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Abbey Hulton, Stoke: Alex Johnson

#TheList backyard breeder Alex Johnson, born c. 1989, of Elmsmere Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST2 8EFT – banned from keeping dogs after police found videos of him allowing canines to jump up and bite padded arm sleeves.

Backyard breeder Alex Johnson from Stoke-on-Trent has been banned from keeping dogs for five years

Police officers launched their investigation when a dog that Alex Johnson was looking after bit a woman’s arm, leaving her with puncture wounds.

It led them to videos of the defendant allowing a dog to scale a fence in pursuit of a toy and another of a dog jumping up and biting an arm sleeve as a whip was cracked to the floor.

Backyard breeder Alex Johnson from Stoke-on-Trent has been banned from keeping dogs for five years

But Johnson – who also works as a dog photographer and bare knuckle fighter – says the footage was linked to his involvement in organised dog sports.

North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard the woman was bitten by a Bully XL called Loyal at 2.30pm on June 16, 2018.

Prosecutor Tom Griffiths said: “The defendant told it to sit and when she went past, it bit her on the arm.”

Staffordshire Police applied for Johnson to be hit with a five-year dog ban – and backed up their application with three videos featuring Johnson and dogs.

Backyard breeder Alex Johnson from Stoke-on-Trent has been banned from keeping dogs for five years

One of them featured a Dutch Herder which the defendant said had been with the Slovakian army. Footage showed Johnson walking up and down with the dog as it displayed its ability to understand commands. It was also seen to run towards a man with a padded sleeve which the animal bit onto while a whip was being cracked.

Another video showed the defendant wearing an arm sleeve which his own dog jumped up to bite. Another clip showed Johnson’s dog on a treadmill.

Mr Griffiths said two of the videos showed the animals being atagonised.

Commenting on the clip of Johnson’s own dog, he added: “He wants a reaction and he’s trained it to be aggressive. He is not a fit and proper person to have dogs.”

The court heard Johnson has also bought into a company specialising in canine supplements. He says the footage of the Dutch Herder was put together because he was selling the dog and one buyer had requested to see more of the animal’s training.

He said: “The dog was as friendly as anything and was not a protection dog. All I did was keep up her training. She was friendly and everyone on the estate loved playing with her.”

Referring to the videos of his own dog, Johnson said: “I have had no issues with her. It’s ridiculous to say she’s trained to fight, anybody that knows anything about that breed knows they are not for fighting, she is a Pocket Bully. I breed small versions of Bullys.

“The whip crack is so they are not scared. When I go to seminars I always take her with me. All our puppies are used to different noises so when they go to new homes we don’t get complaints.

“My training is basic and the bite side of things I go to seminars. The training I do is obedience – sit, stay and heel. I go to organised events.”

Johnson admitted being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control on Priory Road, Abbey Hulton, on June 16.But a trial was held regarding the possible disqualification.

District Judge Timothy Boswell said: “The footage shows the dogs behaving in ways that are dangerous and the way you are encouraging them to behave potentially makes them dangerous, by encouraging them to jump up and bite.

“You and other men are having to wear arm sleeves – people don’t normally walk up and down the street with an arm sleeve in case a dog bites them.

“The dogs on the footage are behaving in dangerous ways and it is appropriate to disqualify you from having custody of a dog for five years.”

Sentencing: 40 hours of unpaid work; £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Stoke Sentinel

Wednesbury, West Midlands: Usman Khalid

#TheList Usman Khalid, born 04/01/1994, of Old Park Road, Wednesbury WS10 – banned for life from keeping animals after his emaciated dog died shortly after giving birth to 16 puppies

Backyard breeder Usman Khalid from Wednesbury, West Midlands, failed to get treatment for his distressed dog after she gave birth. Of the litter of 16 just one survived.
Backyard breeder Usman Khalid from Wednesbury, West Midlands, failed to get treatment for his distressed dog after she gave birth. Of the litter of 16 just one survived.

Backyard breeder Usman Khalid was found guilty of two animal welfare offences after failing to get veterinary treatment for Dogue de Bordeaux crossbreed Jinx after she gave birth to a huge litter of puppies.

Backyard breeder Usman Khalid from Wednesbury, West Midlands, failed to get treatment for his distressed dog after she gave birth
Sole surviving puppy Winnie has recovered from her ordeal and been rehomed but her mother Jinx (inset) died a horrific death thanks to the neglect of Usman Khalid

The court heard that three of Jinx’s puppies had been still-born and one was crushed during birth. Eleven other puppies had died days later.

