Connah’s Quay, North Wales: Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts of The Highcroft. Connah’s Quay, Wales – failed to  get veterinary attention for pet dog’s severe skin problem; dog named Marshall sadly put to sleep

Tracy Roberts, Connahs Quay

The court was told the nine-year-old bull terrier Marshall – left at Roberts’ home by a former partner – needed constant and probably lifetime treatment for his skin condition but he was said to be aggressive and impossible to handle.

Glen Murphy, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said the charity had been contacted by Roberts’ son who requested the dog be taken in as he could not afford the veterinary treatment required.

An inspector found the dog was of normal bodily condition but had an obvious and severe skin condition.

Marshall was so aggressive at the vet’s that he was taken to an animal centre. He was found to have an acute skin condition and dry eyes. The dog had the condition for at least three months but probably longer, but had not been taken to the vet’s.

The RSPCA had previously given advice on how the dog should be treated and had provided two £30 vouchers for the required medication but they did not seem to have been used.

Probation officer Andrew Connah said Roberts accepted full responsibility and had shown genuine remorse for the way things had turned out.

She had a difficult time over several years; her daughter and her boyfriend had moved in, and she had moved out because of their chaotic lifestyle.

Sentence: 12-month community order with 60 hours of unpaid work, £300 costs and a £60 surcharge; banned from keeping any animal for six years (expires April 2022).

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