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Dingwall, Scotland: Alan Wagstaff

#TheList Alan Wagstaff, born c. 1951, of Burn Place, Dingwall IV15 9NQ – left his dog locked in a trailer for 23 hours during summer heat

Alan Wagstaff from Dingwall in Scotland left springer spaniel Kaffir locked in a trailer for almost 24 hours during 'sweltering' heat
Alan Wagstaff from Dingwall in Scotland left springer spaniel Kaffir locked in a trailer for almost 24 hours during ‘sweltering’ heat

Alan Wagstaff allowed his spaniel to struggle in the heat on one of the hottest days of the year.

Temperatures peaked at 31C on July 23 and the canine, called Kaffir, was only saved when police officers found him during patrols of a park in Draycott, Derbyshire.

CCTV footage showed the dog had been left locked in the trailer for an agonising 23 hours.

Police community support officers Matt Boyer and Karen Pykett, of Derbyshire police, forced their way into the trailer and rescued him.

PCSO Boyer said: “The dog was clearly struggling in the heat on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

“We were so pleased we were able to get him out of the trailer to be cared for.

120 hours of unpaid work; £1,585 in costs. Banned from keeping animals for a year.

Derby Telegraph

Cumbria: Richard Todd and Wayne Lawson

#TheList Wayne Lawson (DoB: 28/09/78) of Sheehan Gardens, Carlisle, Cumbria, and Richard Todd (DoB: 20/07/78) of Mills Road, Wigton, Cumbria – made a video as they tried to kill a badger by setting their dogs on it

Badger baiters Richard Todd and Wayne Lawson from Cumbria
Badger baiters Richard Todd (left and in green top in middle photo) and Wayne Lawson both from Cumbria plus Scooby the dog who had facial scarring consistent with animal fighting

Lawson and Todd admitted trying to kill the badger while Lawson also pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a black Patterdale terrier called Scooby.

Lawson failed to get  veterinary care for injuries to Scooby’s ear and lower lip.

The men were due to stand trial but after charges of interfering with badger setts and of causing an animal fight to take place were dropped, they admitted the attempt to kill.

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA officer Jason Bowles said: “We received intelligence that Mr Lawson was involved in badger digging and found two dogs at his property with extensive scarring and nasty injuries consistent with fights with badgers.

“We seized a mobile phone which had saved videos showing him and another man digging down to tunnels before placing the dogs underground to find the wild animals.

“This case really shows the suffering caused to the poor badgers who are hunted for fun as well as the dogs used in this barbaric blood sport. They are often left with hideous injuries and disfigurements and rarely receive appropriate veterinary treatment or pain relief.”

Both – 140-day prison term, suspended for a year.

Lawson – 160 hours of unpaid work in the community. Disqualified from keeping dogs for four years. Total costs and charges of £1,415.

Todd – 100 hours of unpaid work in the community. Total costs and charges of £1,115.  Banned from keeping animals for two years.

News and Star

Wolverhampton: Athena Nicholle Keene

#TheList Athena Nicholle Keene, born c. 1990, previously of Danesmoor, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 and currently of Wolverhampton – left a puppy to suffer with an untreated injury

Athena Nicholle Keene and puppy Lola
Athena Keene left puppy Lola to suffer in agony with a broken leg

Athena Nicholle Keene was sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to a puppy, named Lola, when she appeared before Banbury magistrates.  Keene had failed to appear at a previous sentencing hearing at Banbury magistrates in November 7.

Lola was rescued by the RSPCA after concerns were raised about Keene’s failure to provide treatment for the severe injury for five days in April 2018.

Keene, who was living in Banbury when the offence took place, had taken Lola to a vet on April 20 where it was discovered she had a broken leg, which Keene claimed had been caused by something falling on her.

Lola was given painkillers but her owner failed to heed veterinary advice and took her away with no further treatment.

Keene remained non-contactable for the next five days until concerned people contacted the RSPCA on April 26 who then visited Keene and discovered Lola was being left to suffer without the medical care she desperately needed.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said: “It is incredible to think that Lola was left to suffer and struggling in pain and that this agony was prolonged by the neglectful lack of action by Keene.

“There is never an excuse for leaving an animal to suffer needlessly where there is clearly an urgent need for veterinary treatment. Our pets are reliant on us and when an animal is injured it’s an owner’s duty to ensure they receive the veterinary care they need.”

She added: “There was no evidence to prove that the injury was deliberately inflicted but it is clear that there has been a failure to protect Lola from injury, and a huge failure in not providing appropriate treatment at the time of her injuries.”

