Castleford, West Yorkshire: Joe Bucktrout

#TheList Joe Bucktrout, born 11/07/1998, of 65 Lumley Avenue, Castleford WF10 5LX – subjected his pet dog to a campaign of systematic abuse, causing her to suffer multiple fractures and cigarette burns

Campaign of cruelty: violent Joe Bucktrout, who calls himself Joe Bucky on Facebook, inflicted multiple injuries on his pet dog Sasha over several months.
Campaign of cruelty: violent Joe Bucktrout, who calls himself Joe Bucky on Facebook, inflicted multiple injuries on his pet dog Sasha over several months.

Joe Bucktrout was jailed for causing unnecessary suffering to the dog – a Staffy named Sasha – including broken bones and cigarette burns.

Animal abuser Joe Bucktrout with girlfriend Victoria-Louise Chamberlain. She was also convicted of animal cruelty offences relating to Sasha and will be sentenced separately.
Bucktrout with ex girlfriend Victoria-Louise Chamberlain. She was also convicted of animal cruelty offences relating to Sasha and will be sentenced separately.

Bucktrout initially denied the charges but changed his plea to guilty at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

He also changed a plea to guilty for failing to get veterinary treatment to the dog.

Sasha sustained a number of severe injuries over several months including dislocation of both hips, fractured ribs and severe scarring to the head which was most likely caused by cigarette burns
Sasha was taken into the care of the RSPCA and has since been rehomed

RSPCA inspector Vanessa Reid said: “We attended the address after we were passed a number of recordings taken over a four-day period where Bucktrout can be heard shouting at Sasha, there are loud bangs and Sasha is screaming.

Joe Bucktrout's victim Sasha  sustained a number of severe injuries over several months including dislocation of both hips, fractured ribs and severe scarring to the head which was most likely caused by cigarette burns
Some of Sasha’s injuries

“Sasha had sustained a number of severe injuries over several months including the dislocation of both hips – her left hip was out when we rescued her, which hadn’t had any veterinary attention, and she was operated on in RSPCA care.

“She also had three fractured ribs that were in the process of healing and severe and obvious scarring to her head, consistent, according to the veterinary expert, with burns most likely caused by cigarettes.

Joe Bucktrout's victim Sasha  sustained a number of severe injuries over several months including dislocation of both hips, fractured ribs and severe scarring to the head which was most likely caused by cigarette burns

“In interview, Bucktrout said that the first hip dislocation was due to an accident in the garden where a mattress had fallen on Sasha, and that he thought the second dislocation had happened when she was recovering from an operation to repair the first and fell down the stairs.

“However, the veterinary expert said that couldn’t be true and concluded that he believed the injuries were caused by intentional and repeated violence against her, which Bucktrout went on to admit in court.”

Sasha was signed over to the RSPCA and has been happily rehomed.

Sentencing: 18 weeks for the physical abuse and 10 weeks for failing to get veterinary treatment – to run concurrently. Bucktrout is to spend a minimum of nine weeks in custody allowing for good behaviour and then supervision on licence. He was ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

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Bucktrout’s former girlfriend, Victoria-Louise Chamberlain (aka Victoria-Louise Robinson – pictured here with Bucktrout), born 06/09/1999, of Mickle Court, Temple Street, Castleford WF10 5TD was convicted in absence of two animal cruelty offences.

On Tuesday 3 December 2019, she was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months and banned from keeping animals for life. See here for more information.

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  1. My boy did nothing to this dog apart from assist her medical needs. He is doing a sentence which he is not guilty of

    1. He’s openly admitted to harming the dog by pleading guilty! Your son is a disgrace. He should be banned from ever having pets again or children. Idiots like this fella are dangerous and prey purely on the vulnerable. I hope he gets the same treatment while serving his sentence.

    2. Wow… mother’s and their sons eh 😂 are you stupid or just plain ignorant to the fact your son is an animal abuser? Fucking grow up

    3. It’s people like you that allow this abuse of innocent animals to keep happening. If he did care for this dog, then had all of those injuries been accidental he’d have been at the vets. Have you heard a dog scream in pain before? Awful sound, I don’t think the RSPCA and courts could have got that sound wrong. Take some responsibility, your son mistreated a beautiful animal.

    4. Yeah right, that’s why there are tape recordings of him abusing the dog, and the court found him guilty. I truly hope this motherfucking piece of shit is stabbed to death, and his bitch of a girlfriend who also participated in it. You and your family are pure SCUM. You need wiping out.

      1. Evil piece of SHIT he is wait till he comes out wonder what animal rights think about it saying that lets hope this fucking cruel Bastard doesn’t come out people like that normally end up as CHILD molestors
        Rotten Evil Bastard

    5. What!!! Your boy needs kicking up and down the stairs a few times and you don’t defend your son just because he is your son! defending behaviour like this is abhorrent. I would be so ashamed of my son but then I know that my son wouldn’t do this because he has been taught about consequences!
      From a real mother.

