Bristol: William Leggatt

#TheList William Michael Leggatt, born 15/03/1995), originally from Gravesend, Kent, and more recently  100 Badger Rd, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 1AD – caught on CCTV beating two huskies. Kicked one husky and stamped on her back and broke the hip of a puppy.

Dog batterer William Leggatt and the beautiful innocent souls subjected to his violence
Career criminal, dog batterer and all-round useless piece of shit William Leggatt currently of 100 Badger Rd, Bristol

Leggatt, aged 19 at date of the offence, pleaded guilty to five offences under the Animal Welfare Act.

District judge Lynn Matthews said Leggatt’s treatment of his animals amounted to “torture”.

Judge Matthews said she was “staggered” by what she had read in the veterinary reports, noting that. “With the puppy it wasn’t a slight fracture but the bone has broken away.”

One of the videos showed Leggatt kicked one of the dogs 29 times.

Police uncovered the abuse when they were investigating another crime in Leggatt’s block of flats and examined CCTV.

Sentence:  jailed for 17 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for life.

BBC News

In April 2016 Leggatt was jailed for 2 years for stealing £32,000 from his grandparents, Andrea and John Scott of Gravesend. His accomplice was his brother Oliver Leggatt of Paignton, Devon, who is currently serving nine years for armed robbery.

Update July 2018

On 18/07/2018 lifelong loser Leggatt was jailed yet again after attacking a woman and breaking a rabbit’s leg by throwing him on the floor. For the animal cruelty he was given a 21 week jail sentence and a four-week consecutive sentence for the assault.

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