Belmont, Durham: Vincent Grant

#TheList Vincent Dean Grant, born 17/12/1968, formerly of Frank Street, Durham and more recently (2019) of 2 Longleat Walk, Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 5BW – kicked a Cavalier King Charles spaniel to death while wearing heavy Timberland boots

Evil Vincent Grant from Durham kicked a helpless Cavalier King Charles spaniel to death
Vincent Grant from Durham told lie after lie about the circumstances in which Tilly (pictured) died but eventually admitted he had kicked her repeatedly while wearing heavy boots. The little spaniel died from her injuries.

Vincent Grant was left alone in his home with the dog, named Tilly, for a matter of minutes, when her owner left to give a friend a lift.

When the owner returned, she heard the sound of yelping and was met with the devastating sight of her five-year-old dog cowering and limping.

Grant claimed the pet – known for being docile and friendly – had bitten him.

Tilly died that evening, with a post-mortem examination showing she had five broken ribs and a punctured lung

Evil Vincent Grant from Durham kicked a helpless Cavalier King Charles spaniel to death
Evil dog killer Vincent Grant from Durham

Father-of-two Grant first told police he had gone to stroke her to apologise for stepping on her paw by accident, but hit out with the back of his hand or fist out when she bit him.

When he was quizzed again, the plant driver admitted he kicked Tilly two or three times while wearing his Timberland boots, having earlier claimed he had slippers on.

Grant admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by repeatedly kicking Tilly.

Tony Jackson, mitigating, said Grant had drunk four or five pints on the day of the incident.

Sentencing: 12-month community order with supervision, 200 hours of unpaid work, compensation of £1,483 and £85 court costs. Banned from keeping animals for just five years (expired April 2016).

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