Blackwood, Caerphilly, South Wales: Nicole Jones

#TheList Nicole Mireille Jones, born 01/01/1990, of 22 Brynglas Avenue, Pontllanfraith, Blackwood NP12 2DB – left her Husky dog to suffer in agony with multiple ailments

Dog abuser Nicole Jones from Blackwood in Caerphilly
Nicole Jones

RSPCA Cymru had been seeking to help Jones, and made multiple visits to her property related to the condition of eight-year-old husky Chad.

Husky Chad was put to sleep on humane grounds after being neglected by Nicole Jones
Husky Chad was put to sleep on humane grounds

Sadly, Jones failed to provide Chad – who ultimately had chronic ear infections and deteriorating physical condition – with the veterinary care he so badly needed. His skin condition was so bad that vets reported the skin “falling away” when touched. He had to be put to sleep due to the extent of his injuries.

Mother-of-one Jones pleaded guilty to an Animal Welfare Act offence of causing her Husky crossbreed to suffer.

Chad in healthier times before his cruel owner decided to neglect him

Gemma Black, RSPCA inspector, said: “RSPCA repeatedly tried to help this individual; but they did not ensure the dog had appropriate veterinary care to tackle Chad’s dreadful physical conditions and painful ear infections.

Husky Chad was put to sleep on humane grounds after being neglected by Nicole Jones
The 8yo husky’s condition had deteriorated to a point where he could not be saved.

“Sadly, poor Chad’s skin got so bad that vets told us it was beginning to fall away when touched. There was simply no choice but to put this poor, suffering Husky crossbreed to sleep.

Dog abuser Nicole Jones from Blackwood in Caerphilly
Nicole Jones, who is apparently a heroin addict, is banned from keeping animals for life

“This sad story is a reminder that people should always seek help if they are struggling to look after their dog. The inaction of Chad’s owner cost this dog dearly, and has led to her being banned from keeping animals ever again.”

Sentencing: 18-week prison sentence, suspended for two years. Ordered to pay a total of £565. Banned from keeping animals for life with the right of appeal after five years.

Wales 247
South Wales Argus

Update June 2020: Nicole Jones was sent to prison after twice breaching the terms of her suspended sentence. Jones admitted stealing £175 of alcohol from Tesco in Ystrad Mynach on May 14, 2020, and shoplifting £275.50 of booze from Tesco in Upper Boat, Pontypridd, on June 13.

Police mugshot of dog killer Nicole Jones
Police mugshot of dog-killer Nicole Jones

Jones was jailed for 12 weeks for being in breach of the suspended sentence and given consecutive terms of 12 weeks and six weeks for the two thefts.

The total sentence was 30 weeks in prison and she was ordered to pay £50 compensation.

South Wales Argus

20 thoughts on “Blackwood, Caerphilly, South Wales: Nicole Jones”

  1. Selfish uncaring bitch, throw her in a cell with no food or water or medical care, see how the junkie cow copes with that.

  2. I’m actually sickened after reading that sad story about what nicole done to a dog. I hope people find her & does something bad to her for being so cruel. I blame the RSPCA for leaving the dog there after visiting numerous times but left the dog there. Around Aber are a lot of dog lovers & I’m sure she will get what’s coming to her. If anyone knows the house number in Pant y Fid road where she lives please share it so we can all stop her keeping animals again. Some stories call her nicola jones but its Nicole Jones, mirelles daughter & I wouldn’t have thought her family would approve of what she done. I’m glad they named & shamed her, we need to do something about the way animals are treated round the valley as this level of cruelty the owner should be put down. I’m sure Nicole will bump in to a lot of dog lovers & she will be sorry for what she done to that poor beautiful dog. She should be put down instead of her dog but sadly the dog was so neglected the only way to save him was to put it down. Shane on you Nicole!!!

  3. that is so sad what nicole jones done to the dog i hate people that nasty to dogs i hope she get what coming to her nasty fucking bitch people shouln’t have dogs if they can’t look after them that poor dog i hope she never get a dog ever again

  4. This vile cretin was with my son in law brother who sadly passed away at 21 my son in law and hes family begged her for this dog because it was hes brothers pride & joy and he absolutely loved him. But she wouldn’t let the family have him or see him, she already lost her second little dog to neglect and he died a painful death but police or RSPCA still wouldn’t let my son in law family have the dog . Neighbours would put food through letter box for him reported her hundreds of times and still the dog was not removed. My son in law has paid over 3 hundred pounds to have this dogs ashes so he can put them on hes brother grave with him. But still this vile cretin refuses to let them have the dogs ashes because shes the owner of him even after all the abuse and neglect shes done shes still got rights. Its disgusting but no worries she will be out of hiding one day then lets see. Shes so hated its untrue.

    1. Idont understand how she can be classed as the dogs owner? after what she did to the poor baby.
      As for the RSPCA you have to say the magic words
      ‘lights, camera, action’before they will actually do something before its too late.
      Sorry for your son in laws loss.

  5. Evil vile junkie scumbag ,there is no need for any animal to suffer the way chad did ,u could of surrendered him or ecen rehomed him to people who wanted to care for him ,hope you suffer the way he did ,im disgusted !!!!!

  6. That’s awful how could she just watch him suffer and not get him help and shame on rspc for not removing the dog

  7. She is vile and I hope someone gives her a battering, this dog was so beautiful and didn’t deserve this. Also blame the RSPCA they should have removed the dog after the 2nd time. They should be made accountable for there actions too!

  8. I live in Brynglas Avenue. I am appalled to hear that a person like this lives only doors away from me. Sick twisted gits. They should be locked up and left to rot.

  9. Omg! I am traumatised by the images of poor Chad….. dogs are like babies…. humans who cause suffering to others or animals are criminals; a suspended sentence isn’t good enough. This girl cruelly took a life from an helpless animal, so sad he couldn’t even defend himself…

  10. I’ll save the tax payers money. Put a rope around the dirty cunts neck and I’ll pull it for free with no mask required!

  11. The RSPCA are bloody useless unless there are cameras around the do nothing there is no way that dog should have been left with that EVIL bitch she got more for theft. until the Law recognizes that dogs and cats have feelings and deserve to be treated properly EVIL people will carry on treating lovely animals like this. I am so sorry for the loss of your Son In Law but rest assured he is up there now taking Chad for a nice long walk xx

  12. This should have been dealt with a long time ago, that poor dog had to sacrificed his life for someone who has no heart, and WHY did the RSPCA leave the dog there when they know he was not being looked after, how many visits did they make, As for the owner, she should count her self lucky she is still allowed to breath.

  13. Drug first sad bastards rspca advertising 4 money their useless knew these 2 carma will catch up with you or someone will slap you silly Dogs their like your kids your best friend they trust you unbelievable sad sick cunts both of you watched that plenty of money 4 smack an crack but couldn’t help your dog never mind kids make me sick dog was in agony over a long period haydn dog Nicole scum drug contributed to that fking 😈 evil

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