    6. His sentence isn’t long enough, he should be banned from keeping animals for life. Evidence on animal abusers shows that they later go on to become wife beaters and child abusers. I hope he gets his just desserts in prison. Rot in hell you piece of shit !!!!

    7. Stand up and be counted you stupid woman. You created this monster, it’s your fault he has turned out as he has. Do you know that people that hurt animals often go on to kill human beings. Cannot believe you have come on here and said he’s innocent. The whole family is obviously low life.

    8. Well you would say that wouldn’t you. If he didn’t do it why did he please guilty and how did that little woof get those injuries? You can see clearly the outline of a circle on the dog’s head and confirmed this was done with a cigarette. You’ve raised a psychopath, I hope you’re very proud. He’s a monster and so is that slut of an ex girlfriend. I see she’s pregnant, great effort to get her a lighter sentence. I hope he meets some dog lovers in prison and gets a bit of his own medicine.

    9. Bullshit! Your vile child injured this poor defenceless dog! She suffered at the hands of your child and I hope your vile excuse of a son suffers in jail! Nasty cunt!

    10. Are you serious? Your either stupid or justify animal cruelty, either way your son is an evil animal abusing piece of shit and so is his ex slag heap tart! The poor dog had cig burns how can you say he hasn’t done anything? Thick as shit and scum if the earth! Congratulations, I hope he gets the same fate in prison, he should have had a much longer sentence !

    11. he bullied a poor defenceless animal and he will get what’s coming to him karma is a bitch and that little scum, well there will be animal lovers across the globe who will be hunting for blood I hope he goes jail can’t save him there….😂😂😂😂😂

    12. He’s guilty and let’s hope he gets what he deserves in prison. Know doubt we will be hearing more about him in the future its a fact animal abusers go on to be abusers to others. You should be ashamed sticking up for him.

    13. Moira are you deluded??? He did nothing but harm to poor Sasha, i hope he can never show his face again and he gets the shit kicked out of him when he does, you too if you stick up for scum like him, son or not!!! Vile woman!!

    14. He’s a horrid piece of work is your son and I’d be disgusted… Must hurt for you knowing you brought up a monster that would abuse and beat a defenseless little girl who could not fight back… I hope he gets the same attention!!!

    15. What a load of shit ,he admitted in court ! How did it end up with cig burns . Must be a proud mother . He needs a good kicking and his limbs broke scum piece of shit !!

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    17. Moira bucktrout your scum of a son admitted it, you stupid cow, you did this by not bring him up right, what did that poor dog do to him???? You and your scum need the same done, give me the cig and a size 8 shoe and i will do it to you ggrrreee I hate animal abuses, there loveable creches .. hope he gets what he deserves

    18. Are u for real he needs the same doing to him if someone did that to my dogs god help them with what I would do to them the sick little cunt what a coward hurting that poor dog

    19. Shut the fuck up, why would you even defend this monstrosity? I would be ashamed to call that my son!!!! Your just as bad

    20. what a load of bull, convictions there he admitted it, just got to live with fact your sons sick, should of got life in prison

    21. Your “boy” is a sick twisted piece of shit, get your head out your arse, he admitted his sick prolonged reign of sadistic torture!!! If there is any justice in the world he will spend every day of his pathetically short sentence getting the shit kicked out of him, burned with cigarettes and his self pitying little screams ignored by the screws!!! You should be hanging your head in shame for bringing such a vile worthless piece of shit into the world and disowning him forever, NOT coming on here trying to defend him and insulting everybody’s intelligence by claiming he’s innocent when the sick piece of scum even admitted it himself!!! Wonder if the scrawny little piece of shit is still feeling like such a big man now he’s not just up against a defenceless trusting animal?? SCUM!!!!!

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    23. You are seriously wrong about your psychiatrically challenged son. He should now be made sterile/infertile because statistics show if he is abusing animals which he clearly is he will go on to abuse even murder women, children and vulnerable adults, so therefore, he should not be allowed to have or go near kids or animals ever again. I hope your deluded thinking where your son is concerned changes and you see him for what he is, a sadistic nasty little animal abuser. and i truly hope Karma is waiting for him when he gets out of prison, that is if it hasn’t got him in prison. I and many others hope he gets to suffer like he made that poor animal suffer, same goes for her as well, his partner in the crimes.

    24. You must have seen that the dog had injuries when you visited him I think you knew what this piece of shit of a son was doing so your as bad as him, now you all have to live with being bastard cruel bleeders for the rest of your lives so I would move away from cas

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    28. Obviously not as innocent as your saying. He admitted it in court. I would be ashamed to even defend him wether he was my child or not 😡

    29. BS!! I hope he gets what he deserves!!! Vile waste of life. Bet you’re so proud of that thing ain’t yah. So if he was just looking after her how she get cut burns and broken ribs? He only mentioned the dislocated hips.

    30. He was found guilty him and his evil girlfriend in my opinion the sentence was to short .
      I am glad he was named and shamed anyone who can abuse a defenceless animal deserves What ever karma serves them .

