Ashton, Bristol: Paula Davidson

#TheList Paula Davidson, aged 39, most recently of Ashton Drive, Bristol BS3 – left two husky-type dogs and eight cats to starve in an abandoned property

Convicted pet abuser Paula Davidson from Bristol and the house of horrors in which she kept her cats and dogs.
Paula Davidson left her pets to suffer in nightmarish conditions Police footage shows animal faeces and corpses littering the floor.

Davidson pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to eight cats and two dogs by failing to provide adequate food and supervision. Five cats had died while others had survived by resorting to eating their remains. The dogs had been locked in separate rooms and were forced to sleep in their own excrement.

Magistrates viewed footage filmed by Avon and Somerset police officers after they had forced entry to the property.

During the video the officers can be heard gagging and retching as they move around the rooms. One of them says, “I can’t breathe. My eyes are hurting the smell is so bad.”

An RSPCA inspector was called to the scene and identified the carcasses of five young cats which had been eaten away by other starving cats, leaving the floor littered with fur, legs, tails and skulls attached to spinal cords.

The two huskies had been locked in a small kitchen and bathroom, both of which were inches deep in dog mess.

Kate Burnham-Davies, prosecuting, said the case showed “sustained negligence and cruelty”.

Ms Burnham-Davies described “entrails and clumps of fur strewn across the floor” with “officers unable to walk across the floor without stepping on excrement and carcasses”.

The court heard how police and the RSPCA had spoken to Davidson several times before the forced entry. Police told Davidson she could sign the animals over to the care of the RSPCA, but she did not accept the offer.

Davidson told officers she was living with a friend but returning to the house twice a day to care for the animals. However Ms Burnham-Davies said police heard from neighbours that the house had been deserted for days or even weeks.

Davidson’s solicitor said that his client’s mental health was a key factor in the case.  He said that she had been sectioned after the death of her grandmother who had lived with Davidson at the property. He said she was suffering  severe depression, a personality disorder and transient psychotic disorder and was  receiving treatment at a psychiatric unit.

Ms Burnham-Davies said that despite Davidson’s mental health issues, the prolonged nature of the abuse meant she was fully culpable for the animal’s suffering.

In passing sentence presiding magistrate noted that Davidson had refused help with the animals when offered, saying: “You caused unnecessary and prolonged cruelty to cats and dogs in your care.”

Sentencing: 12-week suspended sentence with a 25-day rehabilitation requirement. £250 costs and charges. Banned from keeping any animal for an indefinite period of time. 


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  1. 12 weeks this vile evil monster should be pts or locked away from society for the rest of her miserable life. I do hope she suffers the consequences.

  2. Shame on RSPCA & people living close by. They should have done something to help these animals not waited for someone with mental issues to sign a piece of paper – this could be prevented !!!

  3. Depression I would give a real reason to be depressed , she should have been jailed for life that’s what’s wrong with some people today they live in a bubble while these poor babies are dying right in front on them . Then say ohh I was depressed . Give her real depression by making her accoutable .

  4. Im ashamed to say this but i know this utter tramp. Shes not depressed NOT ONE BIT she was always out in the clubs in bristol especially OMG club and OMG bar.
    Its so easy to put on a depressed front when you get caught out!
    She deserves nothing EXCEPT a kickin!!!
    Her nans death is currently under investigation too. If she can do that to the animals she can do worse to a vulnerable old woman who died because of paula neglecting her like she did with those poor animals. The police broke into find betty in bed after someone rang up concerned about betty and had been for several days no food no fluid. This is how they first saw the state of the home. R.I.P BETTY.

    1. Mental illness is now commonly used as a ‘get out of jail’ card for animal abusers and other criminals. It’s despicable an insult to real sufferers. I saw that Betty’s death was being investigated and wondered about the circumstances there, so that’s helpful. Thank you.

  5. What the f##k a slap on the wrist 12 weeks for what she’s done if there was cameras around the RSPCA been there like a shot I’m one of those who thinks the punishment should fit the crime she put her in a small room and throw away the key

  6. This vile fat cunt should be named and hunted down, she needs locking up with no tv or bed and be given a bucket to urinate in with the same bucket without it being emptied let’s have her live in a disgusting environment just like she left those poor dogs and cats in

    I hope she gets what is coming to her soon depression fuck off the only thing you need love is a one way trip to prison and a good kick in

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