Birkenhead, Merseyside: Keith Gray

#TheList Keith Gray, aged 60, from Hoylake Road, Birkenhead CH41 7DA – failed to get medical attention for his bulldog’s severe skin, eye and ear infections.

Birkenhead failed to take miniature bulldog Ella to the vet for her multiple ailments
Keith Gray from Birkenhead failed to take miniature bulldog Ella to the vet for her multiple ailments. Happily she has now recovered and been rehomed.

Wirral Magistrates Court heard bulldog Ella had appeared to be in poor health and a concerned member of the public called the RSPCA to investigate.

Inspector Anthony Joynes went to Gray’s home in May 2018, and found Ella in a cage.

Most of her fur was missing due to a chronic skin disease which had been left untreated for weeks.

She also had an infection in her ears and both eyes – which were badly affected and filled with pus – and was lame with an injury to her front leg.

Ella was taken to Upton Veterinary Surgery were she received immediate medical treatment and later cared for at the Wirral and Chester branch of the RSPCA.

She has now been re-homed and is enjoying her new life.

Recalling the case, Inspector Joynes said: “As soon as the door opened at the house the smell of infection hit me.

“Ella was in a room in a cage and was a poor state with most of her fur missing because of the chronic skin disease she had which was causing her to itch constantly.

“She had both types of mange which is very unusual.

“Her eyes were full of pus and when I examined her ears it was clear they were also infected.

“She was also struggling to walk because of an injured front leg and she came limping towards me.

“This really was a catalogue of neglect, Ella had lots of problems which had all been left untreated for weeks.

“The owner failed in his duty of care on numerous levels as there was no attempt to alleviate the dog’s suffering.”

Total of £450 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for five years (expires September 2023).

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  1. Omg poor dog if he couldn’t afford to get her treated. Why didn’t he rehome her because thats what anyone with a decent heart would do in the interest of an animal,

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