Birkenhead, Merseyside: Kai Tomlinson

#TheList Kai Louis Dale Tomlinson, born 07/09/1997, previously of Wallasey and more recently of King Street, Birkenhead CH42 2AJ – kicked a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Holly to death after a row with his girlfriend

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson and victim Holly
Kai Tomlinson and victim Holly

Tomlinson pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to 14-month-old Holly, which led to her death.

Wirral magistrates’ court heard that Tomlinson’s ferocious attack on the defenceless animal would have caused her “physical suffering and mental terror.”

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson pictured outside court with his mother, who gesticulated rudely at photographers
Tomlinson pictured outside court with his mother, who gesticulated rudely at photographers

The body of the dog was put in a bin liner and was recovered by an RSPCA officer from a hole in the back yard of the premises which Tomlinson shared with his girlfriend.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said Tomlinson initially lied about the incident when interviewed by police. He later admitted he had argued with his girlfriend and subsequently launched the attack on the dog after she had gone to school.

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson

Mr Murphy said Tomlinson “admitted he had anger issues and said he wanted to lash out at something close to his girlfriend.”

He added: “The dog was kicked repeatedly. This led to the head injuries and blunt force trauma which caused its death.”

Holly’s body was sent for examination at the University of Liverpool pathology lab, where she was found to have suffered a catalogue of non-accidental injuries.

Dog killer Kai Tomlinson

A veterinary surgeon who commented on the pathology lab’s report said Holly had suffered “unprovoked physical violence causing physical suffering and mental terror on an unimaginable scale.”

Zoe Keene, defending Tomlinson, said he had experienced a ‘momentary loss of temper’ which resulted in the dog’s death.

District judge Michael Abelson said Tomlinson had carried out an ‘unprovoked, vicious and brutal attack on a defenceless animal.’

He added: “This is as bad an example of animal cruelty that I have come across. It was a despicable act of brutality.

“One cannot imagine what would prompt any human being to act like this towards a poor, defenceless animal.”

Mr Abelson said the maximum sentence he could impose by law was six months’ imprisonment, and he also had to give credit for Tomlinson’s guilty plea.

Sentence: jailed for 22 weeks; banned from keeping animals for life.

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  1. Another Mentally Disturbed Scum.
    What A Sad Life Of A Young Man.
    You have Brought Shame To Your Family.
    Lets hope he never has Children.
    Who would want that as a Father.

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