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Taunton, Somerset: Jennifer Waddup

#TheList hoarder Jennifer Ann Waddup, born 15/08/1969, of 11 Buckland Road, Somerset TA2 8EW for the neglect of multiple dogs and cats.

Waddup pleaded guilty to four charges brought against her by the RSPCA.

Pet hoarder and abuser Jennifer Waddup of Taunton, Somerset, UK
Pet hoarder and abuser Jennifer Waddup of Taunton, Somerset, UK

She admitted:

  • *failing to explore and address the cause of the poor bodily condition of nine domestic cats between March 20 and April 3 this year;
  • *causing unnecessary suffering to a border collie named Domino by failing to provide professional veterinary care for a chronic skin condition between the same dates;
  • *failing to ensure the needs of 14 domestic cats and Domino the dog were met by not ensuring their need for a suitable environment in which to live on or before April 3;
  • *and not taking reasonable steps to ensure the needs of 14 cats were met by not protecting them from pain, injury, suffering and disease as seen by a chronic and significant flea infestation on or before April 3.

Sentencing: 100 hours of unpaid work; total of £385 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping cats and dogs but can appeal after two years.

Somerset County Gazette

Grosmont, North Yorkshire: Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly

#TheList Mandy Allinson, born c. 1967, and Michael Connolly, born c. 1963, both of Fotherley Farm, Grosmont, Whitby YO22 5QJ – kept dogs and cats in “squalid and horrific” conditions

Puppy farmers Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Animals in the care of Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly lived in their own excrement in a filthy barn at their farm near Whitby.

The pair admitted three breaches of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 in relation to two pet dogs, plus 18 other dogs and three cats not provided with a suitable living environment.

Police and RSPCA inspectors were alerted to the farm after a number of people bought puppies which fell ill or were found to be riddled with worms or fleas.

And they discovered dozens of animals being kept in appalling conditions at what was found to be an unregistered, unlicensed business.

A dog in the care of puppy farmers Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The court heard a cocker spaniel called Dexter was barely recognisable because his severely-matted fur made him look like “a big ball of fur”.

He had to be anaesthetised to be clipped by a vet, and the fur removed weighed 1.4kg.

Dogs in the care of puppy farmers Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The court heard that the animals got into that state because Allinson and Connolly suffered a variety of health problems, including diabetes and depression.

Speaking after the hearing RSPCA Inspector Claire Little, who led the investigation, said: “We received a number of calls from members of the public who had bought puppies from the premises and, once home, they’d fallen ill or their new families had discovered they were riddled with fleas and worms.

“This couple were running an unregistered, unlicensed business breeding dogs and they were not properly protecting the dogs’ welfare and health.”

When officers raided the property they found 40 dogs and puppies, three cats and a guinea pig at the address. All of the animals were removed.

“The puppies were all being kept inside the house while the adult dogs were kept out in a barn,” Inspector Little added.

“It was cold, dark, dank and filthy in the barn. Some dogs were kept in cramped, dirty cages stacked on top of each other, while other dogs were in disgusting kennels covered in dirt and faeces. It absolutely stank inside the barn, it was hell.

“The dogs were yellow with urine stains and covered in fleas. Many were riddled with worms and suffering from nasty diseases like giardia, campylobacter and coccidia.”

French bulldogs, collies, cocker spaniels, poodles and fashionable crossbreeds, such as cockerpoos, were taken into RSPCA care.

“This couple were clearly trying to cash in on the popularity of designer dogs such as cockerpoos but they were failing to meet these dogs’ basic needs and many were seriously poorly,” Inspector Little said.

“It was overcrowded, the disease control was poor and many of the dogs had matted coats and untreated open wounds. The floor was caked in faeces and water bowls were empty and upturned.

“Some had nasty skin infections and had made themselves bleed from constant scratching. One of the dogs had almost 2kg of matted fur removed.”

Grim conditions at the puppy farm run by  Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

A guinea pig was found in a cage in one barn and three cats were found running loose in another barn on the site.

Sentencing: 10-week prison term, suspended for a year. Banned from keeping cats for seven years.

Gazette Live
BBC News

Aberford, Leeds: Andrew David Hinde

#TheList horse trader and kitten breeder Andrew David Colbert Hinde, born 07/01/1965, of Becca Farm, Aberford, Leeds LS25 3AH – flouted a ban and continued to abuse animals in his care

Former international horse show judge Hinde, who bred Dartmoor ponies at Pumphill Stud, immediately ignored a 12-year ban on keeping animals imposed in March 2015 and went on to neglect 50 horses and two foals.

The 2015 conviction related to cruelty to horses and also cats after dozens of pedigree British short-haired cats being bred for sale were found at the property Hinde shared with parents Raymond and Cynthia. They were also convicted of animal cruelty at that time.

