Bristol: Attila Kovacs

#The List Attila Kovacs of Westfield Park, Redland, Bristol – smuggled unlawfully imported puppies into Britain

Attila Kovacs, puppy importer from Hungary
Bristol-based Hungarian illegal puppy importer Attila Kovacs

Hungarian national Kovacs sold unlawfully imported puppies after their history was concealed using false documents.

Kovacs tried to make a business out of selling the pets, after which new owners found they were non-compliant with UK regulations.

Some of the puppies were sick and others were too young to have been given the necessary rabies jabs.

Kovacs pleaded guilty to two counts of engaging in a commercial practice which was a misleading action.The 36-year-old also pleaded guilty to engaging in a commercial practice which contravened the requirements of professional diligence.

The recorder Mr Ignatius Hughes QC told Kovacs: “You did what you did to make money from selling puppies.

“Your business was organised to an extent.

“You were advertising for sales online, you were meeting people, you were giving information as though it was true.

“Much of it was far from the truth.

“Money changed hands and dogs were too young or too ill or non-compliant with regulations in the UK to be kept at home.”

Sentence: 12-month community order, 200 hours of unpaid work; victim surcharge of £60.

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