with stripes down the side.

“He was last seen shortly before 6pm near the bottom of Crichton Street. These sightings have been confirmed on CCTV.

“We have already received a large amount of relevant information from the public regarding this incident and are currently following a positive line of enquiry.

“We have also attempted to contact a number of witnesses who have been identified to us, but have not been able to get in touch with them.

“We would therefore like to ask anyone who has information about this incident who we have not already spoken to, to contact us – in particular if you saw the described man in the area of Baxter Park, Arbroath Road, Blackscroft, Dock Street, the Tay Bridge, Slessor Gardens or Crichton Street, between 3pm and 7pm on Monday 16th.

“We are also very interested in a report given to us regarding a man being seen possibly mistreating a dog in Baxter Park around that time.

“Anyone with any information should contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting CR/17475/18 or speak to any police officers.

“Alternatively if you have any information about the incident you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their Anonymous Online Form at”

On 31 July the Sun reported that a man had been charged in connection with Pixie’s disappearance. That man is AA but, for legal reasons, his identity cannot be disclosed until he appears in court.

In the meantime, Kelly and her friends formed the Facebook group Justice for Pixie with the aim of spreading awareness about the case.

While retaining a tiny glimmer of hope that she may find out what happened to her beloved pet dog, who is almost certainly deceased, Kelly is struggling to come to terms with her loss.  A vulnerable woman with long-standing mental health issues, the likely death of her sweet-natured little pug at the hands of a man she trusted has been devastating for her wellbeing.

At the same time Kelly is determined that justice will be served. Sadly, as it stands, legal justice may be elusive. AA has been charged with theft. There is no proof that he harmed Pixie.

CCTV footage captures AA making his way towards the city quay with Pixie  and returning moments later without her. Whilst this suggests  he dumped her in the River Tay, it’s not conclusive and may not be  sufficient to secure a conviction for animal cruelty.

In the meantime heartless AA seems to be getting on with his life just fine. Although there are rumours that he’s been beaten up several times (and is receiving police protection as a consequence), AA still posts on Facebook as if nothing has happened. Whether its about a new council house or potential job or just pathetic jokes about his ridiculous nickname ‘Cider’ (he’s a raging alcoholic as well apparently) it’s all good in AA’s twisted little world. A friend of his named Bob Ramsay even posted this recent photograph publicly to Facebook of the two of them together in a pub.

Andrew Alexander postWhat’s that saying about a picture speaking a thousand words? Not much evidence of remorse in that photograph, is there? Or even a shred of basic decency.

AA – whom it has since come to light is a violent criminal with a conviction for attempted murder after attacking a mother and her son with a knife in 2010 – is gloating.  This man is dangerous and needs to be put back in jail where he belongs.

Please join the Justice for Pixie group to follow developments in this distressing case.

Dunstable, Bedfordshire: Michael Thorne, Rosebury pig farm

#TheList Michael A Thorne of Rosebury Farm, Harling Road, Dunstable where horrific footage shows workers smashing screaming piglets against a wall.

Rosebury Farm has lost its Red Tractor status after undercover footage showed tiny piglets being smashed against a wall
Rosebury Farm. which is owned by Michael Thorne and his family, has lost its Red Tractor status after undercover footage showed tiny piglets being smashed against a wall.

Rosebury Farm supplies major retailers as well as local butchers but has now lost its Red Tractor certification

Horrific footage of farm workers inflicting unimaginable cruelty against helpless piglets has been released by leading animal protection organization Animal Equality.

It shows a worker swinging tiny piglets by a back leg and smashing their head against the wall – one continues to kick for at least 10 seconds. In addition, according to Animal Equality, it features ‘piglets screaming in agony as the tips of their tiny teeth are clipped off without pain relief, terrified pigs being shocked repeatedly with an electric prod to force them onto the slaughter truck, and a tiny piglet frothing at the mouth, having been thrown onto a pile of dead piglets and left for dead hours earlier’.

Veterinary expert Professor Andrew Knight from the University of Winchester’s Centre for Animal Welfare viewed the footage and confirmed that it showed ‘inhumane handling and killing of piglets’ as well as ‘excessive and inappropriate use of an electric prod likely to cause pain and fear’.

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