Barton Hill, Bristol: Zach Cook

#TheList Zach Alan Cook (who’s taken to calling himself John Gage), born 25/02/1992, last known address Beaufort House, Strawbridge Road, Bristol BS5 9XF – left two dogs to starve on a balcony; both dogs put to sleep

Dog killer Zach Cook from Bristol, UK
Zach Cook left his two dogs on a balcony to starve to death. Neither dog could be saved.

Career criminal Zach Cook was banned from keeping animals for life after he left Ruby and Blacky without food on the balcony of his high-rise flat at Beaufort House, Strawbridge Road in Barton Hill.

Ruby and another dog named Blacky were left to starve on a balcony bu their career criminal owner Zach Cook (aka John Gage)
Ruby and another dog, Blacky, were discovered emaciated in squalid conditions after neighbours reported a stench

Cook was jailed for 18 weeks after police found the emaciated dogs confined to a squalid enclosed balcony area which was covered in faeces and urine.

Ruby as she looked before her owner starved her to death
Ruby, who is believed to have been a Staffordshire bull terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, as she looked before Zach Cook abandoned her to starve to death

The RSPCA said that both dogs had to be put down by a vet.

Neighbours had reported a stench coming from the flat before officers broke in and discovered the dogs in horrific conditions.

Dog killer Zach Cook from Bristol, UK
Police mugshot of dog killer Zach Cook

RSPCA Inspector Dan Hatfield, who investigated, said: “Ruby and Blacky suffered horrendous cruelty and neglect because Zach Cook decided to just shut them on the balcony and just forget about them.

“His way of dealing with no longer wanting to care for his dogs was to pretend they didn’t exist while he continued to get on with his life in the flat attached to the balcony.

“When they were discovered Blacky was stood cowering next to Ruby and was so thin all his bones were showing.

“Ruby was in an absolutely terrible state. She had completely collapsed and was lying in the squalor, unable to get to her feet and had to be carried to my van in a basket.

“It broke my heart to see her use the last bit of energy she had to wag her tail as I carried her out. She was so starved, exhausted and close to death but still managed to try to show love.

“There are simply no excuses for treating animals in such a cruel and disgusting way. We plead with anyone who no longer wants their pets or can no longer care for them to ask for help before it ever gets like this.”

Staffy cross Blacky was left to starve alongside another dog on Zach Cook's balcony
Blacky was also put to sleep

Cook, admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to the animals and two counts of failing to meet the needs of the dogs.

Previously of Cossham Road in St George, Cook was jailed for six years and two months in March 2017 after he, and accomplices Micky Revill and Jordan Talbot burst into a home in the city centre and threatened to stab the woman inside unless she gave them money.

As at November 2019 Cook has been released from prison, but his current address is unknown.

Sentencing: jailed for 18 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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