Auchinleck, East Ayrshire: John Robertson

#TheList serial domestic abuser John Robertson, born 17/12/1977, of Main Street, Auchinleck KA18 2AF – battered a bulldog to death with a rolling pin

Dog killer John Robertson of Auchinleck and victim Gus
British Bulldog Gus (pictured) was bludgeoned to death by John Robertson, apparently to “teach him a lesson”

Former prison officer John Robertson was jailed for 18 months for a horrific eight-year campaign of domestic violence against his partner, their children and finally the family’s pet bulldog, whom he battered to death with a rolling pin.

Dog killer John Robertson of Auchinleck

One victim described how “manipulative and controlling” Robertson attacked the dog, known as Gus, as he ran into the room and then laughed and joked about what he had done.

Dog killer John Robertson of Auchinleck

They said: “There was blood all over the walls and kids were screaming. He was out of control. How could you kill an innocent animal?”

Robertson was found guilty of seven assault charges including causing unnecessary suffering to the dog in 2016.

Dog killer John Robertson of Auchinleck

He admitted slapping child victims on the head, pinning them to walls and punching them on the body. One boy was grabbed by the body and had his head struck against a door.

Robertson also hit a one-year-old girl and floored her, and flung a child through the air.

No ban on keeping animals was imposed by the court.

Sentencing: 18 months in prison.

The Sun

Update July 2020: The Scottish Sun reported that Robertson has been freed from jail early after serving half of his sentence. The article confirmed that Robertson had not been banned from keeping animals and was now living with a woman, her children and two dogs.

Sun news article

Additional information:
Following his latest stint in jail, Robertson was immediately taken on by Alloway property maintenance and ‘pest control’ firm Acatch. The company, which sends employees into vulnerable customers’ homes, is owned by a relative of Robertson – a man who has allegedly had his own run-ins with the law (shhhh ….. drugs). They are therefore well aware of his violent past. We contacted Acatch asking for a statement but they have failed to respond.

John Robertson is engaged to a woman who stood by him despite his latest conviction for violent crime
John Robertson is engaged to a woman who stood by him despite his history of violent criminality, animal cruelty and domestic abuse

Robertson’s former partner, who was forced to moved away from Auchinleck, is now living in state of constant fear in a property since the court placed no restrictions on him contacting her and their terrorised kids.

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