Lola has since recovered and found a loving new home.

100 hours of unpaid work; £385 in costs. Disqualified from keeping dogs for eight years, which cannot be appealed for five years.

Banbury Guardian

Lydney, Gloucestershire: Farhad Khalil Ahmed

#TheList Farhad Khalil Ahmed of Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 – carried out illegal slaughter of a male sheep

Ahmed, owner of Lydney Hand Car Wash, Newerne Street, Lydney GL15 5RF, was convicted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 with causing unnecessary suffering to a ram.

Ahmed admitted to being filmed cutting a ram’s throat as an accomplice helped him restrain the animal. The video, originally obtained by Caerphilly Trading Standards officers in an unrelated investigation, was passed to Gloucestershire Trading Standards who interviewed Ahmed for offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Ahmed entered a guilty plea and was convicted of a single offence of causing unnecessary suffering to the ram under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member for public protection said “I would like to congratulate our Trading Standards Animal Health Team for bringing this offender to justice. This animal clearly suffered a horrific death at the hand of this person and his accomplices.”

“Our Trading Standards team work to ensure the strict welfare standards for farm animals are followed at all times.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 150 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay the full prosecution costs of £1,700 and an £85 victim surcharge.

Punchline Gloucester

Gravesend, Kent: Julius Gadzor

 #TheList Julius Gadzor, born c.  1979, of Wellington Street, Gravesend, Kent  DA12 – trapped and kept wild birds by putting rat glue on feeders in his garden

Julius Gadzor from Gravesend is originally from Slovakia
Julius Gadzor from Gravesend is originally from Slovakia

Slovakian Gadzor admitted possessing wild birds and trapping them.

Officers from the Rural Task Force for Kent joined forced with the RSPCA on Thursday, June 14, 2018, to conduct a search of Gadzor’s home following a tip off they received from the RSPB.

A number of caged wild birds were seized as well as rat glue and other bird trapping equipment.

Some of the cages in which Julius Gadzor kept the wild birds he'd trapped

Gadzor was interviewed four days later where he admitted that he was trying to catch them illegally in his garden.

Sergeant Darren Walshaw, who co-ordinated the search, said: “This is an excellent example of partnership working. The intelligence received from the RSPB allowed us to gain enough information to request a search warrant and the case built by the RSPCA resulted in the man having to admit his guilt.

“Bird trapping is not only illegal, it is incredibly cruel. We are committed to working with our partner agencies to put these criminals, who illegally trap birds for their own financial gain, before the court.”

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “To take a wild bird from its natural habitat and shut it inside a tiny cage is so cruel. They suffer greatly in captivity, are not used to being in cages and, sadly, often die.

“All wild birds in England and Wales, their nests and their eggs are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and actions may only be taken under specific licences.’

“It is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to trap wild birds.”

28-day curfew; total of £385 costs and charges. 



Druids Heath, Birmingham: Selina Shepherd

#TheList Selina Shepherd, born c. 1982, of Bells Lane, Druids Heath, Birmingham B14 – left her dog to endure pain for 11 days after trying to fix her broken leg with a homemade splint.

Photo shows Lola
Selina Shepherd left her dog, Lola, in agony with a broken leg for 11 days

Selina Shepherd pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to her dog, named Lola.

Lola nearly lost her leg and can now be rehomed as a result of Shepherd’s sentence.

Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard how Shepherd treated her pet at home after Lola was hit by a car on September 1, 2018 after escaping through an unlocked gate.

Shepherd failed to take Lola to see a vet, and was only confronted when a concerned member of the public reported her to the RSPCA.

Inspector Jonathan Ratcliffe visited the home, and had to call police as Shepherd was ‘hostile’ towards him.

He said: ‘She (Lola) was struggling to walk and could not bear any weight on that leg, she was clearly in pain.

‘I took her for veterinary treatment and it was discovered the break was made more complicated by the fact she had not been treated for nine days.

‘There was a real fear that she might have to have her leg amputated but thanks to the veterinary team her leg was saved and surgery was successful.

‘The owner would not sign Lola over to us for rehoming so she has been looked after for 14 months in RSPCA care and thanks to the conclusion of this case we will now be able to find her a loving home.

‘This case highlights the fact that there is never an excuse not to get your pet’s veterinary treatment if they are suffering – especially in this incident when the dog must have suffered terribly with such a serious injury.’

12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months; total of £315 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years. 

