Bridgnorth, Shropshire/Teignmouth, Devon: Matthew Corfield and Alex Lister

#TheList Matthew Alex Corfield, born 05/11/1988, of Garden Village, Highley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 6HN and Alex John Lister, born 22/09/1989, of Bickford Lane, Teignmouth TA14 8QT – attacked a horse with a meat cleaver, leaving her so badly injured she had to be put down.

Recent (2019) photos of horse killers Matthew Corfield (left) and Alex Lister
Recent (2019) photos of horse killers Matthew Corfield (left) and Alex Lister

On Friday 13th April 2007, a 19-year-old piebald mare, known as Maggie, was attacked at Essington Hall Farm, Essington, South Staffordshire, by drunken youths Matthew Corfield and Alex Lister then of Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. A third youth – Anthony Ronald Hinsley, born 07/09/1988, of Fryer Close, Wolverhampton WV11 3JD, was also initially charged, but the case against him was later dropped.

Anthony Ronald Hinsley
Charges against Anthony Ronald Hinsley were dropped

The trio, who had been drinking in local woods with two other youths, went into Maggie’s field and startled her. As she fled, Corfield and Lister proceeded to chase her with the former repeatedly hurling a meat cleaver at her.

The court heard Corfield laughed as he inspected the 12-inch by five-inch blade for blood.

Victim Maggie with her owner
Victim Maggie with her owner

Maggie was found the following day lying in a pool of blood. She had suffered a five-inch-deep cut to her neck, a three-and-a-half-inch cut on her shoulder and her right leg was broken. The tendon of one of her rear legs was severed by a blow that cut to the bone. Her injuries were so severe that she had to be put to sleep on humane grounds.

Corfield, Lister and Hinsley were arrested after locals raised £1,500 for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.

Remorseless Matthew Corfield and accomplice Alex Lister (inset) pictured outside court in 2007
Remorseless Matthew Corfield and accomplice Alex Lister (inset) pictured outside court in 2007

Paul Jenkins, defending Corfield, said he did not accept he was “solely or exclusively” to blame.

Jenkins said it was not a premeditated attack and that Corfield had taken the cleaver with him to chop wood to make a fire for the five friends who were camping in Black Cat Wood.

Ian Hodnett, for Lister, said he had tried but failed to film Corfield and another friend chasing the horse on his mobile phone.

He said Lister’s only other involvement was to chase Maggie around the paddock.

Horse killer Matthew Corfield

Corfield and Lister both admitted causing unnecessary suffering to Maggie. Corfield was given five months in a young offenders institution but was released after just eight weeks. His father, Peter Corfield, told a local newspaper that he believed his son “had definitely paid his debt to society”. He added that his son had been rehired by his employer, a building company.

Corfield – five months in a young offenders institution. Ordered do 180 hours of community work.

Lister – 12-month community order and 180 hours’ community service.

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  1. Right! My name is Anthony hinsley! You have slandered my name here and caused alarm and distress to my family. You have a direct link to my Facebook account which is causing people to message me and my friends. Do your research and you will find I am innocent. DELETE anything about me on this post or I will be forced to contact my local authorities as this is slander!! Yes it states I am innocent here but the post is misleading. Delete asap or the police will be contacted! Slander is a serious crime you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!

    1. It doesn’t say you were innocent, it says the charges were dropped (most likely due to lack of evidence). You were there. You did nothing to stop the attack. You are still friends with those convicted. Your FB pictures from around the time of the horse killing tell me everything I need to know about the type of person you were (are?). You were named in the papers and I will not be removing your name from the post.

    2. If you were there how can you be innocent ? Did you do anything to stop the horse being literally “butchered” ?

      1. Perhaps Mr Hinsley would like to take some of the heat off himself by giving us the names of the other two. Skash Miller was part of your gang of dead-eyed pot-smoking wasters. Was he there that day?

  2. Deformation of character.!!! He was formally apologised to not only by the police but also by the owner. This is disgusting to still keep Anthonys name in this when he was cleared. Putting innocent children in danger and a proven innocent by court man in danger, is a threat to life. Do your research you absolute melt.

  3. His father, Peter Corfield, told a local newspaper that he believed his son “had definitely paid his debt to society”.

    My Message To Peter Corfield His Dad:
    You Call This:- (Definitely Paid His Debt To Society)
    Released After 8 Weeks. For what they did Deliberately. Stabbed and Cut To Death, With A Broken Leg, and Left To Die and Suffer Very Slowly. He is Mentally Disturbed along with the other Two Scum. You Should Not Defend Him, as he is something to be Ashamed Of, and Not Safe To Be Left Around Anything Or Anybody. If I were the Horses Owner, I would Personally Take the Two Youths to the Small Claims / County Court, for (The Value Of The Horse Herself, Together With All Vet Fees Incurred, and All The Court Costs Involved and Solicitors Costs if It Had To Be Represented. This County Court Judgement Will Also Black List Them For 6 Years.
    (Copy Of This Will Be Sent To The Owner Of The Horse).

    1. Thanks Maria. This case was from 2007 so it’s probably too late for Ms Bowyer to sue them. She may have done so at the time – I do hope so. They deserve far more punishment than they received.

  4. PLEASE / PLEASE: – DO NOT USE THE SERVICES OR PAY FOR THE BUILDING COMPANY, THAT HAS RE / EMPLOYED THIS MATHEW ALEX CORFIELD, What kind of people Employ these sort of Scum to Carry Out Building Work In Peoples Homes.
    Do Not Have This Scum In Your House, As They Are Not Safe.
    Neither Is He Safe Around That Baby. Social Services Will Now Be Informed.

  5. ‘that baby’ is my baby. and she is fine. thank you for any concern but i will politely ask that 1 the photo including my daughter be removed and 2 my children are not further mentioned. I commited no crime, neither did my children. Thankyou.

    1. I do not know you, and the things that your partner has done and is capable of are vile and evil. I ask, did you know of this past when you got together with him?

      That being said, I agree that you and the children should be kept out of this.

      1. We have evidence to show she hung around with the group – Corfield, Lister, Hinsley and someone called Skash (Ash) Miller – from 2009, possibly before. Corfield’s conviction was in 2008. She calls Corfield’s despicable actions “a mistake”.

        1. If she actually knew these lowlives at the time of the incident and still chose to associate with them with no shame, then I have zero sympathy.

          Mar: Why on earth would you condone behaviour like this? You should be loud in your condemnation and set a good example for your children, instead you give the message that violence to other sentient beings is acceptable and something to be forgiven and forgot. This is not something like a bit of shoplifting.

  6. if you can show me evidence that I ‘hung’ with the group in 2007 I would love to see it…I was much too young. All I want is me amd my children to be kept out of this. And no, I have not commited a crime of any sort ever and have no criminal record. I will gladly speak with social services as they will then be able to see what beautiful and wonderful children I am raising. Thankyou.

  7. I’ll have to do some research but I’m not sure if you can post new addresses when the addresses made public were different. Gone quiet? Haha I couldn’t give two shits about your feelings chick and I’m not consumed by this boring topic! Oh and I never joined Facebook til 2008 you absolute dumbass lmao! Have a nice day darling, and remember to isolate we wouldn’t want an absolute cretin like yourself catching the virus now would we?

    1. No, really. You seem lovely. I’ve obviously got you all wrong. Maybe it was that photo of you with the knuckle duster gave me the wrong impression. Let you get back to your missus and your stepkids. Father’s Day must be a hoot at your house. try not to murder anyone, animal or human eh?

  8. Are you still with the horse killer now?

    Dont you wonder what kind of deranged phsycopath your dealing with?

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