Aldershot, Hampshire: Mae Doble

#TheList Mae Doble, born 02/10/1947, of Stockbridge Drive, Aldershot GU11 3RT – starved and neglected a pony who died two days after being taken into RSPCA care

Neglected pony Honey
An RSPCA inspector described Honey as the thinnest horse she’d ever seen

Doble was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the pony, known as Honey.

She was charged with failing to seek veterinary attention for the emaciated mare between 29 February and 28 March 2016, which led to her condition rapidly deteriorating.

RSPCA inspector Maxine Jones, who was called following a complaint about a neglected pony, said she was “shocked” when she saw Honey’s condition.

“Police removed Honey and placed her into our care, but despite the team’s best efforts, sadly she passed away two days after rescue,” she said.

“If only Honey had been given the right veterinary care by her owner, she would never have got so poorly.

“This sad case is a strong example of how much responsibility comes with owning a horse, and we urge people to consider really carefully if they are in a position to properly care for one.”

Sentencing: total of £1,278. Five-year ban on owning animals (expires February 2022).

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