Morecambe/Lancaster: Luke Horn, Nchimunya Ntembe and Corey Lee Destro

#TheList Luke Gabriel Horn from Morecambe plus Corey Lee Salvatore Destro and Nchimunya ‘Chim’ Ntembe from Lancaster – tortured a hamster by feeding him LSD and cannabis; Horn and Ntembe also convicted of dog cruelty relating to emaciated and badly injured mastiffs.

Convicted animal abusers Corey Lee Destro, Luke Gabriel Horn and Nchimunya Ntembe  Read more at:
Between them this ghastly trio of reprobates are responsible for appalling cruelty to dogs and hamster torture

Luke Gabriel Horn (DoB 14/04/1994) of 170 Kingsway, Heysham, Morecambe pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a mastiff-type dog called Troy by failing to investigate and treat the causes of his poor body condition, and failing to provide a suitable environment for him.

Troy weighed just 25kg when he was discovered chained to a radiator in a bedroom covered in animal faeces at Horn’s home.

Four dogs were at the Heysham property, three of whom – including Troy – were emaciated.

Two other dogs named Faith and Zeus, belonging to thuggish co-defendant Nchimunya ‘Chim’ Ntembe (DoB 04/03/1994) of 3 Cypress Close, Lancaster, were found to have fractured skulls believed to have been caused by blunt force trauma.

Ntembe – already in prison on drug offences – and a third defendant Corey Lee Salvatore Destro (DoB 24/07/1994) of Brock Close, Lancaster were both convicted of feeding cannabis and LSD to a hamster named Mr Chow.

The cruelty took place at Horn’s house, which was covered in animal faeces and stank of urine.

Magistrates reached their verdict after watching a video filmed on a phone seized by police from Horn’s house. This showed Ntembe and Destro  laughing as the hamster was given the drugs.

The pair could be heard saying “We are going to kill it” and “it is going nuts.”

Police found the hamster in his cage inside a cupboard during a raid on the house in May 2016.

All animals were handed to the RSPCA and have been rehomed.

Horn – 18-month community order; 250 hours of unpaid work; £380 costs; banned from keeping dogs for five years (expires January 2022).
Destro – eight weeks in prison; £415 costs; banned from keeping any kind of animal for 10 years; sentence later reduced to 12 months’ community service, with 80 hours’ unpaid work and a ban from keeping animals for just two years (expires January 2019).
Ntembe – four-month prison sentence; banned from keeping any type of animal for eight years (expires February 2025).

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