Blackburn, Lancashire: Scott Hibbert

#TheList Scott Anthony Hibbert, born c. 1997, of Redlam, Blackburn BB2 – launched a brutal attack on his own dog after she had been placed in a cage in the back of a police van.

Career criminal and drug abuser Scott Hibbert from Blackburn battered his dog in the back of a police van
Loser: violent thug Scott Hibbert from Blackburn can now add animal cruelty to his long list of criminal convictions

Blackburn magistrates heard lifelong violent thug and drug addict Hibbert repeatedly kicked and punched the dog – a Staffordshire bull terrier – before swinging her by the metal chain around her neck.

He then got hold of the dog with both hands and throttled her.

The court was told a female officer who witnessed the attack said it was the most “horrific” behaviour she could imagine towards an animal.

Hibbert, who despite his young age has multiple previous convictions for violence and intimidation, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and two charges of criminal damage to cars.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said the incident started at 8.30am on May 19 at an address in New Wellington Street, Blackburn.

Witnesses saw Hibbert leave the address and kick two cars. He was also seen to punch his dog before the police arrived.

“A witness said he was clearly heavily under the influence of something,” said Mrs Yates. “He was covered in blood and was placed in the back of the van with the dog. She said he was screaming in the dog’s face and she then witnessed the most horrific behaviour she could imagine.”

Mrs Yates said Hibbert punched the dog in the side, kicked it repeatedly and then swung it round by the chain.

“Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse he picked the dog up by the throat and started to throttle it,” said Mrs Yates. “By this stage the dog, which had been agitated, was completely silent.”

The dog was eventually removed from the van.

“The officer said she had never seen such an aggressive act towards an animal in her career,” said Mrs Yates. “She said if that was how he behaved in public she couldn’t imagine how the dog was treated behind closed doors.”

Career criminal and drug abuser Scott Hibbert from Blackburn battered his dog in the back of a police van

When he was interviewed about the incident Hibbert said the officers were lying and he would never lay a finger on the dog. When the witness statements were read to him he told the officers to shut up.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client clearly had problems and could benefit from the assistance of the probation service. He said Hibbert had been drinking all night and had fallen out with his brother. As he left the house he kicked out at the cars in frustration.

“He has always tried to look after the dog as best he can,” said Mr Taylor. “It is a highly strung animal and matters were not helped when its owner was irate. What is certain is that it should never have been placed in the back of the police van with him.”

He said Hibbert was deeply ashamed of what happened next.

“He doesn’t have a clear recollection of the matter but he is deeply apologetic,” said Mr Taylor.

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 40 days of rehabilitation activity. Curfew. Total of £285 compensation and charges. Banned from keeping animals for three years.

Lancashire Evening Post

2 thoughts on “Blackburn, Lancashire: Scott Hibbert”

  1. Why was he not cuffed, where were the other officers while all this was going on… Why didn’t the RSPCA attend to take the dog..
    Why was it given such a tiny “slap on the wrist” He needs serious intervention, he could of lashed out viciously to the officer.. Maybe next tine he will.. or perhaps some other vulnerable.. Courts should held this brat thug wholey accountable..& enforced real conseqences… Mere 3yr ban?? Courts far too lenient & no deterrent.. Just a laugh and a bit of drama for such cruel morons..

    1. I absolutely agree with Janey M above. He got away with his behavior basically. He needs more serious treatment for at least a year. He is rageful and takes it out on an innocent animal who can’t defend it self against him. What he did to the dog is unforgivable. He should receive 4yr sentence with 2 years in prison with rehabilitation for those 2 yrs, released on probation, and no alcohol for 5 yrs. No owning any animals for 10 yrs. “Until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change, one will not change.”

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