Birmingham Mail

Airdrie, North Lanarkshire: James and Jacqueline McGrory

#TheList James and Jacqueline McGrory of Oronsay Road, Airdrie ML6 8FX – left their elderly dog to suffer with alopecia and sores all over her body

James and Jacqueline McGrory from Aidrie and their dog Penny
James and Jacqueline McGrory failed to seek vet treatment for their dog Penny’s painful skin condition

James and Jacqueline McGrory pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering after failing to provide necessary veterinary treatment for their dog Penny’s pre-existing skin complaint. Sadly Penny had to be  euthanised to prevent any further suffering

The court heard how the vet who tried to treat the dog said “any sensible owner would have presented Penny at a vet earlier”.

After an anonymous call to the Scottish SPCA in May 2018 about the neglect, Penny was taken from the couple for immediate treatment.

But after failing to respond she was put to sleep so as not to “extend her suffering”.

The procurator fiscal told the court: “An inspector from the Scottish SPCA attended the locus after a call about a dog suffering from hair loss and sores.

“The dog was a black and tan female collie called Penny and she had a skin complaint and was struggling on her feet.

“The home had a bad smell and Mr McGrory was cautioned and told he was under investigation for neglect.”

It was the opinion of the SPCA that Penny had been unnecessarily neglected for a few weeks. She was transferred to a rehoming centre and classified as grossly obese.

The animal also had a bacterial infection and “pus” leaked from her sores.

She yelped in pain when touched and it was decided that she be euthanised to avoid extending her suffering.

A post-mortem suggestion that Penny had been exposed to a toxic substance was not proven.

The fiscal added: “The vet said that ‘any sensible owner would have presented Penny at a vet earlier’.

“But the failure to do so meant the condition became irreversible.”

£300 to cover the Scottish SPCA’s costs. Banned from owning animals for five years.

Evening Times

Preston, Lancashire: Angela Roe

#TheList Angela Roe (aka Angela Atkinson) of Birkdale Drive, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire PR2 – live-streamed a video showing her abusing a cat who was later found dead

Angela Roe from Preston live streamed a sickening video showing her attacking a cat who was later found dead
Angela Roe from Preston live streamed a sickening video showing her attacking a cat who was later found dead

The sickening footage, which was screened on Twitter’s live-streaming video app Periscope – showed pet cat Misty screaming in agony as her owner, Angela Roe, bit and roughly handled her.

Misty was tragically found dead at Roe’s home by police after the incident was reported by a sickened friend.

Preston Magistrates’ Court heard the witness, who became online friends with Roe, saw Misty on her lap in a live stream on August 26 2017, in which she was “squeezing and shaking” the animal.

She was shouting, calling the cat a ‘pyscho’ and suggesting she should ‘not bite the hand that feeds’.

The woman then saw Roe bite the distressed cat’s ear, causing her to scream in pain.

Cat killer Angela Roe from Preston

Roe was heard to say it “needs to be disciplined or it will walk all over me.

Roe, who has mental health problems, was then seen to self harm and rub blood on the cat’s fur.

The worried woman corresponded with Roe the next day on Periscope, whilst Roe was drunk. She said her ‘other personality was going to come out. The bad side, the Jekyll; and Hyde nasty side of me.’

Misty was seen walking around and appeared to be fine, but the clip showed Roe put her on her lap again and say: ” Can she kill the cat and then kill herself?”

The witness pleaded with Roe saying: “Don’t do that – if you don’t want the cat I will give it a home.”

The court heard Roe told her viewer the only way she would kill her is by ‘starving her’. The woman could then hear the cat screaming but the video then ended.

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Paul Ridehalgh said: ” Around 25 minutes later the broadcast resumed and the defendant typed:”My cat has just attacked me” and claimed Misty was ‘demonic’.”

The concerned friend asked what had happened and Roe told her the cat had attacked her and turned her phone camera around to show blood on the table, wall, skirting board and door in her home, which Roe claimed had come from her finger.

Mr Ridehalgh added: “When she was asked where Misty was she ‘became very aggressive and hissed like a cat’ at the screen.”

Roe claimed Misty was asleep on a ledge in the living room, but when the woman saw the cat it looked ‘stiff’, and she called the police.

When officers arrived they found Misty dead on the window sill, with blood on her.

Roe, who was drunk, claimed it was from her own self harming and said the cat was asleep. There were dirty dishes and rubbish strewn over the floor.

Misty’s body was taken to a veterinary pathology department in Liverpool, which indicated the cat, who had various injuries, including a haemorrhage in her lungs and bruises, had died from being smothered.

Roe was not convicted of this as there was insufficient evidence she was directly responsible, but she admitted causing Misty unnecessary suffering and failing to meet her needs.