Jinx, who was said to be “skin and bone”, was found by a concerned member of the public motionless and crying in a kennel at Khalid’s home. She was unable to stand and was suffering with diarrhoea. Her mammary glands were severely ulcerated, which meant she could not provide her puppies with the milk they needed to survive.

They tried to pick her up but she screamed and moments later fitted and died in their arms.

The member of the public took Jinx’s body to a nearby vets – along with the one surviving puppy, Winnie – and the RSPCA were contacted.

Winnie received emergency treatment but was so gravely ill she was not expected to survive the night.

But the brave pup pulled through and has now made a full recovery and has been rehomed by the charity.

Inspector Nicola Johnson, who led the investigation, said the puppies’ bodies were never found.

She continued: “When I saw Jinx’s body it was quite clear she was emaciated with her ribs clearly visible and she had awful ulcers on her mammary glands which would have been very painful.

“If she was taken for treatment when the problem first arose I am in no doubt she would have have survived.

“As we never found the puppies we were unable to establish how they died.

“This has been a terribly upsetting case to deal with but I would like to say a huge thank you to the members of the public who got involved by trying to help the mum and pup, alerting us to what they had found and bravely giving evidence in court which meant we could get some justice for Jinx and helped her pup Winnie survive.”

Sentencing: 200 hours of community service; total of £585 costs and charges. Banned for life from keeping animals.


Thurcroft, Rotherham: Wayne and Joanne Glasby

#TheList backyard breeders Wayne Glasby, born 01/12/1981, and Joanne Glasby, born c. 1968, of Cedric Crescent, Thurcroft S66 – illegally docked their dogs’ tails causing them pain

Joanne and Wayne Glasby subjected tiny puppies to a painful and illegal tail docking procedure
Joanne and Wayne Glasby subjected tiny puppies to a painful and illegal tail docking procedure

Former butcher Wayne Glasby, who is originally from Worksop, and wife Joanne Glasby pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and removing whole or part of a dog’s tail.

The pair used docking rings to remove four terriers’ tails when they were around six-weeks-old.

Andy Cash, for the RSPCA, told the court that the couple’s offending came to light when they advertised three terriers for sale online.

“By chance, a person who was looking at these photographs [in the advert] had a history as a vet and she thought she could see a docking ring and referred the matter to the RSPCA,” said Mr Cash.

The RSPCA visited the Glasbys on November 30, 2018, and found four puppies, aged around six to seven weeks, with docked tails.

Mr Cash said a vet who inspected the dogs assessed that the operation had not been carried out by a qualified practitioner and took the view that it had been an “act of mutilation”.

“It was likely to have caused unnecessary pain which is anticipated to have lasted a few days,” said Mr Cash.

When Wayne Glasby was interviewed by police he admitted owning the puppies but denied docking their tails.

He said the operation had been carried out by a vet, but when efforts were made to trace the practitioner, it was discovered no such vet existed.

Joanne Glasby told officers she was also responsible for the puppies and denied knowing who was responsible for docking their tails.

“She thought it was just what was done to terriers,” said Mr Cash.

The Glasbys’ lawyer told the court her clients had rehomed all of their terriers ahead of the court hearing but still had a 12-year-old lurcher whom they were hoping to rehome within their family. She said the proceedings had had a traumatic effect on the couple.

The pair also have a smallholding where they keep a pony, sheep and lambs and the presiding judge expressed concern over the welfare of those animals.

Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work; £600 costs each. Banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Rotherham Advertiser

Newcastleton, Scottish Borders: Dawn and Louise Marie Hillbeck

#TheList backyard breeders Dawn Veronica Hillbeck, born 06/08/1993, and partner Louise Marie Hillbeck, born 21/08/1995, formerly of Whisgills, Newcastleton TD9 and more recently Cambridge Road, Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside CH62 7JA – arranged for illegal ear cropping on an American Bully puppy

Breeders Louise Hillbeck and partner Dawn Hillbeck and Russia, the puppy they had mutilated and left to suffer in pain.
American Bully puppy Russia was found to be in pain after evil greeders Dawn and Louise Hillbeck, now of Bromborough, Merseyside, arranged for his ears to be mutilated

Dawn and Louise Hillbeck, who traded under the name Becks Bullies, admitted being involved in the ear cropping of a puppy named Russia. The pair pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges as a sheriff described the operation on Russia as a “butcher’s job”.

