Blyth, Northumberland: Lindsay Tweddle

#Lindsay Kate Tweddle, born c. 1979, previously of Delaval Crescent, Blyth, and now of Holystone Avenue, Blyth, – left two Shih-Tzu dogs in an abandoned house covered in faeces and urine and with only a bucket containing foul brown water for drinking

Cruel Lindsay Kate Tweddle from Blyth, Northumberland, and Shih-Tzus Mishka and Lexi whom she abandoned
Cruel Lindsay Kate Tweddle from Blyth, Northumberland, and Shih-Tzus Mishka and Lexi whom she abandoned

Tweddle caused suffering to her two Shih-Tzu dogs who were found abandoned, extremely malnourished, riddled with fleas and living in appalling conditions.

The dogs were in an appalling condition when discovered at Tweddle’s abandoned property in Delaval Crescent, Blyth.
Close up shows dog infested with fleas
Both dogs were infested with fleas.

She was prosecuted by Northumberland County Council after their animal welfare officers discovered the dogs, Mishka and Lexi, in a property covered in faeces, urine, rubbish and clutter and which hadn’t been lived in by humans for weeks.

Their only source of a drink was a bucket containing “foul, brown water”, while their only food was “stale” cat biscuits, prosecutors said.

Lindsay Tweddle pictured outside court.

The Northumberland County Council animal welfare officer that rescued the dogs said:

“When I first saw the dogs I was appalled at the condition they were in and the conditions they were living in. The dogs were terrified and extremely underweight with their spines, ribs and hip bones clearly visible. One weighed 6.14kg and the other 4.4kg. Their coats were heavily matted and a thick muggy brown colour and they were soaking wet from lying in their own urine.

“They had no food or water and were locked in a hallway between the kitchen and living room with only access to the bathroom. The smell of urine and faeces in the property was overpowering. ”

Convicted dog abuser Lindsay Kate Tweddle
Unremorseful: Lindsay Tweddle has been banned from keeping dogs for just five years despite having a callous disregard for their welfare.

Both dogs were taken away for a health check at St Clair Veterinary Care, Croft Road, Blyth where they were given a bath and had the heavy matting shaved out of them.

The vet report, presented in court said that both dogs were riddled with fleas and had excessive worms.

Mishka and Lexi were taken to Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels where they were cared for and nursed back to full health. They have now been rehomed and are loving life again.

Sentencing: eight-week custodial sentence suspended for 12 months; curfew order; total of £667 in costs. Banned from owning, or participating in the keeping of dogs for five years.


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