The court heard in March 2018 police attended Roe’s home again to speak to her and she declared: ” There is a video dating back to August this year. The cat bit me and I bit her back. I was ******** out of my head.”

Roe thanked the bench as they agreed to suspend her 12 week jail term for a year on account of her mental health and alcohol issues. The chairman of the bench noted her “deliberate attempt to cause suffering” and added: ” The act was purely intentional as far as you were concerned.”

12 weeks in prison, suspended for a year; rehabilitation activity and alcohol treatment requirement. Total costs and charges of £490. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Lancashire Post

Falkirk, Scotland: Linda Alison McLauchlan

#TheList Linda Alison McLauchlan aka Linda Thomson (DoB 07/03/1970) most recently of  Seaforth Road, Falkirk FK2 7TS – pleaded guilty to neglecting her pet dog, Missy, before the dog’s death in June 2017.

Photo shows animal abuser Linda McLauchlan and the paw of her pet dog Missy, who died in June 2017
Linda McLauclan/Thomson was originally accused of beating her pet dog to death and asphyxiating her with a plastic bag, but her not guilty plea was accepted by the court

McLauchlan was originally accused of battering Missy then suffocating her by wrapping a plastic bag over her head. However, her not guilty plea to causing the dog to die from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation was accepted, and sentencing was for failure to provide proper care.

Dog abuser Linda McLauchlan from Falkirk

Scottish SPCA Inspector Louise Seddon said: “The charge was dealt as McLauchlan caused Missy suffering by failing to provide adequate care and veterinary treatment for her health conditions, including a skin condition and overgrown claws.

“Upon veterinary post-mortem examination, Missy was found to have chronic dermatitis and massively overgrown claws, some of them were so long the nails had twisted round into a semi-circle type shape.

“This would have significantly and severely compromised Missy’s welfare over a prolonged period”.

She added: “We welcome the fact that this case has been dealt with by the court and the sentence handed down.

“However it further highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing.

“This level of neglect didn’t happen overnight and could have easily been avoided.”

130-hour community payback order. NO BAN.

Falkirk Herald
Scottish SPCA 



Blackwell, Alfreton: Sally Wilkinson

#TheList Sally Wilkinson, born 10/12/1985, of Oxford Street, Blackwell, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 5JT – left her elderly Rottweiler to suffer with an agonising skin condition and to become emaciated

Photo shows convicted animal abuser Sally Wilson and her victim, Rottweiler Chunk
Despite allowing her dog to get into this state, callous Sally Wilkinson wasn’t jailed

Sally Wilkinson was banned from keeping animals for life after her dying dog was found in the worst state an RSPCA inspector had seen in her 17-year career.

Wilkinson pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences when she appeared before Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court on Monday (12/11/2018).

Convicted dog abuser Sally Wilkinson from Blackwell, Alfreton

The court heard how her emaciated Rottweiler dog, ironically called Chunk, was so thin and had a chronic skin condition it was difficult to establish her breed.

Chunk was just half the weight she should have been – at only 23.4kgs when she should have been 42kgs – and an untreated skin condition also left her with no hair apart from around her paws and some on her back.

RSPCA inspector Helen Mead, who was sent to investigate, said it was the worst case of dog neglect she had seen in her 17-year career.

She told how she went to Wilkinson’s home on September 4, 2018, after the animal welfare charity received a call from a concerned member of the public.

She said: “I smelt the dog’s chronic skin condition when I went into the house, even though she was in another room. Then when I saw Chunk I was horrified as she was in an appalling state.

“She was elderly and emaciated with bones protruding and she had almost no hair due to the chronic skin condition which had been left untreated.

“The skin was crusted, scabby, bleeding and thickened and she was covered in fleas. She had sunken eyes with pus around them. I just knew instantly she was in a bad way and must have been suffering enormously.”

Inspector Mead was given consent to take Chunk to a vets who decided the kindest thing to do would be to put her to sleep.

The vet stated that 14yo Chunk would have suffered horrendously for a period of time, suffering from malnutrition for at least two months and from the chronic skin condition for at least four months.

The judge, in his summing up, stated it was “sustained, systemic neglect” and added “it beggars belief it was allowed to deteriorate to this point”.

Inspector Mead said: “The photographs show Chunk was in such an appalling state.

“I was so upset that things had got so bad there was nothing that could be done to help her other than end her suffering.

“I am in no doubt that this dog’s horrendous suffering could have been avoided if she was taken to a vet and treated when any problems first arose – it should never have got to this situation.”

Eight-week jail sentence, suspended for two years. Fined £300 and ordered to pay a £75 victim surcharge. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.