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Castle Bromwich, West Midlands: Wayne Horkan

#TheList sexual deviant Wayne Tarot Horkan, born 10/11/1970, of Chester Road, Castle Bromwich B36 9DP – filmed his partner having sex with a dog; collected almost 2,000 images and videos depicting bestiality involving horses and dogs

Pervert Wayne Horkan from Castle Bromwich got his kicks from watching sick bestiality videos showing horses and dogs
Pervert Wayne Horkan from Castle Bromwich got his kicks from watching sick bestiality videos showing horses and dogs

Company director Wayne Horkan admitted two charges of possessing extreme pornographic images.

Police found the businessman had downloaded 1,469 still images and 210 moving ones involving sexual acts with dogs and horses. He had also used particular search terms to look for this kind of pornography.

Mr Timothy Harrington, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the material had been downloaded between April 2014 and April 2015.

He added: “Two of the videos, it was readily apparent, involved a woman with whom the defendant had been in a relationship with.”

He continued: “He admitted he got sexual gratification from these films and had watched them on a number of occasions.”

In passing sentence Judge Melbourne Inman QC said: “Between 2014 and 2015 you downloaded imagery which it is not necessary to detail again, which are abhorrent.

“Two of them involved a lady whom you were living with which is an aggravating feature.

“There is no suggestion at all this was anything other than consensual adult behaviour.”

He said he had taken into account the significant delay involved in the case and that there had been no repetition of the behaviour.

The judge said Horkan was an intelligent man who had lost “important” employment as a result of the offence but had since set up a company with a partner.

Lynette McClement, defending, said the defendant’s initial relationship with the woman had been a financial one although that had changed.

She said: “In the course of that relationship his interest in extreme pornography was limited to that timescale. This was a shared interest.”

She said the business he had embarked upon had every chance of being successful and employed 10 people.

Sentencing: fined fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £1,200 costs.

Birmingham Mail

Elgin, Scotland: Barry Simpson

#TheList Barry Simpson, born c. 1971, of Innes Court, Lhanbryde, Elgin, Moray – caught in possession of numerous videos of extreme bestiality pornography

Pervert Barry Simpson from Elgin was found to have dozens of videos on his computer showing extreme bestiality

Oddball Barry Simpson pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornographic images depicting adults engaging in sexual activity with animals.

Police applied for a search warrant at his home after receiving reports about an indecent Category A video being uploaded to the internet from his address.

When officers executed that warrant on June 4, 2018, they seized various devices and a hard drive from the house which contained numerous videos of bestiality.

When Simpson was interviewed by police, he admitted having videos on the computer, which was in the living room.

Sentencing was deferred for a month and Simpson was placed on the sex offenders list in the meantime.

Sentencing: to follow in April 2019.

Press and Journal

Inverness: Peter Gladstone

#TheList Peter Gladstone, born c. 1999, of Rosehaugh Road, Inverness IV3 – admitted charge of bestiality after being coerced by another man into having sexual activity with a dog

Beast Peter Gladstone raped a dog and was also exposed as a paedophile by vigilantes
Beast Peter Gladstone raped a dog and was also exposed as a paedophile by vigilantes

Peter Gladstone, who has also been exposed by anti-paedophile vigilantes for online grooming of young boys, formed an online relationship with another man who coerced him into having sexual activity with a dog. Gladstone then took pictures which he retained.

Gladstone admitted a charge of bestiality, committed between May 5 and June 17 2018 in his home. He also pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornographic images of himself and the dog.

Defence solicitor Willie Young told Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood: “He had never met the man concerned. But he carried out these acts because he was coerced into committing these acts or the relationship would come to an end.

“He is sickened by his behaviour. This is a young man who has on-going needs and continuing assessment.”

Paedophile and dog rapist Peter Gladstone from Inverness

Since Gladstone had been in custody for several months, Sheriff Fleetwood told him: “This time you have spent in custody is punishment enough.”

But he placed Gladstone under three years of social work supervision and ordered him to participate in a sex offender’s programme.

Press and Journal

Sunderland: Bryan Mills

#TheList sexual deviant Bryan Mills, aged 46 at date of offence, of 28 Argyle Square, Sunderland SR2 7BS – caught with 71 images showing humans engaged in sexual activity with snakes, pigs, dogs and horses

Deviant with a taste for bestiality - Bryan Mills from Sunderland outside court

Animal sex images which “defy belief” were found on computer equipment belonging to Bryan Mills.

Mills had downloaded the sick bestiality stash featuring humans engaged in sexual activity with snakes, pigs, dogs and horses.

A court heard he was caught with 71 still and moving images of extreme pornography when police went to his home in Sunderland.

The 46-year-old has been spared prison but was warned about the damage such offences cause.

