Ballymacarrett, East Belfast: Mark Elliott

#TheList Mark Elliott, born 08/10/1991, of 6B Dundee Street, Belfast BT13 2JD- left his German shepherd dog to starve to death

Dog killer Mark Elliott from Belfast

Mark Elliott pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to his animal.

The case against Elliott came to light after officials from Belfast City Council were called to a property he formerly rented in Templemore Street.

Inside the flat, the officials found the remains of the German shepherd.

The kitchen floor where the dog was found was described as being covered in faeces and dried blood, which may have been passed by the dog before its death.

Veterinary evidence confirmed the cause of the dog’s death as starvation.

Sentencing: 200 hours of community service. Disqualified from owning dogs for life.

Belfast Telegraph

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