Blackpool, Lancashire: Simon Broscombe

#TheList Simon L Broscombe, born 11/10/1984, of Bela Grove, Blackpool FY1 – had his dog’s ears cruelly and illegally mutilated.

Dog abuser Simon Broscombe from Blackpool, Lancashire, UK< arranged for his American bulldog's ears to be mutilated to look more intimidating
Simon Broscombe arranged for his American bulldog’s ears to be mutilated to look more intimidating

Wannabe hardman Simon Broscombe had his six-month-old American bulldog’s floppy ears cut back to short points so that the animal would look more intimidating.

Broscombe, who is apparently a hairdresser by profession, paid £2,000 for the puppy, known as Tyson, who came into the country from Holland.

He bought the dog, described as his pride and joy, a £3,000 gold neck collar.

In the first case of its type in the UK the RSPCA prosecuted Broscombe over the ear cropping.

Simon Broscombe had his dog Tyson's ears mutilated to make the animal look more intimidating
Cruelty victim Tyson and his mutilated ears

Broscombe admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the champagne-coloured dog by having his ears cropped.

He also admitted permitting another person to carry out a prohibited procedure on Tyson.

Dog abuser Simon Broscombe from Blackpool, Lancashire, UK< arranged for his American bulldog's ears to be mutilated to look more intimidating

Broscombe admitted a third charge of failing to protect Tyson from pain and suffering.

District Judge Jane Goodwin heard that dogs’ears can only be cropped for medical reasons and the cutting done by a qualified vet.

The procedure can cause pain to the animal involved and in Tyson’s case, an examination of his ears revealed scarring and holes.

He was in otherwise good condition.

The ears are a very sensitive organ of dogs but some owners have the dog’s natural ears cut back almost to the skull for purely cosmetic reasons designed to give breeds like the Bully a “street cred “look.

When Broscombe was confronted by RSPCA officer Amy McIntosh at his home, she says he grabbed his phone and she believed she was trying to delete Whatsapp pictures from it.

However, the investigators did trace messages from Broscombe one stating….”With big floppy ears.He not the kind of dog I want.”

RSPCA prosecutor Paul Ridehalgh told the court:”This dog is a cross between an American pit bull and American staffie.”

“The investigators found pictures of Tyson with his ears intact and the defendant knew that ear cropping in the UK is illegal.”

“Owners want cropped ears because it makes the animal more intimidating”

“These ears were mutilated and he would not say who did it which obstructed the RSPCA investigating.”

Dog abuser Simon Broscombe from Blackpool

Probation officer Amanda Kenyon said that Broscombe-who has facial tattoos- was devastated to have been split up from Tyson, who is being kept in kennels by the RSPCA.

Trevor Colebourne, defending, told the judge:”My client bought the dog via a breeder thinking it had had his ears cropped in Holland before being brought into the UK.”

“He would not name the person who carried out the procedure as he had been given a threat to keep his mouth shut and not be a grass.”

Sentencing Broscombe the judge told him: ”Despite your claim to be a responsible animal lover you became involved in a seedy operation which was a deliberate attempt to cause suffering.”

“You will not name the vet you claim was involved and this dog will have suffered for up to five days.

Sentencing: 12-week jail term suspended for 18 months. Ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work and to pay £715 court costs. Banned from keeping any animal for seven years.


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  1. No mention off it being legal in America Holland Romania ?? was done under anaesthetic by a professional vet . And wasn’t done to make it look more intimidating… for show purposes u for got to add .. you making it out like he butchered his own dog .disgusting

        1. Leaving that poor dog with his ower would have been crazy, If a humanbeing is touch ed without their consent,it’s deemed as assult. So i see no difference, Dogs are members of a family, the only difference being they have 4legs and fur. All i can say is cutting a dogs ears is not only irresponsible but, also cruel and totally uncalled for. End Of.

    1. He did.He wanted it done.He’s a piece of utter shit.No one gives a toss about this form of mutilation being “legal” in another country.Its wrong.FULL STOP.He has no defence.He should never have another pet and deserves to have his loathsome ears cut into stupid points so he can then admire the effect every time he looks at his own face.A pathetic person.

  2. As a matter of course, back in the past, bull breeds had their ears cropped and sometimes the tail too! But, it should stay in the past where it belongs!!!! Bull breeds were bred for fighting, bulls, bears, each other and THAT should stay in the past too!!!! Disgusting and cruel and it should be banned worldwide!!!

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