    31. I your son done nothing my foot ,there was recording s , what about the injury’s and the cigarette burns ?
      Your son done it ALL and deserves everything he has coming .
      And it sounds like the apple never fell far from the ROTTEN TREE !!!

    32. You stupid woman no wonder he’s like he is a monster your no better hope he gets his head kicked in whilst doing his time I also hope his girlfreind gets a good hiding too

    33. The RSPCA see this all the time. They know what cruelty is, and who did it. A question for you. Did the dog smoke so that it could burn itself by stubbing the cigarettes out on its skin. If you believe that you are as bad as your son.

  2. Sentence not long enough, too much animal abuse happening these days..him and her should have got a year inside for every injury that poor dog sustained! So glad the dog as now got the home she deserves

  3. I agree with all the comments especially Victoria’s , sentence nowhere near long enough, what possesses anyone to hurt an animal to such a degree? I suggest he goes to see a shrink to have his anger issues looked at.Also a life ban , not 5 pissing years for keeping pets.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me that lowlife scum such as these, get off so lightly. I just hope he is battered by animal lovers inside.
    If the government are being honest about their intentions to increase sentences, it will be something at least.
    No one appears to think about the animals pain and suffering.
    Scumbags. Bullying and torturing an innocent animal, who couldn’t do anything but scream.

  5. If he is innocent then why would he admit to it?
    I don’t know anyone who would own up to doing something so horrific if they weren’t guilty!!

  6. Your son is guilty he admitted that he repeatedly hurt this poor dog. You cannot defend him or his girlfriend, both vile and cruel. There is something seriously missing from people deliberately hurt other living things. Your son should have the same done to him. You should be ashamed.

  7. son or not i wouldve kicked his arse in to shape no animal deserves to be used as a punchbag, him and his bitch deserve wot they get if not more,there as bad as each other, dogs are mans best friend if thats how u treat ur best friend id hate to see wot ud do to ur enemys , not much at the mo coz now uve more enemys than u can imagine, id go into hiding if i were you,

  8. Absolute disgrace to mankind, dog abuse is the lowest of low, the dog can’t speak to tell others what’s happening to it, hope he rots in hell the piece of shit

  9. Dear mother Moira, your “boy” was sentenced to 18 weeks for the physical abuse and 10 weeks for failing to get veterinary treatment after pleading guilty. Since when did “my boy did nothing to this dog apart from assist her medical needs” occur?? Perhaps you can enlighten us, the vet, RSPCA and the courts decision if this in incorrect

  10. He pleaded guilty to this horrendous abuse of a defenceless pet. Studies show that people who inflict abuse on animals carry the psychological traits to be able to commit, domestic violence, rape and murder.

  11. This poor defenceless dog suffered at the hands of “your boy” …! . what in heavens name have you raised.. he is a cruel evil weak man who took delight in injuring this animal. .. how can you defend his actions , are you the same too ..? do you think it’s ok to beat the hell out of a dog ? .. Most sensible, kind animal loving people would do anything for their pets .. the “ boy” you raised is not fit to be a dog owner .. I sincerely hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison . .. I know plenty on here would love to help dish out a dose of punishment to him for what he did.. Wake up woman …get real.. your son did it !

  12. Wtf you make me sick some mothers need to wake up the there kids behaviour he was found guilty and said he was guilty but yea your still trying to justify what hes done get a grip you silly cow. He wont be coming out looking like your son when the prisoners have finished with him and hope there cause him as much pain as he did to that poor dog. You want to be ashamed of him not covering for your scum of a son and I hope and pray social services remove that baby your sons girlfriend is carrying. If can do that to a dog that is like a child there harm that poor baby too but I bet you justify that too wont you your as sick of your son

  13. Well I hope his face is remembered and he gets what he deserves for what he has done to that poor dog!! The scumbag, how you can say he did nothing you should be ashamed!! He wants disowning😡 And a far longer sentence than that!! Devil spawn!

  14. what a load of bull, convictions there he admitted it, just got to live with fact your sons sick, should of got life in prison

  15. Are you for real.. He did nothing wrong… You are in denial.. He admitted himself what he did and was sentenced for it.. Its people like you this abuse continues.. That dog didn’t ask for that treatment.. I hope someone will use your son as an ashtray while breaking his legs hope he screams in pain. Mothers and sons eh.. Same goes for that piece of trashy thing he called a girlfriend to. All three of you are trash. This makes my blood boil. How dare you defend that sad excuse of a human being

  16. So in truth he was practising for when he gets in a position of trust with a small child. Defenceless animals are usually just the start point for monsters like Joe Bucky. No doubt he’ll be fathering a few as the irresponsible lout that he is and will then go on to abuse them too.

  17. Sad when a young man feels hatred instead of love. No doubt that dog adored him.
    Needless to say there must be something mentally wrong with Joe Bucktrout to feel the need to hurt the dog. Without some kind of counselling, he may well do it again, even worse, hurt a child.
    I hope he looks back on his actions and thinks ‘was that really me?’.

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