Brixham, Torbay, Devon: Craig Dolling

#TheList Craig Anthony Dolling, born 21/04/1993, of 24A Briseham Road, Brixham, Torbay, Devon TQ5 9NS – subjected his pet dog to a savage beating, causing him to lose a leg

Violent dog abuser Craig Dolling from Devon

Rocco, a young Staffordshire bull terrier, suffered a catalogue of horrific injuries at the hands of his owner Craig Dolling.

The pet was left bloodied with cuts, a broken leg, fractured ribs, cheek bone and skull. Dolling and his girlfriend, Natasha Hilson, 25, then let the animal suffer by not taking him to a vet.

Abused dog Rocco suffered an appalling catalogue of injuries

When asked to explain the injuries Dolling told his partner: “I just went mad on him earlier. You know what I get.”

The RSPCA said Dolling’s behaviour was ‘tantamount to torture’.

Father-of-one Dolling, who has previous convictions for violence, admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to Rocco when he appeared in court.

Lindi Meyer, prosecuting, said the defendant lived with Rocco and his partner Hilson. Both accepted responsibility for the pet.

The RSPCA and police went to the house on September 2, 2019, after reports of an injured dog. Initially the pair did not answer but Hilson let them in just as police were about to force entry.

The dog had obvious leg and head injuries, said the prosecutor.

Hilson said Rocco had hurt his leg trying to get over a gate almost a month before. She confirmed he had not seen a vet.

“There was a strong smell of ammonia and faeces on the floor,” added Ms Meyer.

A police officer said the injured state of the dog was ‘heartbreaking’ and he had never seen such a badly injured animal before.

Rocco had multiple cuts, dislocated femur, swelling, two large head wounds that were so severe vets were unable to examine his right eye, a fractured tooth, cheek, three fractured ribs, and a fracture to the right hock which was several weeks old and so severe the leg had to be amputated.

Abused dog Rocco suffered an appalling catalogue of injuries

There were stains on the carpets which Hilson said Rocco had left after he injured his head trying to escape from his cage.

Dolling said the injury to Rocco’s leg happened about one and a half months before when he tried to jump over a door. Both denied mistreating him and Dolling said he didn’t take him for treatment because he thought the vet might think he had beaten him. He couldn’t explain the fracture to the dog’s eye and denied beating him. He said he thought the animal would die without vet attention.

Texts between the two revealed more of what really happened to the dog.

Hilson demanded to know what had happened to Rocco’s face. Dolling replied: “I just went mad on him earlier. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m f****d.”

Hilson said the dog was ‘only a baby’ and hadn’t done anything to deserve such treatment.

Dolling answered: “You know what I get. I get what you’re saying. I’m sorry, I’m a nasty c**t.”

Hilson said there was a history of domestic violence in the relationship. Dolling now accepted responsibility for what he had done.

Violent dog abuser Craig Dolling from Devon

Nobody was present at the time Dolling injured the dog and the court was not told what triggered his violence. A vet found the injuries had been sustained by blunt force trauma on at least two occasions. They would have caused considerable pain for Rocco for at least six weeks. The skull fracture was caused by being struck with a ‘heavy linear object’ not consistent with Dolling’s explanation about the door. Injuries to the ribs were caused by kicks, stamps, or throwing against an object, said the vet.

Ms Meyer said Dolling’s actions had been ‘deliberate, gratuitous and caused suffering and pain on a number of occasions’. There had been prolonged neglect over months and no vet treatment despite both being aware of the injuries.

Abused dog Rocco with his sister Lyla
Rocco with his sister Lyla

The court was played a video of Rocco in the care of the RSPCA, running and chasing a ball. “He’s doing really well,” after learning to walk again, said the prosecutor.

Hilson has yet to sign him over to the RSPCA’s care and has stated she wants him back.

Ben Darby, defending, said Dolling accepted full responsibility for the injuries and was ‘tearful’ and sorry for what he had done. He wanted help for his anger management issues and was motivated to change.

“These are pretty horrendous offences,” said Mr Darby. But he said Dolling had held his hands up and admitted his crime, even though nobody saw him cause the injuries and for that he should be given credit.

Hilson, who did not cause injuries to Rocco, admits a lesser charge under the Animal Welfare Act. She will be sentenced at a later date.