Judge Tim Gittins, at Newcastle Crown Court, told him: “What you must appreciate, and you don’t appear at this stage to appreciate, is although this involved adults and appears to be adults, on occasions, volunteering in this activity, the items are illegal and do untold damage, not just to the animals but to those you erroneously believe are volunteering.

“Very often adults are coerced into doing what they are doing and the images themselves give no indication of the dreadful situation they find themselves in or the damage of them knowing the images are available for viewing.

“It perpetuates the damage that people like you download and retain them.”

Mills pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornography and was sentenced to a two year community order.


Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire: Christopher Mason

#TheList Christopher Benjamin James Mason, born 24/11/1996, of 10 Cloverfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1EG – pleaded guilty to possession of extreme pornographic images involving an animal, causing unnecessary suffering for an animal and conspiracy to destroy property.

Sick dog abuser Christopher Mason,from Welwyn Garden City
Dog abuser and sexual deviant Christopher Mason,from Welwyn Garden City. He and mother Kim Taylor, are allowed to keep their three rescue dogs and other animals.

The charges involved Mason punching and burning a dog’s stomach with hot blades, as well as destroying a load of signs and property all to do with animals.

Mason was given an 18-month community order, a rehabilitation order, an 18-month mental health treatment requirement and 50 hours of unpaid work.

Mason’s mother Kim Taylorwas also sentenced for causing damage to signs and property to do with animals. She was given a six-month community order, a 15-day rehabilitation requirement and a £50 fine.

Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield News

Yate, Gloucestershire: Stephen D Bowes

#TheList Stephen D Bowes, born 1971, of 48 Cranleigh Court Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 5DJ – possessed images showing human intercourse with reptiles, horses, goats, donkeys and dogs

Between 8/12/16 and 3/11/17 made category A, B and C images of children and possessed a pornographic image which portrayed, in an explicit and realistic way, persons performing an act of intercourse with live animals or reptiles namely snakes, horses, goats, donkeys and dogs.

Sentencing: Bowes was due to be sentenced on 29/08/18 but the outcome was not reported.

Bristol Live

Pontlottyn, Caerphilly: Robert Gwynn

#TheList Robert Gwynn, born 04/11/1957, formerly of Merchant Street, Pontlottyn, Bargoed, Caerphilly CF81 – performed anal sex on his two Bedlington terriers

Bedlington terriers Taff and Ben were sexually abused by deviant Robert Gwynn of Pontlottyn, Caerphilly, South Wales
Bedlington terriers Taff and Ben were sexually abused by deviant Robert Gwynn of Pontlottyn, Caerphilly, South Wales

The dogs, named Taff and Ben, were removed from Gwynn’s care and swabs were taken. Shockingly, the swabs were found to contain traces of human DNA and dog DNA was also found to be evident on Gwynn’s penis.

A vet examined the trauma caused to the dogs and both of them received bruising to the anus.

The RSPCA said it can be ‘exceptionally difficult’ to gather evidence in cases like this but Gwynn pleaded guilty to two offences under the Sexual Offences Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

After the sentencing, Izzi Hignell, an RSPCA inspector, said: “This was a disgusting and horrific case to investigate, with this man admitting to have forcibly had anal intercourse with two Bedlington Terriers.

“These poor dogs have been subject to such a disturbing act, which would undoubtedly have proven a truly horrendous ordeal for both animals involved.

“Gaining evidence in cases of this nature can be exceptionally difficult. This man was seen penetrating one of the dogs in the anus.

“DNA results were integral to this prosecution. Swabs taken from the dog’s anuses were both found to contain human DNA, while the man had dog DNA on his penis. ”This was a truly shocking and gruesome discovery proving the sexual offence this landmark case relates to.

“This was a clear, deliberate case of sexual abuse. Fortunately, the dogs have recovered from this shameful treatment and remain in RSPCA care.

“People across Wales will be horrified that any individual would think it acceptable to commit a sexual act of any nature on their dogs. I am sickened that activity of this nature has taken place in Caerphilly.”

Sentencing: three-month suspended prison sentence; costs and charges totalling £615. Banned from keeping any animal for 10 years.

Dog Magazine

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire: Michael Smith and Gwen Kerr

#TheList Michael Smith, born c. 1953, of Princess Road, Chickenley, Dewsbury WF12 8RA, and Gwen Kerr, born c. 1962, of Queen Street, Chickenley – convicted of charges relating to sexual intercourse with a bull mastiff dog named Tank

Pervert Michael Smith was found guilty of encouraging girlfriend Gwen Kerr to have sex with bull mastiff
Pervert Michael Smith was found guilty of encouraging girlfriend Gwen Kerr to have sex with bull mastiff

In two separate four-minute videos Michael Smith filmed Gwen Kerr having sex with his dog – but the deviant pair walked free from court as the judge warned them ‘don’t do it again’.