Hinde was first convicted of horse cruelty in 2011 when he was banned from keeping horses for three years.

Now the serial animal abuser has finally been sent to jail and banned from keeping animals indefinitely with the crown court recorder Gavin Doig telling him it was “time to pay the price for your behaviour”.

The court heard heard Hinde kept 20 horses at his own farm with more than 50 other ponies kept in fields he rented at Westfield Farm at Kirk Smeaton near Pontefract.

The court heard in February 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Westfield Farm and found some of the ponies were in poor condition with their her ribs, hips and spines. showing.

One of the ponies was emaciated and was suffering from hunger, was infected with lice and had overgrown feet.

Another pony, which was exhausted and suffering from hypothermia, was put to sleep.

The court heard that the pony was infested with worms and was infected with salmonella.

In July 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Becca Farm at Aberford and seized 20 horses after finding that some were being kept in conditions that didn’t meet their needs.

Many of the animals had been left to fend for themselves with one suffering hypothermia

The horses and ponies were left without adequate food or shelter and were “skin and bone” with one so badly emaciated and infected with disease he had to be put down.

The judge told Hinde he had a “cavalier attitude towards the animals, a cavalier attitude to orders of the court; you showed complete disrespect”.

“Now you must face those consequences,” he added.

Shila Whitehead, defending, said Hinde had “issues on wanting to have animals”.

Sentencing: jailed for 11 months and banned from keeping animals indefinitely.

BBC News
Yorkshire Evening Post

Little Hulton, Manchester: Laura Kiseliova and Raimondas Titas

#TheList Laura Kiseliova, born 14/06/1979, and Raimondas Titas, born 13/03/1981, formerly of Ladywell Avenue, Manchester M38, but believed to have fled to their native Lithuania – imported and sold sick ‘designer’ pets 

Laura Kiseliova and Raimondas Titas outside court and images of puppies they kept in squalor at their home.

Lithuanians Laura Kiseliova and Raimondas Titas kept sick dogs and cats in filthy, cramped cages to sell for thousands of pounds.

They set up an online “puppy farm” called Pets313 and encouraged customers to buy popular breeds like pugs and french bulldogs.

However, when customers went to the couple’s house in Salford, Greater Manchester they were quickly persuaded to take the pets home, unaware that the canines hadn’t received vital injections or veterinary care.

And when they arrived home, the dogs suddenly became ill and lethargic after having been kept in dire conditions in small cages or crates in a garage.

Despite buyers being told they were receiving British-bred pups, they were actually getting Eastern European dogs that had travelled over to the UK on a Pet Passport bought by the Lithuanian couple.

Photo shows pedigree cats in a cramped cage.
Pedigree cats were also found at the property.
Poorly cat found at the property
Photo shows poorly cat.
Many of the cats were in very poor condition.
Some of the dogs were found with sores and scabs on their bodies

Some of the dogs were found with sores and scabs on their bodies

The pair were sentenced to years behind bars at Manchester Crown Court in their absence, as they fled abroad before the hearing on Thursday 13/12/2018. 

They had previously pleaded guilty to a total of 29 charges, including several animal welfare offences.

RSPCA inspectors, police and trading standards found 41 dogs and eight cats when they searched their previous home in Prestwich on November 18, 2013.

They discovered the pair were trafficking dogs under the pet passport scheme, and selling them to members of the public under the company name Pets 313 Ltd.

Officers also found more than 40 pet passports which didn’t match the dogs at the property, suggesting they were passing off trafficked dogs as those bred in the UK.

The dogs who were found included French bulldogs and pugs, as well as pedigree cats, which were being sold for between £800 and £1,000 each.

The pair were charged with a number of offences, including failing to provide them with a suitable environment, and failing to provide veterinary care.

Raimondas Titas and Laura Kiseliova during an earlier court appearance. They have now fled to their native country of Lithuania.

One of the RSPCA investigators leading the operation, who didn’t want to be named, said: “The front room of the property was being used to sell the animals to members of the public but it was when you entered the rest of the house the scale of this operation became apparent.

“There were cages and pens containing different breeds of dogs in almost every room including a litter of puppies in a filthy ensuite bathroom upstairs. In a large garage at the back we found cages of animals stacked on top of each other.

“It was clear there were some cats and puppies that needed immediate veterinary treatment and sadly two of the puppies that were rushed to the vets for treatment later died from parvovirus.

“There was little sign of proper isolation pens for sick animals or biosecurity measures meaning any animal that passed through this place would be at risk of catching and spreading diseases and parasites.

“This was a large money-making operation at the expense of the welfare of the animals and the unsuspecting members of public who thought they were buying healthy, happy puppies.”

RSPCA SOU Chief Insp Ian Briggs said: “It was obvious that this duo were dealing and trading in a large number of animals and that many of them were not receiving the appropriate care and veterinary attention they needed.

