Blackpool, Lancashire: Nikki Haworth T/A Haworth Arabian Stud

#TheList horse breeder Nicola Jane Haworth, born 4 February 1961, of The Sycamores, Jubilee Lane, Marton, Blackpool FY5 4ER – kept horses in such squalor that 11 had to be put down

Horse abuser Nikki Haworth from Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.
Breeder Nikki Haworth kept her horses in such squalor that several of them had to be put down
A total of 31 horses were being kept in terrible conditions by their uncaring owner, breeder Nikki Haworth of Marton in Blackpool
A total of 31 horses were being kept in terrible conditions by their heartless owner

Haworth was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to 24 horses and failing to meet the needs of 31 horses.

Carmel Wilde, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said that the charity’s inspectors had found the animals living in dilapidated stables – some without doors or missing wooden panels.

The horses’ bedding was covered in months of urine and droppings, the court heard.

A total of 31 horses were being kept in terrible conditions by their uncaring owner, breeder Nikki Haworth of Marton in Blackpool
RSPCA officials found the horses in dilapidated mud-caked stables that had not had their doors opened in months.

Ms Wilde added: “The evidence shows the conditions were horrendous. Six animals were such an appalling condition they had to be put to sleep by the vet immediately.

“Five more were euthanased later. Others have behaviour problems and will never be ridden as they are dangerous.

“These were the worst conditions the vets and RSPCA inspectors have ever seen. Basics tasks were not carried out for a prolonged time. It was neglect.”

Some of the horses’ hooves were so overgrown the animals could hardly move because they were in so much pain, the court was told.

A total of 31 horses were being kept in terrible conditions by their uncaring owner, breeder Nikki Haworth of Marton in Blackpool

There was evidence that some had not been out of their stables for some time to use nearby sand and grass paddocks.

The remaining 20 horses were taken away for care and re-homing.

A total of 31 horses were being kept in terrible conditions by their uncaring owner, breeder Nikki Haworth of Marton in Blackpool

Writing about the case, which he said was the culmination of over 10 months of hard work and dedication by the RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, HAPPA, Lancashire Constabulary and others, RSPCA inspector Carl Larsson said:

In September 2018 a magistrates warrant was executed and I walked onto a stable yard in Blackpool. I was horrified by the scale and level of suffering one individual could cause to so many horses.

I saw 31 horses in stables which had not had the doors opened in months. Dirty bedding was stacked half way up the doors. Once opened they wouldn’t close again because months worth of muck spilled out.

There were horses with such crippling lameness from overgrown hooves that their legs were shaking with pain. They were unable to step down off the pile of muck out of their stables. One collapsed as it reluctantly made the step off.

Of these horses 6 were immediately euthanised on veterinary advice to end their suffering. Since then a further 5 have been euthanised on welfare grounds. Despite reports to the contrary none of the horses were killed because the RSPCA didn’t know how to handle them. Every decision to euthanise was made on Veterinary advice using police powers.

Since that time the individual involved has offered no defence for her deplorable actions. She actually hasn’t turned up to court yet. Instead she has taken to the internet and launched a smear campaign against the RSPCA and more specifically myself. 

I personally will never lose any sleep over what she or her friends may think of me however I will always defend my charity!

Unfortunately, until this point I have been unable to respond to posts on forums, Facebook or wherever else lies have been spread due to the matter being an active case.

However with today’s verdict I can now say that the conditions at this yard were the most horrendous I have ever seen in my time investigating animal cruelty. Furthermore the severe and obvious pain visible in many of these horses was sickening.

Today the overwhelming evidence was presented to a District Judge who had no hesitation in find the defendant guilty on all charges.

Sentencing: £4,000 in legal costs; six-month curfew. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

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6 thoughts on “Blackpool, Lancashire: Nikki Haworth T/A Haworth Arabian Stud”

    1. Remaining arabs are with the rspca and will be offered for rehoming soon. If anyone can offer a loving experienced home pls contact the rspca

  1. This is an absolute disgrace, this woman should have a taste of her own medicine and locked in one of those shit holes she calls stables and starved for months 🤬🤬🤬.such beautiful creatures abused for so long. Hopefully the ones that were saved can make a full recovery and go on and give a happy life full of love.RIP to the unlucky horses that this piece of shit murdered but your pain and suffering is now over and I believe rainbow bridge is a lovely place to live ❤❤❤.this vile woman shouldn’t EVER be allowed to own any breathing creature as long as she lives 🤬🤬

  2. So why didn’t she vet life in prison ?? And who’s taking the piss only 20 year ban which should be a life time ban from all animals a prison sentence and at least £100,000 fine this country is too fucking soft teach these bastards a true lesson………… bring back public hanging I say

  3. Horrific. A lifetime ban on keeping or having anything to do with animals should have been part of her sentence. A custodial term should also have been given considering the condition of ‘ALL’ these horses. If one horse has to be pts then that should be grounds for imprisonment and there were 11 put to sleep. If a year for each then she would be away from doing any other creature harm for 11 years. I just cannot believe the lenient sentence for such horrific cruelty to multiple numbers of horses. Animal Protection Laws urgently need reviewing. I am appalled and sickened to my gut of what she has done to these defenceless animals. Some ‘Horselover’ (her own description of herself), she turned out to be. She should suffer the same fate she doled out to her animals. May she rot and forever live the nightmare of the hell she put them through.

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