Airdrie, North Lanarkshire: James and Jacqueline McGrory

#TheList James and Jacqueline McGrory of Oronsay Road, Airdrie ML6 8FX – left their elderly dog to suffer with alopecia and sores all over her body

James and Jacqueline McGrory from Aidrie and their dog Penny
James and Jacqueline McGrory failed to seek vet treatment for their dog Penny’s painful skin condition

James and Jacqueline McGrory pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering after failing to provide necessary veterinary treatment for their dog Penny’s pre-existing skin complaint. Sadly Penny had to be  euthanised to prevent any further suffering

The court heard how the vet who tried to treat the dog said “any sensible owner would have presented Penny at a vet earlier”.

After an anonymous call to the Scottish SPCA in May 2018 about the neglect, Penny was taken from the couple for immediate treatment.

But after failing to respond she was put to sleep so as not to “extend her suffering”.

The procurator fiscal told the court: “An inspector from the Scottish SPCA attended the locus after a call about a dog suffering from hair loss and sores.

“The dog was a black and tan female collie called Penny and she had a skin complaint and was struggling on her feet.

“The home had a bad smell and Mr McGrory was cautioned and told he was under investigation for neglect.”

It was the opinion of the SPCA that Penny had been unnecessarily neglected for a few weeks. She was transferred to a rehoming centre and classified as grossly obese.

The animal also had a bacterial infection and “pus” leaked from her sores.

She yelped in pain when touched and it was decided that she be euthanised to avoid extending her suffering.

A post-mortem suggestion that Penny had been exposed to a toxic substance was not proven.

The fiscal added: “The vet said that ‘any sensible owner would have presented Penny at a vet earlier’.

“But the failure to do so meant the condition became irreversible.”

£300 to cover the Scottish SPCA’s costs. Banned from owning animals for five years.

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