“Some of the animals were suffering from problems such as conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis or had sore and infected wounds.”

Most of the animals have been signed over into RSPCA care and have been rehomed.

Chief Insp Briggs added: “We have seen a concerning increase in the number of calls we are receiving about large-scale traders dealing, predominantly, in puppies.

“We are regularly appalled by the conditions we find puppies living in and the stories we hear from owners who have, just days after bringing their puppy home, held their new dog as he died in their arms from preventable diseases and infections.

“Unfortunately, a major factor in this trade is traffickers – such as this pair – bringing in poorly pups from abroad, without the right vaccinations and documents, and selling them to unsuspecting buyers here in England.”

Kiseliova was sentenced to a total of four years in prison while Titas was jailed for three years and six months. Both were banned from keeping pets for life.

Manchester Evening News
The Sun

Gillingham, Kent: Glen Hayes

#TheList Glen Hayes, born 11/05/1965, of 1x Beatty Avenue, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2BZ  – involved in a puppy farm where dozens of dogs and cats were kept in squalor

A total of 38 dogs and 18 cats were being kept in filthy conditions in makeshift pens in Janet Oxlade's garden
A total of 38 dogs and 18 cats were being kept in filthy conditions in makeshift pens in Janet Oxlade’s garden

Glen Hayes was convicted of 10 animal welfare offences for his “behind-the-scenes”  involvement in a disgusting puppy farm being operated from Janet Oxlade’s back garden in Bexleyheath, London.

Glen Hayes with Janet Oxlade during an earlier hearing
Greedy pet dealers Glen Hayes with Janet Oxlade during an earlier hearing

The RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit (SOU) joined Metropolitan Police to execute a warrant at the property in January 2018 after calls from concerned members of the public who had bought puppies from the address in the run-up to Christmas.

Glen Hayes from Gillingham
Glen Hayes profited from animal misery

To their shock, a total of 38 dogs and 18 cats were found in makeshift pens, in the garden and in cages.

RSPCA Inspector Carroll Lamport said: “We’d been contacted by numerous people buying puppies who had grown suspicious of the operation that was being run from the house in Bexleyheath.

“People were concerned that they were never allowed beyond the living room when they visited the house to see the puppies and many who had purchased dogs reported that their pets had quickly fallen ill.

“Sadly, in some cases, people’s beloved new pet puppies had been so poorly that they’d died.”

In the run-up to Christmas 2017 the RSPCA received six complaints relating to Basset hounds, dachshunds and a boxer. One of the pups – a dachshund – died on Christmas Day having contracted parvovirus.

When officers raided the property they discovered pedigree cats and fashionable dog breeds – such as Newfoundlands, dachshunds, French bulldogs and Shihtzus – being kept in completely unacceptable conditions.

One Newfoundland was found with seriously deformed legs and couldn’t walk while many of the dogs were covered in mud, faeces and their coats were matted with dirt. Some of the dogs had severe dental disease, some with docked tails and many had nasty eye infections or ears clogged with built-up hair and wax.

An independent vet who joined officers on the raid to check all of the animals said it was some of the worst conditions he’d ever seen.

Inspector Lamport added: “The house and garden were total mayhem but the living room – the only space prospective buyers were allowed access to – couldn’t have been more different. A pristine and impeccably clean space.

“Mr Hayes was involved in the day-to-day care of these animals and should have known better than to keep them in such horrendous conditions.

Glen Hayes and partner Janet Oxlade sold poorly pets to unsuspecting buyers in the run -up to Christmas 2017
Glen Hayes and partner Janet Oxlade sold poorly pets to unsuspecting buyers in the run -up to Christmas 2017

“Thankfully, we were able to save these lovely dogs and cats and they will all go on to lead much happier and healthier lives.”

All of the animals have since been re-homed or are in foster care awaiting new homes.

20 weeks in jail suspended for 18 months; 250 hours of unpaid work; fined £3,500 plus £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals indefinitely

ITV News

Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire: Lizzie Beth Scarrott

#TheList prolific cat breeder/dealer and mistress of deceit Lizzie Beth Scarrott, born c. 1986, of The Nurseries, Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire (as at June 2019 believed to be in the village of Longhope) – sold multiple poorly kittens that later died or had to be put to sleep due to illness

Irresponsible breeder Lizzie Scarrott whose immoral activities were exposed on BBC Watchdog in November 2018
Backard breeder Lizzie Scarrott and two victims of her money-grabbing activities: ginger kitten Betty and ragdoll Custard. Sadly both cats became so poorly they couldn’t be saved.

On 7 November 2018 a BBC Watchdog investigation exposed an unscrupulous and deceitful cat breeder who in the last six months alone has sold at least five kittens that have either died or been put down because of illness.

