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Taunton, Somerset: Cheryl Relins

#TheList serial animal hoarder Cheryl Ann Beatrice Relins, also known as Cheryl Stokes or Cheryl Harris, born 22/08/1991, of 10 Drake Close, Taunton TA2 6TU – neglected dogs, cats and birds and kept them in squalor

Animal hoarder Cheryl Relins from Taunton, Somerset

Relins, who also keeps horses, failed to seek vet treatment for skin and ear conditions, as well as a flea infestation, suffered by spaniels Ted and Amber. She also failed to investigate lameness in Amber’s hind left leg and to treat a flea infestation in cats Pickle and Vera.

Finally, Relins admitted failing to ensure the needs of all four animals, as well as a zebra finch and a budgie, were met by failing to provide a suitable environment after they were found to be living in filthy conditions.

Sentencing: curfew; total of £490 costs and charges. Banned from owning or keeping an animal for ten years.

Somerset County Gazette

Additional information: as at March 2020 Relins, who is now married to Paul Harris, lives in a household containing around 14 animals. She claims the animals belong to her husband. Neighbours have expressed concern about the conditions in which the animals are living.