Billericay Puppy Farm Dealer Stacey Hayward

Puppy farmer Stacey Hayward
Stacey Hayward

This is puppy farm dealer Stacey Jane Hayward, born 20/10/1980, previously of Crays Hill, Billericay, and from early 2020 rumoured to have moved to Colliford Road, West Thurrock, Grays, Essex RM20 3BN. Hayward used to sell puppies sourced from squalid Welsh puppy farms from a shop in Chadwell Heath called Puppies World and still trades now under a pet shop licence, albeit from a private address.

She advertises her pups online via classified sites. These are two of her adverts.

Classified ads placed by Stacey Hayward

Hayward, who also has convictions for drug dealing as well as shop-lifting, drink-driving and fraud and seems to move in “gangsta” circles, was first exposed in a Welsh TV documentary on puppy farms during which she sold a boxer pup to an undercover reporter.

She claimed that the puppy had been bred privately, fully health-checked and came with breeding certificates, etc. That puppy was later examined by a vet and found to be underweight and riddled with worms.

The paperwork Hayward provided was described as “meaningless”.

Hayward's parents Geoff and Debbie
Family affair: Stacey Hayward’s parents Geoff and Debbie are also in the puppy business

She boasted to one dissatisfied customer who had bought a sickly pup from her that she was making £8,000 per week from what she does and didn’t “give a shit” about her complaint.

Undeterred by the media exposure – the lure of £££ proving too attractive – Hayward continues to trade in farmed puppies using the names Oak Tree Puppies or Wickford Pets. Richard James Kendall – a middleman for many Welsh puppy farm is known to be a supplier.

Stacey and her unemployed partner Randolph John-Lewis
Stacey and her unemployed partner Randolph John-Lewis have several children together

Instead of finding a legitimate way to earn a living, Stacey Hayward, her partner Randolph John-Lewis, and even her parents Geoff and Debbie Hayward who are based in Swindon, continue to make money from the suffering of farmed dogs and puppies.

Echo 16/06/2015

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