Loanhead, Midlothian: John William Mackie

#TheList John William Mackie, born 20/11/1971, formerly of Clovenstone Park, Edinburgh and currently (July 2018) a guest of the Inveravon Hotel, Loanhead, Midlothian  – killed a defenceless Rottweiler by forcing two knives up his nose and a tree branch into his abdominal cavity

Image shows twisted dog killer John William Mackie and Sonny the Rottweiler he brutally killed
Twisted John William Mackie currently a guest of down-and-out hostel the Inveravon Hotel in Loanhead

Sadistic Mackie subjected 8-year-old Rottie Sonny to a severe beating, causing him to suffer extensive haemorrhaging over his body and skull. Horrifyingly, Mackie plunged two 9-inch dining knives so far into Sonny’s nose that they weren’t visible from the outside. A 17-inch long branch was also found in the dog’s abdominal cavity.

A horrified member of the public found Sonny’s lifeless body in bushes and called the Scottish SPCA.

When questioned, remorseless Mackie initially lied that he had been told Sonny was hit by a bus. There was no evidence of shame or regret for his actions. None whatsoever. Mackie may look like some squinty-eyed retarded backwoods redneck but this is a monster we’re dealing with here – pure unadulterated evil.

What else is he capable of and why aren’t the courts doing more to protect us and our animals from people like him?

Sentence: 12 months in jail; banned from keeping animals for life

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