Carnforth, Lancashire: Joe Whittam

#TheList Joe Whittam, born 07/06/1990, of Langdale Road, Carnforth, Lancashire LA5 9AU – set his dogs on a pet cat and fox; failed to provide vet treatment for his injured dogs

Two photos of convicted animal abuser Joe Whittam from Carnforth, Lancashire.
Joe Whittam from Carnforth was jailed after filming “blood-curdling” videos of his dogs killing a cat and fox

Joseph Whittam, who also uses the surname Riding, pleaded guilty to four offences under the Animal Welfare Act in relation to encouraging his two dogs to attack a cat and a fox, as well as failing to provide veterinary attention for the dogs themselves.

The RSPCA joined Lancashire Constabulary to execute a warrant at Whittam’s address in August 2017 after intelligence that suggested he was involved in wildlife crimes with his two dogs.

The dogs – a terrier called Rex and a lurcher called Zip – were removed by police and placed into the RSPCA’s care. A mobile phone was also seized and investigators discovered a number of shocking videos saved on the phone.

RSPCA special investigation officer Jason Bowles said: “In one video, the two dogs are going crazy, barking and snapping at the mesh of a trap with a black and white domestic cat inside.

“In a second video, the cat is released along with the dogs and the dogs grab the cat and literally start to rip it apart while the cat screams and cries in pain. It is horrific and absolutely blood-curdling. Many of our staff here at the RSPCA haven’t been able to stomach watching it.

“One of the magistrates had to leave court after watching the sickening footage.

“The cat was killed although we never found the body and never traced the poor cat’s owners.”

He added: “In another video, the dogs can be seen attacking and biting a fox. In all the footage Whittam can clearly be heard encouraging the dogs and egging them on.”

Rex and Zip both had old injuries – thought to be caused by their attacks – which had not been treated. They received veterinary care and remain in the RSPCA’s care. They will be rehomed once the case has concluded.

Further analysis of Whittam’s phone uncovered images of a dog being encouraged to attack a gerbil and still images of the fox attack which show the animal being baited by the dog.

Whittam claimed the fox had been shot and injured before his dogs got hold of it.

Lancashire Constabulary’s Sgt James Pinder said: “This investigation began as a result of community information in relation to animal welfare and poaching offences.

“I hope the investigation clearly demonstrates that we will work with our partner agencies and will deal with offenders in a robust manner.

“The sentence, which marks the end of a 16-month investigation, is welcomed by Lancashire Constabulary and we hope it will send a clear message to those who think it is acceptable to partake in these criminal activities.”

Sentencing Whittam at Preston Magistrates’ Court, the chairman of the bench said the offences were sustained, deliberate and gratuitous

Jailed for 22 weeks; ordered to pay a total of £490. Disqualified from keeping animals for life. 

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  1. I hope this person burns in hell when the time comes. And where do the self-fancying photos come from? Social media? It would fit.

    I hope this vermin is cursed by the stigma of this event forever.

  2. 22 weeks is not enough, it should have been 5+ years
    for what he has been doing for so long.I am so disgusted at the judge for just giving 22 weeks., I have no faith in the justice system any more when it comes to animal cruelty.

  3. He calls himself Joe Ridings on Facebook. Works for a security company called tactical security options Ltd. Scum! And his girlfriend has a son…scary that someone like this is around kids. Starts with animals…

    1. I am reliably informed this company sacked him last year – please do not involve them any further as it will serve to damage our cause.

  4. sentence and fine is way too low for the sadistic crimes this evil demented excuse of a human has done. I’m hoping one day that animal abusers will get same treatment inside prison that child abusers get….then maybe they will learn a little of how it feels to be treated this way. May they all rot in hell.

  5. 22 weeks is a joke of a sentence, it’s about time the justice system listened to the voices of people who give a damn about animals and issued a sentence that fits the crime. If Ihey got a minimum of 10yrs for animal cruelty ofm convinced a lot would think twice before they do it. Those that carry on need putting in with the worst psychotic animal lovers they can find in prison. Let them feel the fear of the animals they torture and kill for once

  6. What a nasty horrible shitbag.. Hope Joe Whittam from Carnforth Lancashire alias jo riding gets trashed to f¿<k.. & fired from security job.. Cant be trusted.
    Hope he dies soon.. Useless piece of trash sc°m

  7. He no longer works at Tactical security he was terminated (sadly not from existence) over a year ago, this info from the owner of the business, so no need to contact them any further.

  8. I worked with this poor excuse of a human last year and he was a complete compulsive liar ,he often mentioned that he was asked to shoot crows etc by farmers he lied that often we took it for granted he was lying about this but in the court case he said the fox had been shot before he set his dogs on it ….does this mean he had a gun licence ? If so how the hell has somebody authorised this retard to have a gun as somebody has already mentioned in this thread psychopaths start with animals…

    1. Crows are fantastic animals: clever and quirky. And though am a total realist regarding the grim realiities of things like intensive rearing of animals for food etc I cannot shake the terror of that simple domestic cat who just wanted a basic home, not a f*cking cage and violent death. I will never forget this vain, shallow, arrogant lowlife and know there is a grim, grim fate awaiting him.

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