Leeds Crown Court heard Smith “used and abused” Kerr before taking the video to social services in May 2016, claiming he was concerned for her welfare.

The jury heard Smith told the social worker he was worried about Kerr saying a drug dealer had been giving her amphetamines and she had been put to work as sex worker. She told him she would have to report the footage to the police. Smith denied he made two films and said he did not know how more footage got on the camcorder.

Smith denied aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring intercourse with an animal and a second charge of possessing extreme pornographic images, but was found guilty by jury after trial.

Pervert Michael Smith was found guilty of encouraging girlfriend Gwen Kerr to have sex with bull mastiff

Kerr pleaded guilty to having sex with an animal.

Mark McKone, prosecuting, said: “This defendant (Kerr) effectively had sexual intercourse with a dog. Mr Smith took a video film of that dog.”

He added: “In respect of extreme pornographic images this offence carries a maximum of two years in prison.”

Mr McKone said that Smith had 10 previous convictions for 40 offences, although none of a similar nature.

Sentencing the pair, James Spencer QC said: “I’m quite satisfied that you, Michael Smith, used and abused your girlfriend Gwen Kerr to be involved in the activity.

“I am sentencing you to a 12 months’ custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months.

“Gwen Kerr, I am conditionally discharging you for 12 months. Don’t do it again.”

Smith was also told to pay a £115 surcharge and Kerr a £20 surcharge.

The Sun

Ravensthorpe, Peterborough: Michael Garner

#TheList Michael Garner, born 1966, of 13 Brookfurlong, Peterborough PE3 7LG – punched and sexually stimulated a dog on Facebook Live

Vile pervert and dog abuser Michael Garner of Ravensthorpe, Peterborough
Vile pervert and dog abuser Michael Garner of Ravensthorpe, Peterborough

Michael Garner appeared alongside brother Thomas Garner, born 09/02/1969 and of the same address, to face animal welfare charges after a video of the dog, an American bulldog named Roscoe, being abused was posted on Facebook.

Vile pervert and dog abuser Michael Garner of Ravensthorpe, Peterborough
Michael Garner

Michael Garner pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by punching the dog around the head. His brother pleaded not guilty and was set to face trial in June 2017. The outcome of the trial isn’t known.

Giles Beaumont prosecuting told the court that Michael Garner was seen on Facebook Live hitting the dog – owned by Thomas Garner – on or around the head at least 16 times after the dog had hold of his arm sleeve.

He said that Michael Garner “appears to sexually stimulate Roscoe with a glass object.”

Mr Beaumont added: “The dog has been goaded into this game.”

Roscoe suffered bruising to his lip as a result of the beating, and the court heard that a vet examining the American Bulldog believed he had been normalised to the treatment he suffered.

The court was shown the Facebook Live video where the punches can be seen. Pornography was also showing on a screen in the background.

The RSPCA had been alerted to the video by members of the public.

One person wrote on Facebook at the time:

Absolutely gutted and mortified to what I have just witnessed.
3 men done a live feed on a page called roast my selfie, watching porn, whilst performing sexual acts towards a white boxer dog then Antagonising it to fight back, As the dog fights back, one of the men start punching the dog and beating the hell out of it. All of this was live. I have contacted the rspca, RAID, a few peterborough selling sites etc and the police and I have an appointment with an officer at 10am tomorrow morning as there has been screen shots took of all what has happened. Never have I been so shocked, nauseous, disturbed and helpless to what I feel right now. People share his picture!!!! He needs to go viral!

Rebecca Keogh defending said: “It’s certainly unpleasant and uncomfortable viewing.

“It’s clear he was caught up in the incident. It does not excuse that behaviour but he was very drunk.

“If he was not drunk he would not have done it.

“It was lucky he was not seriously hurt goading a dog that size.”

Sentencing Michael Garner, District Judge Ken Sheraton said: “To be frank I see no sense in that behaviour, drunk or not.

“I see less sense why you would put this on Facebook to show to the world. I’m surprised you’ve reached the age you have and not come to your senses.”

Michael Garner has previous convictions in the last three years of producing cannabis and domestic abuse.

Sentencing: Michael Garner was given a six week prison sentence suspended for 12 months and a four-month curfew. £200 costs. Disqualified from keeping an animal or having control of an animal (period not given).

Peterborough Today


As noted above, Thomas Garner pleaded not guilty to failing to prevent unnecessary cruelty to an animal and failing to ensure the welfare of an animal and was set to face trial in June 2017. Unfortunately the media failed to report the outcome.

The abused dog, Roscoe, with his owner Thomas Garner of Peterborough
Thomas Garner pictured with abused dog Roscoe

In May 2017 Garner was found found guilty of two charges of assault by beating on September 6, 2016 in St Paul’s Road, Southsea, and given a community order.