Kirkcaldy, Fife: Alastair Graham

#TheList Alastair ‘Ali’ Graham, 14/11/1990), of 51 Lawson Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 3LB – tied a Staffy cross named Bruno to a tree, stabbed him then burned him to death

Alastair Graham of Kirkcaldy, the brutal savage who burned a dog to death, and his victim Bruno.
Brutal savage Alastair Graham of Kirkcaldy burned this dog to death.

Graham was looking after Bruno (pictured) for a friend in April 2014, when he claims he was bitten. In a blind rage he tied the dog to a tree and initially attempted to slit his throat and stab him to death. When this failed, Graham went to a nearby petrol station and filled up a jerry can before pouring it over the terrified dog. He then set Bruno alight — causing horrific full thickness burns to the defenceless animal. A post-mortem showed that Bruno was still alive when set on fire.

Larry Flynn, of Flynn & Co Solicitors, Dundee, defending Graham, said: “This was a serious offence but he has co-operated with the process throughout.

“He has a vague recollection of doing this but was abusing alcohol at the time.

“His recollection is that he attempted to kill it with a knife but he failed and he went to get the petrol then returned.

Graham pleaded guilty on indictment to causing the dog unnecessary suffering by causing his death in the fire. He further admitted an attempted knife robbery committed alongside Steven Gourdie on 2 May 2014 in Leven’s High Street.

Sentence: jailed for nine months for the dog’s death and 36 months for his part in a later attempted robbery; banned from keeping animals for life.

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