Wallasey, Merseyside: Alan Pownall

#TheList Alan D Pownall, born 20/11/1957 of Reay Court, 86 Borough Road, Wallasey CH44 6NQ – kicked a puppy to death and dumped the body in a pile of rubbish in an alleyway.

Puppy killer Alan Pownall from Birkenhead, Merseyside
Allan Pownall was imprisoned and banned from keeping animals for life after kicking a puppy to death.

Pownall initially claimed the puppy, known as Halo, had been hanged by her own collar in a freak accident. He claimed he had no recollection of kicking the puppy to death.

Pownall was due to stand trial in October 2017 before admitting causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: “When interviewed, he confirmed the dog’s name was Halo and she had hung herself on a collar while attempting to break out from a training crate.

“He said he felt guilty he hadn’t heard the dog crying and had left the body in the alleyway because of financial difficulties.

“There was no evidence of blood or saliva on the cage.

“There was scant evidence of strangulation around the neck.”

A post-mortem examination found that the animal had suffered severe damage to her liver as a result of multiple blunt forces consistent with being kicked.

Pownall, who was looking after the dog for his daughter Michelle, told the probation service he had been drinking brandy.

Magistrates said Pownall would have received the maximum sentence they could impose – six months in jail – but it was reduced to 23 weeks because of his guilty plea.

Pownall, dressed in combat trousers, bowed his head and remained impassive as he was taken away by security officers.

Sentence: 23 weeks in jail; banned from keeping animals for life

Liverpool Echo

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