Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear: Susan Evans

#TheList Susan Evans, born 12/07/1972, of Morris Crescent, Boldon Colliery NE35 9DY – left her elderly flea-riddled German Shepherd starving and in pain with numerous untreated ailments

German shepherd Sabre had to be put down after being found ‘emaciated’ and in pain at the home of Susan Evans of Boldon Colliery in Tyne and Wear, UK.
German shepherd Sabre had to be put down after being found ‘emaciated’ and in pain at the home of Susan Evans of Boldon Colliery in Tyne and Wear.

German Shepherd Sabre was rushed to the vets after RSPCA inspectors found him in a shocking condition.

His owner, Susan Evans, had left him to suffer, claiming the nearest vet was “too far away” when in reality there was a surgery just 10 minutes from her home.

On examination, the dog was found to have osteoporosis, which would have caused him considerable pain, as well as a bowel disorder. He was emaciated with bones visible through his fur. There was a crusty discharge to large areas of the skin around his eyes, which was red and inflamed, and there were several patches of hairless inflamed skin on his body and elbows.

The vet who assessed him noted that Sabre was ‘emaciated’ and his ailments would have been ‘very painful’, the court heard.

The decision was taken by the vet that Sabre should be euthanised for his own quality of life.

Evans, who sobbed uncontrollably in court, admitted two charges of causing unnecessary abuse to an animal.

Prosecutor Neil Taylor said: “It was immediately obvious Sabre was suffering.”

Mr Taylor added: “The defendant very simply, and you may think callously over a period of time, failed to take Sabre to a vet.”

Geoffrey Michael Forrester, defending, told the court the RSPCA’s claims were “unfounded and inappropriate”.

He said that Evans was an animal lover, who had fostered over the years.

“I’m afraid the reason she hadn’t taken the dog to the vets is she was afraid the vet may have to put the dog to sleep,” he said.

“That’s anything but callous.”

Mr Forrester said his client had suffered a “terrific punishment” by being prosecuted.

He claimed she had mental health issues – including anxiety – adding: “It is not her fault she is in the state she is in.

“No one would want to live the life the way she lives her life with the demons she’s got.

“For someone like her the very existence of these proceedings, and having to come to court, is a far greater punishment than anything you can impose.”

Sentencing: eight-week jail sentence suspended for two years. Total of £515 costs and charges. Banned for life from keeping animals.


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  1. SUSAN EVANS – you are a wicked , vile , heartless bitch for the pain and suffering you put your GERMAN SHEPHERD through –

    I hope you suffer an agonising life that is miserable and full of pain just like what do done to SABRE


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