A vet who inspected the wounds of the pup said it had been carried out for “cosmetic” purposes and added it was “needless mutilation”.

Dawn Hillbeck pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to prevent the ear flaps being removed on a puppy under her care.

Louise Hillbeck admitted permitting Russia to be taken out of Scotland for the prohibited procedure.

The offence happened when the women were breeding American bullies – which sell for £5,000 each – at their then home in Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told that ear-cropping was banned in most of Europe but was still allowed in the United States.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser explained that the American Bully was a new breed established in the 1990s from an American Pit Bull Terrier and an American Staffordshire terrier.

He said: “They are very strong looking dogs and some owners have their ears cropped for cosmetic reasons which makes them look mean and aggressive.”

Mr Fraser said the Scottish SPCA received information that the Hillbecks were involved in ear-cropping and went to their home in Newcastleton in April 2018 when they found Russia had recently had both earflaps removed.

He explained a nylon-type material had been used to stitch the wounds but they had been put in too tightly, the wounds were red and the dog looked in pain.

Mr Fraser said: “They failed to seek veterinary treatment for the wounds. One vet referred to it as cosmetic needless mutilation.”

The fiscal added he would be seeking an order disqualifying the women from owning animals due to their behaviour.

Russia was signed over to the Scottish SPCA during the investigation.

Louise Hillbeck (left) and partner Dawn Hillbeck ran a dog breeding business where profit was placed well above animal welfare
Louise Hillbeck (left) and partner Dawn Hillbeck ran a dog breeding business where profit was placed well above any concern for dog welfare

The women claimed the idea to ear crop the dog came from the co-owner, John Paton of breeding operation New Generation Bullies, who said they would need to do it for Russia if the dog was to do well in American Bully display shows.

Dawn Hillbeck’s lawyer said his client had been told the ear-cropping could be done in Poland where it was legal, but it was not stated in court where the operation had actually happened.

He said: “The pair have been naive in this to a certain extent. They were also told it would be good for the hygiene of the dog as well.

“They have learned their lesson. Disqualifying them from owing animals would be disproportionate.”

The court was told that Dawn Hillbeck owned four dogs and a horse which she would have to give up if she was banned.

On studying pictures of the dog’s wounds Sheriff Donald Ferguson described them as a “butcher’s job” and said the women knew full well it was illegal and the dog had suffered.

He added: “This was totally wrong and this animal suffered. On top of that you were doing it for profit.

“At the end of the day you were looking after this animal and it was your responsibility to look after it within the law and on a proper basis.”

Afterwards a Scottish SPCA spokeswoman said there was a growing trend in ear-cropped American bullies.

She explained: “We are pleased with the outcome of this case.

“Two years ago we didn’t have a single American bully in our care. However we are now seeing a worrying increase in the number of these dogs seized as a result of our investigations.

“The recent increase is entirely down to the current trend to own these dogs as a status pet.

“In the UK any surgical procedure carried out for purely aesthetic purposes is illegal. Ear cropping is one of these procedures.”

Sentencing: one-year Community Payback Order of 80 hours of unpaid work; five year disqualification order from breeding or dealing with animals. Dawn Hillbeck is allowed to keep her four dogs and a horse subject to Scottish SPCA or RSPCA inspection.

Border Telegraph

Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire: Tina Harris and Stuart Ward

#TheList backyard breeders and puppy traders Tina Harris, born February 1985, and Stuart Ward, born February 1986, both of 82 Main Street, Barton under Needwood, Burton-on-Trent DE3 8AB – prosecuted for breeding without a licence

Greeder Tina Harris and her partner Stuart Ward sold English bulldog puppies via Facebook and online classified sites like Pets4Homes

Stuart Ward and Tina Harris, of T&S Four Paws Limited, were raided by Trading Standards and Environmental health on March 6, 2018, after someone complained about a puppy sale.

East Staffordshire Borough Council’s investigation found the business had a licence to sell the dogs, but didn’t have one to breed them.

Ward and Harris pleaded guilty to not complying with their licence conditions along with breeding puppies.

Puppy dealer and illegal breeder Tina Harris from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Puppy dealer and illegal breeder Tina Harris

Harris admitted failing to keep a record of each puppy’s date of birth, arrival and sale.