Rogue trader Lizzie Scarrott is secretly filmed by BBC Watchdog dealing with someone posing as a customer
Rogue trader Lizzie Scarrott is secretly filmed by a BBC Watchdog reporter posing as a customer

Mother-of-three Lizzie Beth Scarrott uses a variety of trading names and aliases on selling sites like Gumtree, Pets4Homes and Freeads to sell ‘designer’ kittens  for hundreds of pounds to unsuspecting buyers.

It’s unknown if she breeds the kittens herself at home as she claims or whether she acts as a ‘middleman’ for kitten farms, which operate along the same lines as the  cruel, exploitative puppy farms we all know and loathe. Lying comes very easily to Scarrott so it’s natural to assume the worst.

What is certain is that Lizzie Scarrott is a peddler of misery and heartbreak, the very opposite of the reputable breeder she claims to be.  She’s also rather fond of money and brags about her wealth on social media.

Backyard cat breeder Lizzie Scarrott

The Watchdog team first highlighted the heartbreaking case of a couple named Jim and Tracey who had paid Scarrott £400 for a British shorthair cross kitten they had named Betty.  The couple had responded to an ad Scarrott placed on Facebook in which she claimed to be a private registered breeder. All seemed well and the couple fell in love with the sweet-faced ginger kitten.

Sadly little Betty became very poorly not long after being brought home. The couple rushed her to the vet where she was diagnosed with an incurable  condition called Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) leaving them with no choice but to have her put to sleep.

Jim and Tracey then learned from a friend that another cat purchased from Scarrott had died from the same fatal illness. Jim contacted Scarrott but she denied that there was anything wrong with her cats and said that anyone claiming otherwise were “liars”.

Hardly the reaction of a caring, responsible breeder, is it?

Backyard cat breeder Lizzie Scarrott

Watchdog’s investigation into Scarrott’s activities linked her to 44 kittens advertised for sale in the last six months of which at least FIVE had either died or had had to be euthanised due to illness.

Names used by Scarrott in her online ads included Purrfect Pawss, Christian Scarrott (actually her husband’s name) and ‘lesley’.  When challenged, she claimed she used different names to avoid being “trolled”, presumably by animal lovers unimpressed with the money-grubbing exploitation of immoral backyard breeders like her.

Scarrott was also shown to be lying about her credentials as a breeder. She claimed she had something called “RSPCA certified status” (there is no such thing) and fibbed that she was registered with pedigree cat registry GCCF (they have no record of any her litters being registered with them).  Even her pet shop licence was invalid, being registered to her previous address.

Watchdog’s undercover investigators then purchased a kitten from Scarrott.  Ambrosius (later known as Custard) was clearly unwell from the outset but Scarrott, who was being secretly filmed, denied this and, unbelievably, advised the investigators NOT to take him to the vet.

Backyard cat breeder Lizzie Scarrott

She agreed to sell Custard to the investigators without his vaccinations with little persuasion, but made them sign the following disclaimer to “protect” herself:

Irresponsible cat breeder Lizzie Scarrott whose immoral activities were exposed on BBC Watchdog in November 2018

Watchdog’s vet found Custard to be in very poor physical condition (“skin and bone”) with pus coming out of his nose. He was struggling to breathe and was clearly suffering from a bad case of cat flu. Too sick to be vaccinated, Custard was vulnerable to picking up other illnesses. Sadly this is what happened and he didn’t survive.

On being contacted by Watchdog presenter Matt Allwright,  Scarrott’s reaction was one of fury and denial. You can read her full response to the allegations against her here.

Face of evil: Lizzie Scarrott

Regardless of Scarrott’s claims of a BBC stitch-up, Watchdog’s exposé showed her up for what she is: an unscrupulous money-driven liar who doesn’t think twice about duping prospective customers, while leaving a trail of sick and dead kittens behind her.

Lizzie Scarrott has now had the shame (assuming she’s capable of that emotion) of being exposed on national television, but people do forget. Let’s keep reminding them about her and her like and work together to put these traders in animal misery out of business once and for all.

Lizzie Scarrott’s FB profiles:

Petition to RSPCA urging them to take action against Lizzie Scarrott:

2019 update: she’s now living in Longhope, Gloucester, and continues to breed kittens, which she advertises on Facebook, Gumtree and Pre-loved.

Lizzie Scarrott: "Kitty Killer".
Lizzie Scarrott: “Kitty Killer”.

Scarrott was featured in That’s Life magazine after a customer told them how a kitten she had purchased from the breeder soon fell gravely ill with a virus and also infected her other cat. Neither cat survived and their owner ended up £1,000 out of pocket. When confronted, the woman the magazine dubs ‘the Kitty Killer’ didn’t want to know. Leopards and spots.