Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury: Christopher Bound

#TheList Christopher Edward Bound, born 17/12/1993, of Rothley Drive, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury SY3 5BB – subjected a two-year-old pug to a prolonged violent beating, eventually killing her

Dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Face of evil: While Christopher Bound’s lawyer told the court that he was troubled and in need of help, locals have described him as violent and dangerous.

Cocaine user Bound punched, kicked and threw the black pug named Shelby against a wall as she screeched in pain, before police arrived and found him with his T-shirt covered in blood.

Black pug Shelby: victim of dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Victim Shelby (right)

Neighbours alerted police immediately after hearing and witnessing the beating on February 24, 2019.

Bound, who is originally from Newtown in Shropshire, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Kate Price, prosecuting, told Telford Magistrates Court: “At around 10.30pm to 10.45pm the neighbour heard a loud screeching sound and the defendant shout ‘get back in your bed’.

“They looked out of the window and saw him kicking something. Every time he kicked there was a screeching sound.

“The neighbour went back into their house and the defendant carried on hurting the dog. They continued to watch and he saw him throw the dog at the patio door.

“Then he picked it up and threw it against a wall. Bound kicked it a few more times before washing his hands. The neighbour was too distressed to carry on watching and called police.”

Bound was then seen taking his top off and continued to kick and punch the dog. “The screeching was getting quieter and quieter each time,” added Mrs Price. “Officers arrived and saw the blood on his T-shirt and found the dog in its bed. They established it had severe injuries.”

Shelby was taken to a vet for an emergency appointment, but could not be saved and died from internal bleeding.

Defence agent Adrian Roberts said: “He had a normal life until his brother died of cancer in 2013. Before that happened he was a reasonably successful sportsman, playing for local rugby and cricket teams in Newport, and he had a good job with Laura Ashley.

“He turned to cocaine to numb his feelings.”

Shrewsbury dog killer Christopher Bound's girlfriend Georgia O'Keefe is standing by him
Georgia O’Keefe is standing by her violent sadistic bastard of a man.

Mr Roberts described Bound’s girlfriend, Georgia O’Keefe, who is standing by him despite the killing and was in court with his father, as a “stable influence”, and added that Bound had suffered with depression and anxiety.

Evil Chris Bound with girlfriend Georgia O’Keefe

“Clearly he’s a man who needs help,” he said.

After the case, Simon Paulo from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “As a nation of dog lovers this was a sad case to prosecute.

“Domestic animals are protected in England and Wales. Owners have a responsibility towards the welfare of their pets.

“I would like to commend the neighbours for calling the police when they witnessed this brutality taking place. I urge anyone who may witness any form of animal cruelty to report it as a criminal offence so that justice can be served.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months; 35 rehabilitation days. Costs and charges totalling £1,200. Banned from owning animals for life.

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