Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex – Laurence Michael Skelson

#TheList Laurence Michael Skelson, born February 1954, of 7 Faygate Close, Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 5EE – filmed battering his friend’s bulldog with a plank of wood, mop and shovel as the dog cowered in fear

Convicted dog abuser Laurence Michael Skelson from Bexhill-on-Sea. East Sussex, and his victim American bulldog Bronson

Company director Skelson used wood, a mop and a shovel to whack and intimidate adorable Boston, whom he was looking after for a friend.

A horrified neighbour filmed Skelson holding a mop and a plank of wood high above the bulldog before jabbing and hitting Boston, who was cowering on the floor.

Skelson pleaded guilty to failing to meet the needs of an American bulldog but not ensuring his need to exhibit normal behaviour patterns by the use of inappropriate chastisement methods.

Thankfully Boston did not suffer any lasting physical injuries and is now in the care of his owner.

Total of £470 fines, costs and charges. Banned from keeping dogs for life.

Daily Mail