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This category is for animal abusers who for whatever reason haven’t been prosecuted but absolutely should be. Examples include those individuals that take sadistic pleasure in setting their dogs on wildlife such as foxes and hares. Our posts will always be backed up by strong evidence of guilt.

Wigan, Greater Manchester: Lee Evans and Ryan Ryder

#Exposed for wildlife persecution: Lee Evans and Ryan Ryder, Wigan

Here we have permanently drunken feral savage Lee Evans and convicted sex offender Ryan Ryder, both of Wigan, who share a common interest in persecuting wildlife. Often seen with dogs in the Three Sisters area of the town, these lazy, useless and sexually incontinent slobs are notorious for torturing rabbits, foxes and badgers. Their dogs bear the scars of being forced into fights with wildlife. It is believed they are also responsible for the deaths of several cats, so they are all-round stinkers.

Squinty-eyed unemployable piss-head Evans of Derwent Road, Ashton in Makerfield, is well known to the RSPCA and has had at least one dog seized from him but refuses to change his barbaric ways. His addiction to seeing living creatures ripped apart limb from limb is just too strong.

In 2012 Evans’ partner in wildlife crime (though there are several others that may yet be exposed – your turn will come, make no mistake) Ryan Ryder, of Hunter Rd, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 40yo woman – a complete “stranger to him – as she was walking home after a night out. He fled the scene, leaving his victim seriously injured on the ground, but was identified by his DNA and convicted. He is now on the sex offenders register for life. Ryder now focuses his innate aggression on animals.

And despite all this both men have girlfriends. Not nice girls, you understand. I mean, how could they be?

Article originally published on the Pet Abuse UK Facebook page