She also admitted falsely marketing a West Highland Terrier as a pedigree animal on September 10, 2017.

And Harris entered a guilty plea to using “false contact details as if (she) were a private seller” on the Pets4homes website.

Ward received a 12 month community order and has been ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work and attend 9 sessions for reading & writing skills. He was fined £1,275.41 with £81.00 surcharge to court.

Harris also received a 12 month community order and has been ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work. She has also been fined £1,275.41 with £81.00 surcharge to court.

Both have been disqualified from having or obtaining a pet shop licence and breeding licence for 2 years. Over £2,500 in cash was seized during the raid, which will be retained to cover the Council’s costs.

StokeonTrent Live
Derbyshire Live

Alloa, Clackmannanshire: Elizabeth McLeod

#TheList Elizabeth McLeod, born 07/09/1977, of 1 Lawswell, Alloa FK10 3JD -starved a nursing dog and failed to get vet treatment for her potentially fatal infections; puppies also underweight

Convicted dog abuser Elizabeth "Lizzie" McLeod from Alloa, Scotland, and her emaciated bulldog Cody
Elizabeth “Lizzie” McLeod failed to take her dog Cody to the vet even when she became very ill. The emaciated dog was found in a crate with her puppies and had no access to food or water.

Elizabeth McLeod pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate care and treatment to her dog, Cody, for two months between April 1 and June 1, 2018.

The court heard that the Scottish SPCA had visited McLeod’s home following a tip-off and found a female dog in a crate with puppies. The dog was described as “incredibly thin, with her rib cage, spine and pelvic bones clearly visible”.

Bedding in the crate smelled foul, and stained with urine and faeces. There was no food or water bowl.

Abused and neglected bulldog Cody has recovered from her ordeal. Her cruel owner Lizzie McLeod has now been banned from keeping animal for five years.
Abused and neglected bulldog Cody has recovered from her ordeal. Her cruel owner Lizzie McLeod has now been banned from keeping dogs for five years.

McLeod was told to offer Cody food and water. She ate the food “vociferously, taking large mouthfuls” and drank two full bowls of water very quickly.

Cody had fresh blood on her hind legs and around her vaginal area.

McLeod told the vet she had owned the dog for two years without taking her to the vet.

Subsequent veterinary examinations found Cody to be emaciated with a body score of one out of nine. She had depleted the majority of her fat stores to produce milk for the puppies.

Cody also had a urine infection for which she had to receive an operation. During the procedure she was found to have an enlarged uterus which contained multiple placentas, which had caused infection.

In the vets’ opinion Cody could have gone on to develop potentially fatal septicaemia if left untreated.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Seddon said, “McLeod caused unnecessary suffering by failing to provide veterinary treatment for her dog, Cody, who had a bacterial womb infection and for failing to provide her with proper nutrition which put the health of her twelve puppies at risk.

“When I visited the property, Cody was with her puppies in a cage with bedding that was saturated with faeces and urine.

“Cody was found to be incredibly thin, and after examination, the vet described her as emaciated. You could clearly see her rib cage, spine and pelvic bones and her head looked too big for her body. It was also clear there was obvious discharge and blood around her genital area indicating that there was a medical condition.

“I asked McLeod to feed Cody and she voraciously ate two bowls of food. When water was put down for her she drank two full bowls very quickly and half of a third.

“Upon veterinary examination, Cody was given a body condition score of one out of nine. She weighed 27.8kg and the vet considered that she should weigh around 40kg. Ten of her twelve puppies were found to be underweight too. It was also confirmed that Cody was suffering from a bacterial womb infection.

“Due to her infection, Cody had to have her ovaries and womb removed, where vets found multiple retained placenta from giving birth which were causing the infection. If left untreated, she could have died within days.

“I’m delighted to say that Cody made a full recovery and has found her forever home where she is getting the love she deserves. The puppies didn’t last long in our centre and I’m pleased to say they all found their happy homes too.

“We are glad that the courts have dealt with this case and the sentence passed down.

“Bans send an important message that owning an animal is a privilege rather than a right.”

Cody and all the puppies have since been rehomed by the animal charity.

Sentencing McLeod, Sheriff David Mackie told her: “The court accepts there was no will to harm the dogs.”

Sentencing: 12 months of supervision. Banned from looking after dogs for five years.

