Bedworth, Warwickshire: Simon Davis

#TheList commercial breeder Simon Davis, born c. 1985, of Acacia Crescent, Bedworth CV12 – cropped American bulldog puppies’ ears with razor blades before selling them for thousands of pounds to celebrity clients

Breeder Simon Davis used razor blades to perform painful cosmetic ops on American Bulldogs
Breeder Simon Davis used razor blades to perform painful cosmetic operations on American Bulldogs

Davis, who trades under the name Lions Lair Kennels, admitted to cropping the ears of seven puppies. He was arrested on 30 January 2019, after the RSPCA and Warwickshire Police carried out a joint raid at his home address.

During the raid, they found seven kennels, in a converted garage building in his back garden, containing eight American Bulldogs.

Breeder Simon Davis used razor blades to perform painful cosmetic ops on American Bulldogs

The RSPCA gathered a range of evidence, including before and after photographs and medical appliances such as syringes, razor blades and forceps were seized from both properties.

Breeder Simon Davis used razor blades to perform painful cosmetic ops on American Bulldogs

A further nine American Bulldogs were found at Mr Davis’s mother’s house nearby on Chelsey Road, including two pregnant dogs and six with cropped ears.

The RSPCA urge people to never buy a dog with cropped ears, and have taken seven of the dogs into care to be re-homed.

Sentencing: 18 weeks in jail suspended for 12 months. Ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work and pay £10,973 in costs. A 15-year ban on keeping and dealing in dogs.

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7 thoughts on “Bedworth, Warwickshire: Simon Davis”

  1. I would love to have one of the puppies, I’ve just lost both my dogs months apart with old age and my house feels lost without a dog.

  2. Simon Davies: He’s had his Punishment.
    The Way Around This is To Let The VETS CROP THE EARS.
    The same as USA and some EU Countries.
    I would also like to Comment; the Eastern Europeans are bringing in, (All Puppy Breeds In To The UK. From All Over Europe), Every Day By The Van Full. That’s good old Tony Blair Opening The Flood Gates In To The UK. Yet again Completely Legal and nothing is said about this, as long as they have a Pet Passport they can enter at 12 Weeks.
    Like I said, we have our Government to Thank, No One Else. Yet again completely Legal and nothing is said.
    I actually own a Docked and Cropped Doberman,, she is beautiful and has a lovely nature, and I would not wish for a better Dog, I love her to bits. My Doberman has a Pet Passport Entering the UK. and Legally Vet Docked and Cropped before coming in.
    I Love Animals and have a Cat Rescue.
    I personally think there is a lot worse than this, for instance the British Bull Dog, which is Bred by IVF and Pups have to be Born by Caesarian Section. (All This Is Completely Unnatural). Yet this is all Legal and completely okay. Yet nothing is ever mentioned on these Legal Practices concerning the Major Surgery needed ect. Also a lot of other Breeds of Dog are Deliberately Bred having Breathing Difficulties, due to their Skull Shapes. But yet again Completely Legal and nothing is said about this. A lot of other Breeds Of Dogs are Bred With A Whole Range Of Other Health Complaints. Yet again – nothing said about this and completely Legal. I am merely pointing out, there is a lot worse.

    1. Rubbish. How would you like your ears ripped off for no good reason? Ears dont need to be cropped unless there is a good reason and only by a vet. A dog is not a designer accessory or a status symbol. You are correct however that gangs are bringing in these dogs from Europe, ive seen pitbulls , Dogos all sorts, the owners brazenly walking about showing them off think they are hard , think they are above the law and usually just see dogs as a way to make fast cash, Something needs to be done it makes me sick.

      1. I know where you are coming from, there is no need to Crop the Ears. But it is the Show Standard in America and they call it the Show Crop. But we have to realize, there is a hell of a lot worse goes on than this, and at least Vets do it under Anaesthesia when they are Pups. Spaying is Major Surgery In Bitches.

  3. Should of been banned for life, however I wish the media would report the correct breed of dogs these are American bullies not American bulldogs.

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