Redcar, North Yorkshire: Andrew and Daniel Frankish, Redcar

#TheList Andrew Geoff Frankish, born 18/10/1993, and brother Daniel Peter Frankish born 06/01/1997, previously of Redcar but as of July 2018 residing in Waterford Road, Stockton-on-Tees – filmed themselves torturing an English bulldog who later died

Brothers and dog torturers Andrew and Daniel Frankish from Redcar
Brothers and dog torturers Andrew and Daniel Frankish from Redcar. Montage also shows their victim Baby the bulldog.

The drug-addled brothers, who at the time were living with their mother Valerie Frankish, were filmed jumping, headbutting and stamping on the bulldog, named Baby. In a number of the mobile phone clips, Andrew Frankish is seen picking the bulldog up at the top of some wooden stairs – on one occasion lifting her high over his head – before repeatedly throwing her down them.

At one point the voice of his equally depraved brother Daniel says: “See if we can make it scream any more.”

The paralysed dog was put to sleep 3 months later (the time gap allegedly due to her not being taken to the vet for treatment).

Despite RSPCA inspectors describing the cruelty as the most distressing they’ve ever witnessed, both men received suspended jail terms.

Valerie Frankish excused her sons’ behaviour by claiming the drugs they had taken had caused them to be “fucked in the head”.

Andrew Frankish (who now goes by the name Liam Andrew White) and Daniel Frankish (now Peter Daniel White) were sentenced to 21 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, given a six-month tagged curfew between the hours of 8pm-6am and ordered to pay £300 costs.

They were banned from keeping animals for life with no appeal for 20 years.

The Mirror 27/04/2016

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  1. They were not high on drugs this poor DEFENCELESS animal was tortured and then left for 3 MONTHS paralysed ????. SO THIS MAKES ALL THREE JUST AS SICK AS EACH OTHER. the mother Included. THESE TWO VILE EVIL INDIVIDUALS ARE A DANGER AND NEED LOCKING UP, and sentence the mother too. NEXT COULD BE A CHILD. Why is this not know all over the country people should be warned. CHILD KILLERS IN THE MAKING.

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