Alloa Advertiser
The Sun

Sleap, nr Shrewsbury, Shropshire: Marcia Jones

#TheList notorious puppy farmer and serial animal abuser Marcia J Jones, born 16/04/1944, of The Old Crem, Sleap, Shrewsbury SY4 3HE – for appalling neglect of breeding dogs and puppies

Puppy farmer Marcia Jones of Sleap, near Shrewsbury
Cruel and dishonest puppy farmer Marcia Jones from Sleap, near Shrewsbury

Marcia Jones (also known as Marcia Hollins-Jones) was said to have shown “no remorse” after mistreating the animals at her puppy-selling business at the Old Crematorium in Sleap, around nine miles north of Shrewsbury.

Puppy farmer Marcia Jones treated Jack Russell-Terrier cross Pippa's exposed bone and infected leg with Calpol

Puppy farmer Marcia Jones treated Jack Russell-Terrier cross Pippa’s exposed bone and infected leg with Calpol

Jones pleaded guilty to four animal welfare offences after the RSPCA visited the farm and found dogs with severe bite wounds, cold concrete kennels with urine-soaked carpets and a Jack Russell-Terrier cross with an injury that left her leg bone exposed.

Inspectors found more than 70 dogs at the site when they visited.

Pippa was put to sleep when she was eventually seen by a vet

Pippa, the dog with the exposed bone, was treated with children’s medicine Calpol instead of being taken to a vet. Once she was eventually seen by a vet she was suffering so much she had to be put down.

Dachshund puppies at Marcia Jones’ filthy puppy farm

The court was told that Jones lived in a static caravan on the site and had a licence from Shropshire Council to breed dogs.

A nursing mother and her puppies at Marcia Jones’ filthy puppy farm

The RSPCA investigated her business after concerns were raised by her vet, who had examined three dogs ones presented between August 2017 and May 2018.

The vet believed some of the animals had been injured in fights and had been left to suffer for days.

The RSPCA investigator found 38 adult dogs and 35 puppies at risk.

Inspector Kate Parker said: “The puppies in what Hollins-Jones described to me as ‘the maternity wing’ were particularly at risk in such a cold and damp environment with no heat lamps as required by law.

“There was a prolific failure by her towards animal welfare. She was breeding the dogs for money and that was her key motivation – she has also shown no remorse for her actions.

“In the sad case of Pippa, she was left for at least two days without veterinary treatment. Instead Hollins-Jones decided to give her Calpol.

“She would have clearly suffered from such an awful injury.”

As well as Pippa, Jones was convicted of mistreating two miniature dachshunds named Dexter and Fat Pud’s Pup who both had “severe” bite wounds, including to the latter dog’s eye.

Both dogs have since recovered.

The court was also told Jones has been prosecuted in the past by the RSPCA and in 2001 received a 10-year disqualification order for all animals. Her earlier conviction was in relation to dying and emaciated horses as well as a Jack Russell with an untreated broken leg, which had to be amputated.

In 2005 the BBC’s Inside Out current affairs series showed Jones was still dealing in puppies in a flagrant breach of her ban.

Ordered to pay £1,600 costs, fined £1,400 and ordered to pay a £40 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping animals for three years, but the ban has been suspended for 28 days while she re-homes the animals she already owns. She was also banned from applying for a breeding licence for 10 years.

Whitchurch Herald
Whitchurch Herald

Washford, Somerset: Heather Stanton

#TheList hoarder Heather Stanton, born c. 1958, of Barn End, Williton Road, Washford, Somerset TA23 0NU – left several animals to suffer in squalor with untreated health conditions

Some of the pets rescued from animal abuser Heather Stanton from Washford, Somerset
Some of the pets who suffered appalling neglect at the hands of their negligent owner Heather Stanton

Stanton was found guilty of the mistreatment of 11 dogs, including a sheepdog, a Jack Russell Terrier, Chinese Crested type dogs and Pomeranian type dogs.

Some of the pets rescued from animal abuser Heather Stanton from Washford, Somerset

The animals had a number of conditions including eye and skin infections which were not treated.

Stanton was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a white lionhead rabbit by confining the animal to the detriment of his wellbeing, to which she had pleaded not guilty.

Stanton pleaded not guilty to causing suffering to a white domestic cat but was again found to be guilty.

She also admitted to the mistreatment of a tortoise and six birds in her care.

One of the dogs mistreated by irresponsible Heather Stanton

Speaking about the case RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said: “This was an upsetting case of extreme neglect for which there can be no excuse.