Sentencing: suspended four-month jail sentence. He was told to do up to 10 days anger management with probation and 60 hours of unpaid work. He was banned from keeping all animals for life but can appeal after just five years.


Update 06/03/2020:

Natasha Rose Hilson, born 10/08/1994, also of 24A Briseham Road, Brixham, Torbay, Devon TQ5 9NS, has been sentenced for failing to seek veterinary care for Rocco while he was suffering from his injuries.

Natasha 'Tasha' Hilson and Craig Dolling who both faced charges in relation to the cruelty and neglect of Rocco
Natasha ‘Tasha’ Hilson and Craig Dolling who both faced charges in relation to the cruelty and neglect of Rocco

She must carry out 10 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and 240 hours’ unpaid work.

She was also disqualified from owning any animal for 15 years, with no application to lift this for five years, and must pay £200 costs.

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  1. Suspended prison sentence …. that’s a joke!!! If he lived in the States he would have got 5 years in prison!
    Boris please sort out judicial system out!!!

  2. The scumbag should have got a lot longer, hurting a helpless dog is beyond words. And his so called partner should not be allowed to have him back, she is just as bad to leave the dog in pain for so long Heartless pair of bastards .

  3. Please do not let them have Rocco back , can you really believe this wouldn’t happen again ?. Rocco would be so frightened of them, he deserves a loving home .

    1. You’re so right! If he can do that to his dog and has got a history of domestic violence,then he shouldn’t be trusted with children!

    2. Apparently he’s also being prosecuted for child cruelty now as well. He’s a danger to everyone and should be in jail.

  4. He actually looks crazy, obviously Mentally Disturbed.
    The Legal Justice System Of This Country Is An Utter Joke.
    They Call This Great Britain.

  5. Bring back death sentence to anyone that hurts a defenceless animal! Us humans dont deserve to be on this planet. Should have just left it to the animals.

  6. How about he receives the same treatment he dished out to that poor dog. Words can not describe my feelings towards this scumbag.

    1. If Only, Its Absolutely Heartbreaking, to think there are Scum such as this out there.
      She’s No Better Than Him, For Turning A Blind Eye, and Not Getting Any Veterinary Help. Or for even Living With Such A Person. Shame On Her.

  7. she is scum he will get what he is due both should be beaten badly with no remorse just like the little puppy had too.
    see them 2 in hell,bastards.

  8. The Disturbing Thing Is, She’s Not Only Turned A Blind Eye, To This Horrific Act Of Cruelty, As Well As – Failed To Get Any Veterinary Help.
    She’s Also Got A Young Child, Living With This Violent Mentally Disturbed Father.

  9. What is wrong with people & our judicial system needs a bloody good overhaul, none of them should be allowed to keep animals ever again, both should have done to them what they did to poor Rocco, if they were like that with the dog, the poor kid has no chance.

  10. How sick and twisted! You’re a sorry excuse for a human being!
    You shouldn’t be allowed around kids with your history off animal abuse and domestic violence you sick fuck!!! Fuming ain’t the word! People share this so everyone knows what he has done to this poor dog!

  11. Hilson most likely beat the dog as well after what she use to do to her dog Tyson!! Punching him kicking wiping with a mental lead !!! So glad they both don’t see there kids
    After hilson stayed with the man that beat her daughter!!!
    Never in my life do I feel these two should be allowed to have another pet or child in there care!

  12. The Law Doesn’t seem to be much Help does it. Supposed to be there to Protect and Set An Example. What kind of deterrent is this. Very Disturbing Situation all round.

  13. Why abusing an animal and making it suffer such excruciating painful inflicted injuries only gets a suspended sentence, yet if ITt had inflicted the same on a human it would have been in no doubt a custodial sentence. That poor defenseless dog suffered horrific. Pain as would a human. Where is the justice? 🤬😠 Animal neglect and cruelty should carry the same sentencing as it would ok n a human. The prosecuting judge should be ashamed at this pathetic slap on the wrist that was given to this piece of scum. 🤬😠🤬😠

  14. Bless him ( the poor dog not the arsehole who caused him so much pain) Rocco is welcome to come and live with us where he will be loved and cared for

  15. La personnes qui a fait cela a Rocco,, et surement très content que la justice britannique a été Clément envers lui ,) Moi pour ma part- tu ne touche pas au animaux . quant tu ais en peine il te colle et te réconfort ,.

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