“Stanton had more animals than she could cope with and was unable to care for them adequately, as a result sadly many of the animals were suffering.

“All owners are responsible for meeting the needs of the animals in their care and we now look forward to finding these animals the loving homes they deserve.”

Fined £5,000 and £85 costs. Community order of 80 hours of unpaid work. Disqualified from owning dogs, cats, birds and tortoises for five years under the Animal Welfare Act.

Somerset County Gazette

In April 2019 Stanton’s appeal against her five-year disqualification order was rejected.

Ambleston, Pembrokeshire: David Thomas

#TheList puppy farmer David Thomas, born born 31/12/1944 , of Wallis, Ambleston, Haverfordwest SA62 – failed to care for 25 Labradors, allowing them to suffer unnecessarily and live in a “filthy and hazardous” environment.

Some of the 25 puppies found at David Thomas's derelict farm

The dogs and puppies were denied access to food and water, and were in danger of injury and disease

Thomas pleaded guilty to three animal welfare offences.

The court heard Thomas failed to provide a suitable environment for 25 dogs, caused unnecessary suffering to five puppies by failing to explore their poor conditions, and caused unnecessary suffering to five dogs by failing to give them appropriate veterinary care for an infection involving their feet.

The dogs – found on the derelict farm – were 19 puppies and six adults.

One puppy was sadly found dead.

The 25 dogs were removed and given immediate treatment.

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: “When I arrived I just remember thinking what an appalling situation this was. It was dire. These dogs and puppies were kept in filthy and hazardous conditions. They were denied access to food and water, were in danger of injury and disease, and did not have the necessary comfort in terms of shelter and bedding, and were not free to exhibit normal behaviour, by being kept in the dark with poor ventilation.

“The puppies looked thin, dehydrated and were cold, and there was evidence of caked faeces on all the puppies’ feet, and all their claws were overgrown.

“It was just horrible and just so sad to see these lovely puppies in just terrible conditions.”

The dogs were taken into the care of the local authorities for rehoming.

Inspector Hogben added: “We’d like to thank everyone who assisted in this case – the police, the local dog wardens, the local vet and Green Acres Animal Rescue.

“We really appreciate all their help in what was a challenging case, due to the numbers of dogs there.

“These dogs and puppies will now grow up in a loving, safe environment where they are given the care and attention they deserve.”

Sentencing: 24-week custodial sentence – suspended for two years. Total of £415 costs and charges. Banned from keeping dogs for life.

Western Telegraph

Manor Park, Newham, London: Amarpal Singh

#TheList backyard breeder and serial animal abuser Amarpal Singh, born c. 1986, of 6 Banks Way, Manor Park, Newham, London E12 5NZ – neglected 23 dogs and puppies in home reeking of animal urine and faeces.

Filthy conditions at the property where backyard breeder and serial animal abuser Amarpal Singh kept 23 starving dogs and puppies in squalor.
Filthy conditions at the property where backyard breeder and serial animal abuser Amarpal Singh kept 23 starving dogs and puppies in squalor.

Amarpal Singh forced seven alapaha bulldogs and 16 puppies to live in such sickening conditions they became malnourished and underweight.

One of the dogs had to have her tail amputated.

Notorious greeder Singh had already been issued with an improvement notice in 2015, when Newham Animal Welfare Services and police officers found three dogs living in filthy conditions in his back garden.

Singh said he’d clear up the area, and the dogs were taken away.

However when officers visited his home again in November 2017 they found the 23 animals squeezed into the house which stunk of urine and faeces.

Pc Holly Hoare, who led the investigation, said: “After seeing the conditions the dogs were living in, I wouldn’t want any dogs to be living in this way ever again.

“When we went to the address, the puppies were very quiet and unable to interact with us. A number of the dogs were showing signs of diarrhoea and there was little evidence of water or food.”

FILE PHOTO: Alapaha bulldogs are a rare breed. They should be socialised early on in life, and their personalities make them natural guard dogs. 

Pc Hoare added: “They were all living in extremely poor conditions, with excrement that had not be cleared up in a number of days. Some of the dogs were in cages that were too small for them and it was distressing to see them in such a poor state of health.”

Sentencing: 200 hours of unpaid work. Total of £1,360 costs and charges. Banned from dealing in, owning or keeping dogs for just two years (expires December 2020).

Newham Recorder